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    I know I haven't been on time with the reviews at all lately. But this time I COMPLETELY FORGOT ABOUT IT. I wouldn't have even realized that there was no review until I randomly checked the wiki twitter and saw that I never tweeted about this chapter.

    At least I'm writing this before the next chapter, which should come out tomorrow. :D

    Chapter 137: Sebastian has many ugly forms and one good one

    The chapter starts with Sebastian looking for who has summoned him. He goes through a batch of the nameless cultists - he even flings one up in the air - before reaching Smile. He taunts Smile with a bunch of different grotesque forms and claims that he sacrificed his own brother to summon a demon and asks if he wants to form a covenant with him.

    What I kind of don't get is why is Smile is stressing about whether or not he sacrificed his brother because it was very clearly not him who stabbed his brother. Like, he literally was in a cage while his brother was getting killed, so he wasn't involved in his death and therefore couldn't have been the one to offer up his brother's soul. The cultists were even like we have to sacrifice these lambs for the devil. So why is Smile letting himself get confused by Sebastian? I get that he's in a delicate state but his brother's death seriously had nothing to do with him or his decisions.

    But whatever, honestly.

    Ch137 Sebastian

    Sebastian is finally hot again. Bless up.

    I noticed that Sebastian was sort of repeating himself a lot, but basically he's telling Smile that he's able to form a covenant with him because he has summoned him by sacrificing his brother's soul. Smile is conflicted and blames himself for his brother's death. After grasping the fact that Ciel is gone forever and thinking to himself that his family prefers Ciel and that he should take Ciel's place and achieve what he couldn't for him, he accepts Sebastian's offer.

    Ch137 Twins

    Cool panel.
    Ch137 Smile reaching through cage

    Badass our!Ciel is back.


    This was an ok chapter. It didn't really present us with any kind of new information. It was a whole roundabout way of showing Smile accepting Sebastian's offer, which we already knew was going to happen. Sebastian talked a lot about basically the same thing. Frankly, this should've only taken five to ten pages tops. Hopefully we've arrived at the point where we can go back to the present. All the twin stuff has been addressed in great (maybe even excessive) detail, so take us out of the flashback pleeeeeease.

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    Ch131 Cute Pitt

    See you soon!

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    • the artwork is getting so epic though~

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    • Well the most recent chapter is still a flashback but it's really long! Yana even said she hasn't made a long chapter like this in a long time! =D 

      The next chapter should go back to the present though because we've already seen Ciel reuniting with everyone. (Unless it's a final flashback chapter from his POV?)

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    • i've seen a fan translation of CH138 online and {potential spoilers} it's actually about setting the conditions & details of the contract.

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