Earl Vincent Phantomhive (ヴィンセント・ファントムハイヴ, Vinsento Fantomuhaivu) is the former head of the Phantomhive house, and an Aristocrat of Evil. He is the late husband of Rachel Phantomhive and the father of "Ciel Phantomhive" and Ciel Phantomhive, the former of whom was to inherit his title.

Character Outline

Vincent was a handsome, well-dressed man with short bluish-black hair, blue[4] eyes, and a beauty mark under his left eye.

Vincent was exceptionally kind, courteous, and chivalrous, as indicated when he noticed that Angelina Dalles was self-conscious of her red hair and made a point to compliment it.[5] He always spared a minute to exchange pleasantries, while others of his social status looked on with disdain.[6] Vincent was both a devoted husband and a loving father, and as such his family was extremely important to him.[7]

Additionally, Vincent was highly skilled at manipulating people; he and his acquaintances were known as "Aristocrats of Evil."[8] Vincent had a strong sense of pride in his men, as demonstrated when he defended Blue House as its prefect. He was also very confident; he had issued a challenge to Diedrich, declaring that whoever loses to the other in the the annual cricket tournament will perform one free request for the winner;[9] despite the odds stacked against him—that is, his house had never achieved victory before—he persevered and managed to bring about the "Miracle of Sapphires."[10] Vincent was, thus, admired by many, and Alexis Leon Midford regarded him as a "genius game-maker."[11]


Ch103 Vincent Phantomhive's lineage

Vincent Phantomhive's lineage.

Ch75 Vincent as a student

Vincent as a young man.

Vincent was the head of the Phantomhive household and acted as Queen Victoria's Watchdog.

As a young man, Vincent attended Weston College with Alexis Leon Midford and Diedrich. In his final year, he became the prefect of the Sapphire Owl dormitory. One day, Vincent was idly reading a book on the lawn, while neglecting the preparations for the annual cricket tournament on June 4th, when he was approached by an exasperated Diedrich. Vincent made a snide remark that "everything German is pretty tough to handle," fueling Diedrich's anger. Diedrich swung his cricket bat, and missed Vincent, hitting his book instead. He complained that he was forced to handle all the preparations himself, and commented that since the leader is representative of the pack, the rest in Blue House must be awful as well. Provoked, Vincent proposed a contest: whichever dorm is the winner of the tournament will have the loser perform a free request for him. Later, Vincent led his house to their only triumph in the annual cricket tournament—this astounding event was dubbed as the "Miracle of the Sapphires." Afterward, at the Swan Gazebo, Diedrich accepted his loss to Vincent and asserted that he will carry out Vincent's one request. Vincent then told him to become his fag, much to Diedrich's alarm as they are from separate dorms; however, Vincent stated that he must keep his promise regardless and that whenever he is to call him, Diedrich must come without question. He added that their affiliation will continue past graduation and drifted on a boat away from Diedrich (though he was pursued by him), relishing in his success at finally attaining a "loyal German dog."[12]

308 Reunion

Vincent and Ciel reunite with Chlaus.

At one point in time, the father of Angelina and Rachel introduced them to Vincent. Vincent complimented Angelina's hair; he eventually got betrothed to Rachel.[13]

A few years later in 1874, Vincent married Rachel, and the following year, Rachel gave birth to twin sons.[14] Vincent often spent time with his family whenever he got home from work[15] or was free from work.[16][17][18] He also personally taught his sons how to govern an estate.[19]

While he was alive, Vincent frequented a variety of parties that many other nobles attended. At one of these parties, Vincent and his sons were introduced to Kelvin, a philanthropist.[20] They had a brief conversation before Chlaus arrived, and Vincent suggested going with him to Germany next time to lessen whatever tension has arisen.[21]

308 Vincent and Diedrich

Vincent and Diedrich chat.

Kelvin made a continued effort to network with Vincent as he had become entranced with "Ciel", and after searching desperately, he discovered that Vincent and his acquaintances were "Aristocrats of Evil." In the meantime, Vincent, having called Diedrich back from Germany, told him he needed his help with a matter. He added that he did him a huge favor two years ago on the Windsor case and that Diedrich was indulging in his food; Diedrich then reluctantly agreed to listen. Suddenly, Vincent was approached by Kelvin, and Diedrich impatiently suggested changing rooms. Vincent excused himself from Kelvin and followed Diedrich, leaving Kelvin with the impression that "special people can only be touched by other special people."[22]

On the twins' tenth birthday, December 14, 1885,[1] Vincent, Rachel, and the family dog, Sebastian, were killed in a fire, his sons were kidnapped, and his manor was burnt to the ground; the perpetrator of the disaster is still unknown.[23][24][25]


  • (To Angelina Dalles) "You oughtn't be so 'ashamed' of being different from others. It gives you character. An's red hair is truly beautiful. The colour of lycoris, a colour that blazes the Earth. Red really suits you... and you should take more pride in it."[26]
  • (Referring to Diedrich) "Mine at last. Just like I've always wanted. A faithful German dog of my very own."[27]
  • (To the readers) "Love is a wonderful thing, but it can also give birth to horrific disaster."[28]


  • Diedrich used to pejoratively call him "Mole" back when they were Prefects.[29]
  • Vincent is not good at naming; Rachel was the one who named their sons.[30]


  • The name "Vincent" comes from the Roman name "Vincentius," which was derived from Latin vincere ("to conquer").[31]

Out of Universe

  • Due to the age difference between him and Rachel, Vincent would try to make himself appear younger.[34]
  • Vincent's resemblance to Sebastian Michaelis is intentional; however, the reason for this will most likely never be addressed in the series proper.[35]
  • Yana Toboso always keeps in mind to draw him differently depending on the person who is recollecting him.[36]


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