• During the summoning ritual we see the lead cultist considering which twin should be sacrificed first. However, I strongly believe Smile was actually the one to make that decision.

    As Ciel is taken out of the cage, it is stated: “It was a meaningless, pointless, ruthless choice.” At first I automatically assigned this statement to the cultist, as he did seem to have initiated the taking.
    But, this statement could be Smile’s take on having pushed his brother out of the cage after succumbing to sheer dread.
    The statement from Smile’s POV could then be interpreted as the following:
    a) “meaningless”= it was nothing personal, he was just afraid;
    b) “pointless” = there was no use to it, they were both going to be sacrificed, Smile seemingly gained nothing by shoving Ciel first;
    c) “ruthless” = now in retrospect, Smile is calling himself out on the lack of compassion shown for his brother who was also understandably scared and did not want to go.

    This was simply an explanation as to how the statement could potentially relate to Smile. The reason I think it does, in fact, imply Smile is because:

    - Ciel is not as naive as his little brother. While still inside their confinement, he seemed perfectly aware of what was going on. Logically speaking, the chances of him being taken out first were obviously 50:50. Yet for some reason, he is absolutely shocked once dragged out. Not frantic or in any way apprehensive even (as one might imagine a child would be) – but simply stunned at first. Smile, on the other hand, has the stare of a madman.


    CH136, how the pages appear in actual order

    - ONLY AFTERWARDS do we get to see Ciel actually paying attention to what's happening in the moment. Smile looks like he instantly regrets his potential choice of action.

    Kuroshitsuji 136 19

    - Next, we look at the final, very intimate moment between the twins. In this shot, Ciel honestly just looks very confused – dare I say hurt. Smile just looks scared and out of touch.
    Now, we know this is an important instance – as we see Ciel’s same exact expression during Smile’s dream. Interestingly though, we don’t have a good view of his left arm there. But here – we can clearly tell that no hand has been placed on him yet – yet he’s clearly already moving away from Smile (his shirt flaunting, dynamic poses, background details added to make the scene appear even more dynamic).


    I swear, this is all I see now

    - This is just my take on things, but I believe the scene was intended to be deceptive (as is everything in Kuroverse...). I do not own a physical copy of the issue (Midorimatchi was kind enough to provide ), but looking at the uploaded pages online, the actual order of the pages was accentuated and caught my eye. When pieced together, it appears as though the cultist pulls on Ciel who is then ripped from Smile who then leans towards them. But following the actual page order, the dynamics of the image would be Smile pushing him - Ciel stumbling - and the cultist catching him and choosing to play along with the outcome. Don’t these two look drastically different?


    - Finally – perhaps the strongest argument being – what else could he have done then? Smile feels extreme guilt for what had happened that day. He is obviously not delusional, as his once caring brother is also blaming him. At this point, we’ve literally seen everything, there was nothing left prior to Ciel’s stabbing that Smile could have done to harm his brother.
    This could possibly explain Smile’s self-loathing. The boy had always harboured an inferiority complex due to his brother displaying better qualities than him – but it runs deeper than cute personality nuances: All this time Ciel proved to be a caring and valiant individual up until conversely, Smile couldn’t handle the momentary suspense and was selfish enough to shove his brother first because he was so frightened. Smile pushed him first, and the cultist seemingly went along with it, probably enjoying the sad sight of an act of desperation. Smile himself says he’s selfish, and surely perceives himself as mere scum for what he’d done. He no longer has any sense of self-worth. Not to mention, Ciel was an obsessive sibling very much afraid of Smile ever leaving his side. For Smile to have literally pushed him away into danger after all he did for them would be the worst possible betrayal from Ciel’s perspective. Compared to Ciel, Smile does come off as quite the villain.

    { edit | Nov 17th, 2018 } I left this on Youtube 2 months ago and forgot to add here so, claiming it until next chapter is out lol

    A --> post <-- I'd found by Dork Shadows providing compelling indication in favour of this theory.

    Also, thanks to said post, I finally managed to spot a direct link :)


    Just as Ciel says this in Smile's dream, Smile is symbolically placed right back into the site of action - their cage! They're both talking about the same thing.

