Volume 13 is the thirteenth volume of the Kuroshitsuji manga by Yana Toboso.


His betrothed's unexpected skill with a sword having narrowly saved him from a gory fate at the gnashing jaws of the undead, Earl Ciel Phantomhive, along with his intrepid butler, Sebastian, fights to see another day aboard the doomed Campania. But as they draw nearer to the heart of the Aurora Society's scheme to reanimate the dead, the pair are met by the beautiful young "Kaiser," who holds all the keys to this mystery in the palm of his gloved hand, platinum blond locks fluttering in his wake...

Chapters included



  • Volume 13 is the first volume to have a female character on the cover.
  • With the release of Volume 13 in Japan, Kuroshitsuji reached 10 million copies (of both volumes and books) in circulation around the globe.[1]




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