• { In this post, real!Ciel will be addressed simply as Ciel, while our!Ciel will be referred to as Smile. This is just my take on things, please add your own opinions :) }

    So a recent chapter discussion had my sprockets turning and I ultimately stumbled upon an unpleasant idea (some of the things I'd said there are directly copied here):

    As of chapter 129, Twin Ciel Theory has officially been confirmed, and Smile’s seemingly antagonistic mirror image has finally returned home. Naturally, many of us already wonder how things will play out further between the two.  There’s very little to go off of, since we don’t exactly know anything about their initial relationship – though at the moment, the tension seems almost palpable.

    Ciel appears to be calling Smile out(?) for what he had allegedly done to him, while Smile is in great distress, unable to take the “this isn’t happening” look off his face.

    What’s interesting about Ciel is that – despite having him on full display – we’re still unsure of his current condition. Is he some sort of highly advanced bizarre doll with his soul still intact? Or did he truly somehow survive the horrid events that took place during demon summoning? So far, to hazard a guess is a challenge, let alone explain how either case is possible.

    What I find even more interesting, however, is the twin’s attempts at shaming his brother. We’ve lately been pretty much bombarded with  bloodshed, a daunting message carved onto a wall, condescending remarks towards Smile, even a notable glare aimed at Sebastian. All this because Smile had allegedly never mentioned his brother again - taking on his identity; like he should have; as a spare? I doubt it.

    Lord Ciel obviously has beef with his brother. Should we be surprised? Well, considering how Smile has been acting for a while now – no, not really.

    Smile has, for a long time now, obviously felt haunted by his brother, but not in a way one might expect him to be tormented by the past. He at one point dreams of Ciel, which at first seems to comfort him. But then all of a sudden, Ciel becomes covered in blood, asking “Why do you seek revenge with the power you gained by sacrificing me? – Because you made that choice.”

    Kuroshitsuji 95 4

    CH 95, PG 4

    Kuroshitsuji 95 5

    CH 95, PG 5

    Why would Smile think that Ciel feels like his brother was the one to sacrifice him, when they were both obviously victims of the situation? Ciel goes on to say that many people have been sacrificed, undoubtedly implying it was due to Smile’s desire for vengeance.

    At one point he asks Smile: “Did you want me to forgive you?” – again, implying Smile had somehow wronged him even then already.

    Kuroshitsuji 95 7

    CH 95, PG 7

    This is in correspondance with Ciel’s current behaviour, which means Smile wasn’t being delusional – he’d clearly done something to him, and both are aware of that.

    And I personally think the answer may have already been spewed into our faces:

    Who took the candy from your belly is not the right question – but rather – how do you know about that, Ciel...?

    Smile is clearly in shock seeing his brother alive, and if he had been digging around his brother’s guts then he knew the state Ciel had been left in after the ritual – we assume dead.

    But then  how does Ciel know what they did to him afterwards if he was already dead??? When exactly during this did he die???

    The fact that he has memory of that, means the event is documented in his cinematic record.

    So...was he dead? Since Smile had already taken his identity during the ritual, he wouldn't have...taken the ring out and left his brother dying there - knowing full well he eventually would..? Right..?

    Well it would explain Ciel's violent entrance. It would explain Smile's burden of unyielding guilt. Would explain how Ciel knew about all this in the first place.

    Smile seemed like a good, docile child. It could've ultimately been a moment of weakness - an opportunity recognized.

    After all, he said it himself: "I am a selfish...and self-righteous human being. To clear my own shame...I used your power, not for anyone else but for myself."

    At first I thought “your power” meant Sebastian’s power, since he was the last to interrogate him during the dream. But what if he meant Ciel’s power? As in, I took your name and title for myself.

    After having said that, the entire scene, along with Smile's cage, shatters as if Smile had finally found relief in admitting so – contrasting his initial appearance inside the cage.

    Kuroshitsuji 95 13

    CH 95, PG 13

           It's not just about Ciel seeing the ring on Smile's hand, or having been told what had happened either;He specifically asked them: "How dare you do that to me that day", seemingly very much aware of what was going on at the time, as well as upset about it.
    Kuroshitsuji 130 5

    CH 130, PG 5

    I used to think Smile thought of himself as worthless because of likely depression, psychological scarring, having the mentality of a spare – but instead it’s not really them he can’t forgive but himself it seems to me.

    Kuroshitsuji 91 27

    CH 91, PG 27

    Kuroshitsuji 91 28

    CH 91, PG 28

    His brother was there to comfort him during the ritual, but Smile returned the favour by using him as a scape goat, because he was a timid child most likely scared out of his mind and now he can't live with himself because he was weak when he least should've been. Unfortunately, he's learned the hard way that you can't take certain things back or have them fixed afterwards.

    At one point he said "There are two types of people in this world: those who steal and those who are stolen from". I used to think he had only been stolen from, but now ...

    If you've come this far, you might as well get a Kuro-potato ~ congrats

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    • Hmm.. I'm slightly confused over the "How do you know they stole the candy" question. Real!Ciel engraved "Who stole the candy from my tummy?" on the wall, and Our!Ciel was frightened by this as it referred to him... since he took the ring (which in this case is referred to as 'candy') from Real!Ciel's tummy on that day when he summoned Sebastian. What exactly do you mean by that?