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    • I'm still going to stick with my previous answer that I answered in the before thread, however I would like to add another thing since chapter 137 has out: If you haven't you can read it here!

      Midorimatchi wrote:

      I admit there was a thought of Smile was really pushing Ciel to being sacrificed because he blaming himself way too much but since chapter 136 confirming everything that none of  was really happened because there's no way he would want to let go of his brother. So by the definition of Smile's narration "It was a meaningless, pointless, and ruthless choice" was basically referring to the cultist who randomly pick the twins since they saw them not as individuals but as a pair so they didn’t care who would come first.

      Tumblr inline p2ukkgacUB1tpb4it 1280

      Smile cursing to all the cultist

      And also considering I'm also questioning the cultist itself can summon demon or not because their reaction when Sebastian finally appeared instead of excited of anticipating the outcome most of them runaway in fear, which got me the feeling that all this summoning was considered as ‘playing’ more than they were serious. There’s a chance that all of them were living double lives. Like the man who bought the twins, the others might have been wealthy people that appeared to be good people, which explain more on how the cultists were not that serious about summoning a demon and they were certainly not ready to give up their soul. (because they just fulfilling their perverted fantasies). Si which is why I called all this contract happened because of the "accidental summoning". Therefore, traumatise Smile even more since the only family member who were giving faith on they will escape together was suddenly stabbed and make him already reach his breaking limit. That was too much for him and all of his emotions which had filled up during that whole month were released. Following the line that "No one come to save us, there's no god" triggered his abandoning of faith and the appearance of the demon (which wasn’t intentional). And I believe Smile surely didn’t offer his brother’s soul to Sebastian. It was the cultists who made that choice and it was Smile desperation over Ciel’s cruel death which triggered Sebastian’s appearance.

      Also maybe we should remind that Smile survivor guilt is really high so it basically him thinking itself it was his fault that causing Ciel death which is very much didn't like it to me or probably for some reader. And this is so extreme which like you said Smile said "he's not worth protecting" because of his inferiority of being spare of his brother and how it would be nice for him if it goes other way around since the random picking by the cultist was basically "pointless, meaningless, and ruthless" choices.

      So I was still fixated that the price of soul Sebastian meant was his twin's soul, or probably he may manipulate Smile makes him triggered having survivor guilt??? (after all he's a demon so there's a chance he want his delicious food ASAP) maybe my opinion of this will change if future chapter can prove me wrong but we will see ! 

      First of all, I dare to say that from physical Japanese RAW the order page was basically depicted as Ciel being dragged by the Cultist rather than Smile pushing him. Anyway on why I'm really disagree with you because probably on how we view on Smile personality on the past I guess Because it is really contradictory (OOC in my book) if Smile really pushing Ciel because he always, always think highly to his brother to the point that his brother is the one who deserve better than him. Like for example: 

      Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 9.19.40 PM

      Screen Shot 2018-02-21 at 9.20.00 PM

      It really explain a lot in these flashback Smile seems self-sacrificing toward his family (and especially to Ciel) so it is unlikely of him pushing down his own brother no matter on what circumstances because we also given in the flashback Smile was decided to try live independently rather than whining for being 2nd son. (Example Maurice Cole in Weston Arc )  I think this is why we are differ on the view for smile no matter what I'm still take on "meaningless, pointless, and ruthless choices" was referring to the cultist themselves, not him. I will elaborate Smile's survivor guilt on below but the best maybe after you read chapter 137. 

      As for Ciel, I agree on that part he wasn't naive as his young brother that he's aware that something would happened between them. But in my point of view, He probably think the cultist were about to torture both of them along together since they are pair of twins, however he was probably shocked due now being separated by the cultist (along with Smile who probably think it is better be him who get chosen)  So probably that's what make Ciel shocked since he already hated the fact that he was separated from his brother , while he already obsessed to protect him. So I'm still think right now the current Ciel rage (though he was ensure him he wouldn't ) toward Smile was rather not because of him pushing (since it's not happening at least not in my book), but right now on how he's stealing his own identity and took his "blue candy" from his tummy. 

