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Wolfsschlucht is a village located in the midst of Werewolves' Forest, on the outskirts of Southern Germany. Sieglinde Sullivan is the lord of this village, with Hilde Dickhaut assuming the role of surrogate leader.[1] In the heart of the village is Sieglinde's residence, the Emerald Castle.


Wolfsschlucht is a very isolated village, hidden amid a thicket of trees in the depths of the Werewolves' Forest, making it rather difficult to catch sight of. Due to its obscurity, outsiders and non-local residents are often unaware of the existence of such a place.[2] Despite its secluded setting, upon close examination, the houses are well taken care of, evidencing that there are people occupying the village.[3] Wolfsschlucht, peculiarly, seems to solely compose of female inhabitants, save Wolfram Gelzer, as noted by Ciel Phantomhive when he visits on an investigatory trip.[4] The denizens of the village maintain a hostile attitude toward any stranger that happens to trespass into the village, and it is made clear that unfamiliar visitors cannot stay overnight.[5]

Ch88 Torture instruments

Torture instruments

The village is rumored to be full of witches that had escaped from the witch-hunt during the early modern period,[6] and is protected a large, lone werewolf. Perhaps as a testament to the witch concept, several replicas of the torture instruments used during that period can be found in the plaza of Wolfsschlucht.[7]


  • The word Wolfsschlucht is composed of two German words which means wolf's ravine. "Schlucht" can also be translated as canyon or gorge.[8]

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