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Johan Agares[1]

Violet Wolf, also known as Purple House,[4] is one of the four houses at the prestigious Weston College.


Ch67 Violet Wolf

Its emblematic animal is the wolf, and its distinguished color is purple. The most prominent characteristic of the students of this particular house is that they are accomplished in the arts. Rumors circulate that the students who are attending this house are unusual[5]—the Purple House is notorious for housing "eccentrics."[6]


Fences border the premises of the Violet Wolf house. The entrance of imposing height leading up to the central building is decorated with intricate designs, and the crest of a wolf is on its pinnacle. Double statues of wolves are placed on the upright posts that stand on each side of the entrance.

There is a long stairway that conducts a path to the house. The tract of land before the main building is riddled with gaunt, naked trees, lampposts, dark bushes, and headstones. The dorm itself is bestudded with windows, and it consists of multiple stories.

Known members


Prefects' Fags/Subordinates


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