      Now onto the Smile's survivor guilt based on chapter 137 first but it's confirmed that Sebastian seems like twisting the truth (stirring his emotion that he really the one who sacrifice his brother), like I said on the previous reply that it was never Smile intention and it is really "accidental summoning". Smile was the one who summoned Sebastian by abandoning his faith in God . But since a demon also needs a soul as payment for appearing (and in this case Ciel’s soul was taken) one could say that Smile was the reason why Ciel’s soul was taken. Though I'm not saying he's the one who blame so here's like example what happened: 

      imagine you’re ordering a pizza and on the way to your house the delivery guy has an accident. None of this is your fault, you weren’t involved in the accident and you never intended or even thought that this might happen. However, if you hadn’t ordered the pizza the delivery guy wouldn’t have driven the same way and may not have had this accident.  
      Tumblr p4fb3qP5m31tjpt7uo9 1280

      Smile decision to take Ciel's identity

      So maybe Sebastian didn’t totally lie to Smile when he blamed him for the loss of his brother’s soul (even though of course Smile isn’t to blame, given the situation). To Sebastian it’s just a matter of cause and effect. He was being summoned so naturally the summoner (Smile) must have given a sacrifice (Ciel). That's why Smile was driven to self-loathing himself since the existence of Sebastian here right now because in exchange of Ciel soul who have been gone for good. It probably sounds contrary if we see chapter 95 when he said he was doing the contract for his own sake. But now we see this chapter how when he was not in clear mind when to decide to take the contract he has always had a strong inferiority complex towards his brother and hence a low self-esteem, So I depicted chapter 95 Smile' s survivor guilt was made him convince himself that he's selfish & trying to clear his own shame of his worthless self by taking his twin identity since he hates himself so much.  So his selfish self was just created right when he made a contract with Sebastian. (But then again it also included for the sake of Ciel's behalf) Thus here let me sums up the meaning of the accusation on his nightmare from Ciel, Madam Red & Joker: 
      • Did you want me to forgive you? 

      →Smile suffers from strong guilt feelings because he survived at the expense of Ciel’s death and believes it should have been Ciel who survived instead of him .  Thus, he wanted to be forgiven by Ciel by taking on his name and carrying out the revenge on his behalf.

      • Did you want to break free from your weak self?

      →I think this is also a big part of the reason why Smile decided to take on his brother’s name. He was a powerless, weak child who could do nothing but watch his brother being taken to the altar and killed before his very eyes. By taking on his brother’s name, maybe he wanted to erase his weak self from this world.

      • Did you want to make everything yours?

      →Lastly, this. While Smile really loved Ciel and admired him, we also know that at the same time he’s always had an inferiority complex as well as some feelings of jealousy towards his healthy and sociable brother

      As the second child in the family he literally had nothing, no inheritance, no watchdog title, no fiancee. So while this was certainly not the main motive, maybe a tiny tiny part of him thought that if he took on his brother’s name, he’d be able to get what he had secretly desired. This would also tie in with what Sebastian said to Smile .

      I think that's all I have to add from my previous post. And I was pretty much stick with it much stronger since chapter 137 has released and Smile screamed in agony denied that it was lie that he's the one who sacrificed his brother in his reaction. So i'ts pretty much not him pushing Ciel to the cultist while he really "technically" the one who sacrificed him since Sebastian appeared. 

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    • First of all, thank you for the link! I totally forgot to check whether it was out! :D

      Secondly, I admit I'm quite confused after having read the chapter. So, if Sebastian is to be taken seriously, Ciel now most certainly lacks a soul. But if he tells the truth like he says, then I still do believe it was Smile's actions that count as a sacrifice. I understand what you mean by the pizza delivery example - but we're not talking about the causal effect per se. A sacrifice in the most general sense means to give up (something valued) for the sake of other considerations. This is not a passive, but an active event.