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    • sorry, my reply didn't go through for some reason....

      if real!Ciel has memory of the event taking place, that means it was documented in his cinematic record, meaning he would've been alive at the time. clearly upset, he asked them "how dare you do that to me that day", which is why i further assume he wasn't just informed about them taking the ring afterwards(after somehow being reanimated) . his response is too personal.

      not to mention our!Ciel has been acting guilty like crazy.

      i also can't help but notice the look on our!Ciel's and Sebastian's faces - it seems almost like they're surprised they hadn't gotten rid of him that day.

      i hope this clarifies? if not, please tell me.

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    • Hello! i think your explanation is amazing but I'm just a little bit confused over here...i have some questions plzz answer them for me..

      1-how is the real!ciel still alive? didn’t he die by getting stabbed by a knife??
      2-if the real!ciel still alive does that mean he came back as a complete human (with feelings)
      3-why does Sebastian say "the price you have paid to summon your elder brother's soul!"??(chapter 137)(tho our!ceil had nothing to do with real!ceils death)..

      4-And i still don't get why real!ciel is angry from his brother?

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    • hi! i appreciate your kind words, thanks!^^ but first of all i'd just like to point out that this is an older post of mine so some of the ideas i've stated here may no longer be compatible with the actual storyline. having said that,

      1 - i belive Ciel managed to survive the sacrifice physically, but appears dead in Smile's flashback simply because he is soulless, as Sebastian did indeed eat his soul. once he returned, he seemingly remained identical in appearance to Smile, meaning his body has aged (this was noted by Laura Shinigami ). this would make sense if Undertaker managed to retrieve and heal his body before the body ever actually died (most likely from blood loss).

      2 - in my opinion, there may be a possibility that Undertaker retrieved Ciel's soul from Sebastian's stomach, much like Smile took the Phantomhive ring from Ciel. during CH61, UT stabbed Sebastian in the exact same spot where Ciel had been stabbed, while commenting how a human life is hard to drag out, which would further suggest that Ciel may have survived the event. in which case i imagine he would eventually manage to reattach the soul back into its correspondent body and Ciel would once again basically be a regular human with all his capacities.

      3 & 4 - i have a theory that Smile had indeed been directly involved in the summoning of Sebastian, you can read it here.

      with that having been said, i really should tidy up this particular thread a little, as some of these points no longer appear to be valid...

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    • Thank you so much! and again i rlly think ur explanation is AMAZING! thank u so much..cant wait till they upload the next chapter...and btw am i the only one here that is actually waiting for somthing to happen between fake!ceil and sebastian.. 😅 😂i rlly hope somthing would actually happen.. 😅 😂🙏🏽🙏🏽

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    • thank you very much! ^-^ i just hope at least some of this will turn out correct, though...and i agree, they seem to be in this mess together. guess we'll see in the following chapters!

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    • can't wait for the next chapter!!cant she upload more than 1 chapter?!😭😭😭i rlly wish she would do that...😭😭

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    • hah, you and me both! that would be nice, yeah. not sure how far ahead she is with the chapter creation vs publishing though, now that you mention it.

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    • Did you forget the translating part!!😭 but i think it should be this month tho cz she uploads every month...btw i rllyyyy wish somthing would actually happen between ciel & Sebastian..but Sebastian does not have feelings..😭so that actually leaves me wondering if somthing is going to happen or not..but i read A LOTTT that the manga was supposed to be (yaoi..)😅 and when i opened yana toboso's wiki it was written that she wrote a (boys love)manga in the i have hope that somthing will happen in black butler..(that would actually be my first gay manga to read...😅)but its not written in the geners that its romantic..🙁

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    • ohh, i completely misunderstood you then! it doesn't have to be any specific genre though, look at Killing Stalking, it's a psychological thriller (and a god damn horror show) and heavy yaoi. people are even interpreting it as a love story. i suppose it may its own sick, twisted right.

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    • how is it heavy yaoi if nothing really happens between them..i mean i rllyyyy enjoy reading it but i rlly wish somthing would happen between ciel and Sebastian... but Sebastian does not have feelings..i think we're ALL waiting for somthing to happen..i wonder if somthing will happen or not..but i dont think ciel will end up dying..right?

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    • no, i was talking about Killing Stalking as an example of unusual flavours of yaoi.

      and believe me, not all of us are waiting for something to happen ^^; a lot of the fans, myself included, are not really into that. and honestly, at this point i'm kind of sure everyone will die - Smile being the last one to fall once Sebastian claims his soul.

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    • tbh im rlly glad im talking to someone about black i dont rlly know much ppl that actually know it..but i just rlly hope im noy annoying u with all my questions!😅....anyway i SOOO want somthing to happen between them it will just be..UGHHH!!😆😆but there is actually a small chance for that..😭😭and tbh i think somthing will actually happen and Sebastian wont take ciel's soul..🤔but seriously tho u have to admit it ciel x sebastian😆😆😆i mean lots of ppl just think that they have to be together😂

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    • no, not at all! ^^ i also enjoy discussing about the series.

      well i personally am not fond of the idea, nor do i ever see it consensually happening considering Smile's past. as for Sebastian not taking his soul - i do have a few suspicions regarding Smile's potential actions. Sebastian seems to be somewhat of a hypocrite for calling humans greedy, yet wanting Smile's soul after having eaten Ciel's. i feel like his greediness will be his downfall, and Smile might find a way to once again serve him Ciel's soul instead of his own. although i see little to no motivation on Smile's side for doing so. he clearly has a sense of justice and seems to think he deserves his fate as punishment for whatever he may have done. the only way i see him doing this is if his old personality traits kick in and he instinctually tries to save himself once it's time to hand Sebastian his payment - once again minding no one in the process but his own skin.

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