• Ok, hear me out. I've been debating with some people on this topic, and I don't see the arguments on using 'they' or 'he'. She uses female pronouns. That's important. She's a trans woman.

    And with the 'He' thing. Sure, everyone else uses he, but I'm pretty sure the 1800's isn't very accepting of trans people. But using 'they' really just isn't my cup of tea. If they say I use they and their. Yes, it's totally acceptable. But she doesn't.

    I don't know why. But I'm tempted to just edit the articles..... (But I won't, since I'll be killed by the lot of you)

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    • we are seriously beating a dead horse at this point, but the wiki has reached its verdict.

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    • i am unable to link this standardly for some reason, so here's an admin's explanation -->

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