      You think that Sebastian is the one lying, while I think Smile is lying to himself. In the dream you posted above, everyone in the dream is trying to make it look like Smile had a noble reason for what he'd done, but he sadly denies all this. Finally, he admits he is a selfish and self-righteous person who did it all for himself - his face filled with rage just like in the final panel of CH137. That's when the entire crazy scene is shattered and Smile is freed from his cage. The truth will set you free, they say. All this time, Smile never talked about what happened so he dreams of admitting the truth because he's dying to get it off his chest and just break down and confess to someone.

      I agree - Smile seemed very self-sacrificial towards his family. Which is exactly why I think he's blaming himself for this one moment where he saw himself as the priority, as any child naturally would, especially an incredibly fearful one who probably went mad from the suspense created by the cultist's stalling. He put himself first this time - and it probably feels almost forbidden to him, considering his position. He was always less important. He was always left behind. He was never meant to inherit a title, property, money, power, or a fiancee. He was always the one watching others play. (If you recall, his comment about starting a toy factory was because he thought there needed to be more toys for kids to play with inside. He must have felt lonely. Yet still he told Ciel not to stay inside with him because of Ciel's wishes.)

      When Lizzy finally paid barely any attention to him, Ciel fell down and all of it was immediately diverted to him.


      All this hurt him, and during Halloween he is reminded of his family spending quality time together and instinctively reaches out for what he had seemingly never been a part of.


      I can only assume Smile reached out and wished to say "Wait"

      He seems to be reaching out specifically towards the kids, which is not surprising considering he did spend time watching them from within his room.

      Not to mention, Francis called him a spare. This obviously hurt him - not only was he sad when he heard, but the word clearly stuck with him over the years and he carries this painfully.

      Because of that, I am inclined to believe Smile did not perceive himself as a nobody. It clearly hurt his ego, and I think this is normal. No matter how inferior he may feel, it doesn't mean he would allow himself to be walked over (I'm pretty sure he said something similar in the dream as well.) Despite feeling so "small" compared to his twin, Smile still seems incredibly prideful and dignified. I think he is a tragic representation of the human ego - no matter how scummy or seemingly worthless a person believes they are, they will still fight for their cause and put themselves first.

      I think Sebastian is saying he sacrificed him as in, "you chose this", which technically he may have, but Smile is denying it as in, "it was done in fear, I didn't choose it", which, again, would technically be correct if he did push him. At the time, Smile said he's doing it to become the Ciel his twin wanted to be. But let's face it - is he truly acting that way? Did Ciel really want to be this? A cold, calculating, manipulatve earl killing innocent people? Of course not, he didn't even want to be earl. Smile on the other hand is doing everything in his power to keep the position of earl. Smile just used this for the one-time justification in my opinion.

      This one time he puts himself first out of sheer impulse & desperation and literally becomes the villain of the family (how I see it). It's sad because his family obviously unintentionally hurt him time and time again while he tried to "stay in his place" and not be demanding, but in reality he must've felt left out. It's tragic because it was nobody's fault. Ciel was born first and Smile was born crippled.

      P.S.  Japanese manga are read from right to left, so the image you posted actually does not go against my point.

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    • I think Smile ultimately feels wronged. Life was unfair to him and he has the right to feel hurt, but others didn't seem to realize his pain.

      Also, I agree about the cultist - it's possible they only fantasized about actual demon summoning and just wanted to torture children. I'm certain they were also wealthy public figures, as otherwise I'm sure they wouldn't have gotten away with these things so easily. So I completely agree there.

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    • Hmm, the sacrifice was chosen randomly right? I think Ciel was shocked because he was at the back, yet, he was chosen although Smile is infront of him. But him being pushed out is possible, although both of them are shocked. Nothing is impossible right? There is also a possibility that the photo is just misleading us from the right direction. I also thought that maybe he was pushed out because of his face, but if he really was pushed out then, why didn’t he say anything and maybe he just wanted to go back and protect his brother. Maybe, Ciel thought of what would happen to his little brother, that’s why his face was like that.

      Regarding the “Meaningless, pointless, ruthless choice” it doesn’t mean that that was the only choice that he made. Maybe his contract with Sebastian was the choice he was referring to because Smile knew that he just sacrificed his soul for revenge.

