• Can anyone of you help me clear up my doubts about the season 2 ob black butler? here are the doubts

    -I know that claude stole ciales soul ( not a doubt ) - how did ciale get his soul back just by wearing the ring - didnt ciale give his ring to that boat guy  - how did ciale get his house back, wasnt it burned down? -   - why does ciale say " queen is the first priority " if the queen was killed

    i think the last one is cause he lost his memory ? 

    yeah, got really confused

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    • If I remember correctly, Sebastian dipped the ring first in the moon tea thing (where Claude stored Ciel's soul) before giving it (and his soul) to Ciel.

      Well, Sebastian must have retrieved the ring. Also, he restored the manor before (after Phantomhive Manor burned down for the first time when Ciel's parents died), so, that must be what he did this time too.

      And yes, S2 Ciel cannot remember anything about the whole Ash/Angela and Queen affair anymore.

      (S2 was so badly written - it's no surprise why people are confused! Nevertheless, I hope I could help.)

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    • the s2 is not that bad just they didn't explain alot of stuff to us

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    • Well, it is a sign of bad writing when explanations are poor and inconsistent or even completely nonexistent.

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