The village after the fire

The village is an isolated settlement, where Jim and Luka Macken resided in when they were younger.


Mackens' House

Jim and Luka Macken's house is located in the outskirts of the village.

The village is a rural area that consists of a small and clustered community of houses. Dirt roads wind about the village, and the houses and shelters are deserted, run-down and dilapidated after a fire catastrophe. The village is surrounded by a vast area of burnt flora.


Village on Fire

The village on fire.

The village was originally lively with an abundance of inhabitants and plentiful fields of grass. A river extends to the outskirts of the village, where the Mackens had settled in.[1]

However, due to Luka Macken's contract with a demon, the village was utterly destroyed with fire, which left only one survivor. In the aftermath of the disaster, the village was irreversibly reduced to a heap of rubble and ashes.[2]


The villagers were generally intolerant, and deemed those less fortunate as inferior—quite notably, the orphans. This narrow-mindedness was demonstrated when a baker threw a stone at Luka Macken[1], and when a pair of kids ganged up on the same victim to bully him.[2] As stated by Jim Macken, as soon as their parents died, the villagers all treated them like nuisances.[1]

Known Residents


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