      “Meaningless” - why did he gave up his soul?

      “Pointless” - Revenge won’t get you anywhere

      “Ruthless” - he’s going to die for nothing

      That’s what it means to me. Do you understand what I am trying to say? Sorry I can’t express myself well. But I hope you understand it.

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    • yes, the choosing was supposed to be random, but i think it's possible for Smile to have interfered.

      but Ciel wasn't really at the back though - you will notice that Ciel had actually been shielding Smile. this is why i think Smile could have pushed him out very easily. 

      i think Ciel didn't say anything because he was too stunned. he was possibly left completely speechless by what Smile had done to him because he wouldn't have expected that at all from his brother. it's basically a moment of betrayal for them. and other things are happening so the twins can't really chat about this now. it's more of an "it is what it is" moment, i think.

      i understand what you mean, but i think it's important that Ciel's initial expression does not show fear - i don't think he's thinking about what may happen to him or Smile. he just seems to be in total shock, and it seems like an odd way to respond to the actual danger that's happening.

      i see what you mean about the quote, though. i think your interpretation is possible in itself - but if you consider the context of the actual scene, the timing seems a bit off, don't you think? it would be strange for Smile to be making remarks about the contract at this particular point of the flashback.

      Othello once said something about there being special people who change the course of destiny - i think, if Smile pushed him, then he might be the one.

      especially because i think the cultist may have actually been reaching for Smile.

      during CH137, Smile says:



      This is where Smile begins to blame himself for what had happened. Again, why? It's not like Smile was doing anything, he was a victim of the circumstances as well. But how he said this is what makes me assume that, in the end, he did get to have a say in the matter. if it's true, he deeply regrets this, i'm sure. but then, the fact remains.
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    • because if the cultist had been reaching for Ciel - and ended up grabbing Ciel - Smile would have absolutely no reason to blame himself, nor would any child be blaming themselves in this situation. this is why i really think Smile is guilty.

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    • I understand. That is really possible, truly! But don’t you think he said that “If only I had been chosen instead” it can also mean that, the sacrifice was “REALLY” chosen randomly. There are so many possibilities gosh!! But everything in this theory is possible. It really is unusual for Smile to blame himself for something that was randomly made. It can open some speculations so everything in your theory is possible. But we will all see from the next chapters that will cone. Again, nice theory! You made it once again!! I’m so proud hihi. I will tell you if I came up with another supporting theory for this. Thank you again!

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    • thank you! ^^ i absoulutely agree with you, that's the problem though - the way things are laid out to us are very obscure. everything the characters say can have double meanings and be taken differently. at first i also thought Smile was just saying "oh, if only i were the one to be chosen" (since it's totally possible), but it then didn't make sense to me coupled with the previous statement.


      A different translation

      i went to check on a different translation and it's worded almost identically. in fact, this particular translation seems to be implying this even more (in my opinion).

      but again the exact same format: it's "his fault" and "if he'd been chosen...".

      Midorimatchi mentioned how they think Ciel is not actually mad at Smile, but rather Sebastian. to me that would be strange since you can't really be mad at a demon for eating your soul...that's like being mad at a shark for having eaten your leg in my opinion.

      and the way Ciel worded it seemed way too personal...

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    • and let's not forget, Lizzy is pissed too!!

      so, Smile thinks he's guilty of something, Ciel seems to think so, and Lizzy seems to think so.

      i doubt they've all gone crazy! lol

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    • I also thought that this is crazy as hell! But he also said “Back there” ohhh! Does that mean he was at the back? And Ciel was infront of him? But what about the picture? Isn’t Ciel at the back hugging his twin, protecting him infront of him?

      Anyway, for that “Back there” it could mean the situation but it can also mean a place right?

