• Ok, so simply what is your theory on who killed Vincent and Rachel and if the twin theory which has been entered into the manga is going to end up being real instead of something random that is going to be in the latest chapters for a while, If "real Ciel" is dead as he was sacrificed layed there not moving even a bit for such a long time and was presumed dead by even a demon. How did he appear to the manor now? and meyby even why no and not years before this?

    I am sorry thought if there is already something very similar to this or the same topic somewhere that I didn't see myself before writing this.

    (I am saying if it ends up being real as it would'nt be the first time a story does something like this and it ends up not being true & it wouldn't be the first time Ciel and Sebastian have made up a story and an act to not make someone's sudden appareance seem odd to his other servants/the other servants, to have it end up as being sometype of "case" and just killing the person later after spending most of the time talking to them and investigating behind their back).

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    • Well when you think about it.

      Wouldn't Sebastian have been lying about the soul sacrificed to cross over and everything else up UNTIL the point that the first wish was stated which happened after a lot of statements about Real!Ciel being dead and soul gone.

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