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    • hmm, hmm.

      i think the "back there" part is referring to the previous situation and not a physical arrangement of things because it was just how this particular translation was worded.

      for instance, the other translation went with "if only I'd been chosen instead". i think they were essentially trying to say the same thing.

      personally, if i were trying to say what you are suggesting, i think i would go with: "if only I'd been chosen at the back" or better yet: "if only I, at the back, had been chosen".

      i hope you understand what i mean. i guess it could still be possible, but that sure would be a strange way to denote so in English. perhaps you should ask a native speaker about this, as English is not my mother tongue ^^; maybe i'm wrong.

      as for Ciel's position; i think they were more or less equally close to the entrance:






      The entirety of the cage

      if you look at the cultist, you will notice he is scanning the cage from left to right, not up and down.

      also, upon further inspection, i've realised the enclosure in its entirety really isn't all that big... i don't see how one twin could end up behind the other, even if they wanted to protect one another this way.

      but Ciel seems to be shielding Smile, so that his right side is kind of closing off his brother's left. i think this would've been a convenient position for Smile to push him out (not that i'm implying he was planning to). despite Smile being physically weak - if Ciel had enwrapped himself over his brother this way - Smile could've easily just rotated him right out.

      it's hard for me to explain what i'm seeing in my head, hopefully you catch my drift xD

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    • edit: ah, my bad! the entrance of the enclosure is to their side, not their front. forget about everything i said about the cage being too small for them to rearrange themselves in such a way.

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    • As I said, the “back there” part can mean anything.

      (I am sorry I can’t think straight right now sow this is all I can say)

      Ciel was behind smile but they can change places very quick specially the cage is a little large for them. But if Ciel is hugging him it may be a little hard to change places.

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    • that's okay!

      i'm interested though - what makes you believe so firmly that Ciel was behind his brother? following their initial arrangement, it would make sense to think Ciel was the one at the front, if anything.

      if we suppose the twins hadn't shifted much, then that would mean Ciel was the one nearest to the entrance, which is to their right. but i do think both of them came equally close to (or better yet, moved equally away from) the entrance once the cultist came to grab them. Ciel just happened to hold Smile's hands close to his centre, making it a lot easier for Smile to push him out. comparably - had Ciel tried to push Smile out - he would have had a harder time as his brother's core was not opened to him, and all he truly had ahold of was Smile's back.
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    • Because of the other photo that shows Ciel hugging Smile. The page when they are already picking the sacrifice. In my perspective, Ciel is protecting Smile from harm. But they can switch places when Ciel was grabbed by the cultists.

      Also, maybe Ciel was thinking that, what if both of them are going to be sacrificed. Let’s say that Ciel is hugging Smile tightly and when the cultists grabbed him he is still hugging his twin but Smile removes Ciel’s hands from hugging him.

      Do you get it? I hope you do xd I am really sorry I can’t explain it very well.

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    • I agree, Ciel was definitely being protective. But I still don't see how those images make you think Ciel was at the back, though? They seemed to be sitting side by side, and the cultist was examining them from right to left.

      No that's fine^^ I get you, but Smile isn't really hugging Ciel from what I can tell. Ciel is "spooning" Smile, holding his hand (or hands?). So Smile would have to get his hand(s) out of Ciel's grasp, so it's not like he could just back away from the hug, I think.

      The thing that makes me think he pushed him is because Smile's hand was actually extended towards Ciel - he wasn't backing away. Why would he be reaching out towards him if he just wanted to get Ciel's hands off and stay inside?

      Since the image is not in motion, we can't really tell whether Ciel is being torn out from his brother's arms or pushed out of the embrace. But the way he reacted still makes me think he'd been pushed.

      And most importantly - had Ciel actually been chosen - I'm certain he would've immediately let go of Smile, don't you think? Why would Ciel continue to hold on to his brother if he'd already been chosen and knew that the cultist was going to harm them? I don't know but, if I were Ciel, I would want my brother as far away from that man as possible, and would accept being chosen first if that meant the cultists would be paying less attention to Smile. That's just how I think Ciel would reason. I don't see what there is to be achieved by Ciel dragging Smile out along with him. Unless you're suggesting Ciel was equally afraid and was doing so out of desperation as well? Hmmm, I really don't know.

      But then, shouldn't Smile be the one angry with Ciel and not vice versa?

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    • Ohh, I understand. Other than being pushed out they may be other theories. And you have a point though, why would he have a face like that and extend his arm if he didn’t pushed Ciel out.

      Hmmmm, any more theories?

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    • well yes, there's always the possibility that the cultist just separated them and everything went down smoothly. but then, what did Smile dooo??? gahhh, so many characters seem to have dirt on him yet none of them will say it out loud. i want to know his mess-up! what did he do?!

      but other than those 2 scenarios, i really have no other theories. because of the nature of their posing, i'm convinced it was either a pull from the cultist or a push from Smile. no 3rd option in sight for me.

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    • For me I think that it was a pull than a push. But let's see in the future

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    • indeed.

      so far, people seem to be against the idea, as predicted. i'm not sure whether this is because they think there's actual ground for disproving the idea or because they simply don't like the idea.

      either way i'm not trying to change anyone's mind, i respect your opinions. though i admit, i'd be more inclined to agree with them if people would actually argue why my original points may be flawed.

      i'm curious though - if you believe it was the cultist's choice rather than Smile's, do you have any theories on what Smile may have done to anger his brother? because if we accept that Smile didn't push him, that leaves a question open. i'm just interested to see if you have any ideas on this, or maybe you don't have any speculations yet but still think there had to have been something else. ...although if we really think about it, Ciel was never mad at Smile prior to his return, so...and again, due to the sheer shock on his face i'm still fairly convinced in this.

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    • I have little to none when it comes to ideas. But it is convincing that it may be a push and not a pull.

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    • it would certainly seem so to me. i just don't understand Smile's reasoning during the forming of the contract. at the time, he claimed he was doing it to become the person Ciel wanted to be. but he hasn't been acting true to that ever since he got out of there! i doubt he lied, but maybe he did search for an excuse to justify his own behaviour to himself. i can imagine it would be crushing to admit any selfish agendas after what may have happened between the twins...

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    • There may be, especially Ciel is really lively and he's the one in the shadows. He said he's just a copy of his brother and maybe saying that hurt him and made him feel bad from the start.

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    • oh definitely, he seems to be carrying a LOT of emotional baggage, and it appears this has been going on for a while.

      we haven't seen much, but enough to conclude that Lizzy has always openly displayed her favouritism of Ciel over Smile. lately, Smile has been very harsh & inconsiderate towards her, but i don't think i blame him anymore.

      as for Madam Red - we haven't exactly seen them interacting in the past, but clearly she must have messed up too considering how Smile's been treating her.

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    • Sorry late reply, school's done xd.

      Well, Smile is starting to love Elizabeth. It's just that it's the wrong time. Smile loved Elizabeth when she's already hurt. Especially when she found out about the truth that Smile isn't her fiance. (I really think that the hooded person Ciel brought with him was Elizabeth). He was really hurt when Elizabeth was running away from home AND from him.

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    • to be honest, i'm not sure how much newfound love Smile has for Lizzy... when she'd recently gone missing, some of the comments he made seemed to imply she's being quite a nuisance with all this. he didn't seem to show any genuine concern for the girl.

      honestly, i think the torture incident drastically impaired Smile's ability to bond & trust. and since he wasn't exactly close to her before that, it brings the validity of their entire current relationship into question. during the Campania Arc, i really thought these two had bonded, especially after what they'd been through together, but Smile once again doesn't seem to be on the same page with her.

      the only person i really think managed to grow on Smile was no one from the family but Soma. Soma positioned himself as a big brother - something most likely valuable for Smile, as i'm sure he'd missed that, and having the big brother figure again must've made him feel more like his actual self instead of constantly playing his mask. Soma may have served as a reminder of his remaining existence. but at the same time, i think Smile didn't think he deserved that, and didn't want Ciel to become replaced by someone else - hence he tried to keep Soma away from himself.

      as for Lizzy being there with Ciel...hmmm. wouldn't that be too gruesome for her? she'd only killed Bizarre dolls so far, and i don't think she'd be okay with Soma/Agni getting killed. seems a tad too dark for her.. but who knows! perhaps not.

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