• i really wanna know ppl opinions in this 

    anyway in my opinion she might choose our ciel since the time they spend for last 3 years the feelings they both felt for each other was genuine 

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    • I would also agree she would choose our!ciel by the end. I mean our!Ciel is the one who acknowledge once and for all that he treasures Lizzy, and that everything he’s done for her has been because of his own feelings and not because of playing the part of the dutiful fiancé. Also have been spent for 3 years she may conflicted that she feel betrayed. the truth is that Lizzy has grown from a child to a young lady with our!Ciel by her side. Not r!Ciel, but o!Ciel. It’s her feelings for o!Ciel which have developed into romantic love, and it’s those feelings that have matured to the point Yana herself has confirmed that Lizzy not only is in love with o!Ciel, but that he’s the person Lizzy loves most in the entire world.

      now it's only the matter of ciel to know elizabeth feelings that not good assuming lizzy will surely fell in love with his brother. I just hope when they meet face to face lizzy honestly say that she loves him. 

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    • interesting. i can only imagine she is going to feel lost...

      on one hand, she's just a young child trying to do as she's told - and she's always been told real!Ciel is her one and only fiance and future husband. it's all she's ever known and obviously embraces this role - regarding her duty among the noble families as very important.

      on the other hand, the feelings she has are for our!Ciel. having been with our!Ciel for quite some time now, she has experienced great joy & pain by his side. i feel this is crucial, since real!Ciel was just a companion during days filled exclusively with sunshine and rainbows. he is a reminder of a happier, more carefree time in her life, but she never truly had a chance to bond with him like she did with our!Ciel.

      she's faced death with our!Ciel, survived, felt hurt, and felt overjoyed for having made it thus far each time. it is through these intense emotions and shared experiences during hardships that people actually get to grow and mature as one.

      real!Ciel was a cheerful playmate. our!Ciel is the boy she'd die for.

      this was not assigned to them. this is simply whom they've developed into over time.

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    • Elizabeth certainly has developed a lot over time, in the first few chapters, there was little words you can use to describe he, aside from annoying, selfish and possessive, simply because she believed that our Ciel valued the ring more than her.

      However, as we continue with the story, we find out that Lizzy is actually so incredibly selfless.

      She takes up fencing, not because she wants to, but because she wants to be the one who can protect Ciel, putting so much effort into, that she's referred to as a prodigy. She dismisses things that she finds cute, or simply enjoy, such as the cute high heels, and rejects them simply because she is super observant and notices that our Ciel is troubled by his height. She actively tries to bring cheer into Ciel's life, trying to make him smile, by hiding her sadness under her own smile.

      Our Ciel was the one who was accepted that parts that she didn't like about herself. When Lizzy knew she was needed most fighting against the undead, her biggest fear was not losing her life but being disliked by Ciel. What she needed was his validation to be who she is, and that was what helped her overcome her distress.

      The distress that was put there because of the real Ciel.

      She made herself believe that she needed to be pretty, and not strong. She was held back because she was following real Ciel's words in Chapter 58; "Aunt Frances is pretty but.... such a strong wife. I'm glad you're the one who's going to be my wife."

      If the real Ciel is going to value looks over strength in a woman... then I wouldn't like to see someone as wonderful as Lizzy to be with him.

      I'm not saying that Lizzy would choose our Ciel, but she definitely should choose our Ciel... at this point of time.


      If anyone is using real Ciel as an opportunity to get rid of Lizzy to make way for Sebby and Ciel...



      We've got to see how real Ciel interacts with Lizzy before we find out who she will choose! Can't wait for that time to come in the future!

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    • Monnie0516 wrote:
      Elizabeth certainly has developed a lot over time, in the first few chapters, there was little words you can use to describe he, aside from annoying, selfish and possessive, simply because she believed that our Ciel valued the ring more than her.

      I'm also pretty sure she was concerned that Ciel was more concerned about his ring over his happiness and not necessarily herself.

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    • and as for lizzy liking our ciel or real one i think for me its pretty clear who she likes its ofc our! ciel ....she is with real! one because she is confused and sad by fact tht boy she loves has lied to her

      and she may be feeling guilty for not being able to tell apart

      i think she feels like it her duty to be with real! ciel but her heart belongs to our one :3

      and besides he was one for whom she got stronger ....i really wanna see her making appearnce in next chapter and also im impressed how yana showed us flash back of lizzy in chapter 129 instead of choosing happy times she had with real! ciel those flash back showed us the times when she lost real one but found our !ciel to be with....

      i pretty sure this arc will make there bond stronger and tbh not being rude to sebby and ciel fans but all i ever saw with sebby and ciel is best friend or brotherly kinda relationship or as they r master and his servant ( who will at end will get our! ciel soul =-= not big fan of tht)  relationship :T just my opinion.... i am big supporter for lizzy and our! ciel xD

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    • i was wondering shouldnt "ciel phantomhive" status be "alive-ish" since we arent sure xD

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    • I agree with XxxfallingstarxxX, I believe that Elizabeth will choose the Ciel Phantomhive that fans have been with throughout the rest of the ongoing series of Black Butler. Just because the (supposed) real 'Ciel Phantomhive' showed up to reveal himself (out of the nowhere, mind you), doesn't mean that is the same person that Elizabeth loves. And I understand that some people think this a way to get Elizabeth out of the way to focus more on Sebastian and Ciel, but I don't think thats the case. Elizabeth has shown over time throughout the manga that she truly cares for Ciel, either by trying to make him happy (which is most of the damn time), or defending him from danger (example: the Luxury Liner Arc). So I don't think that Elizabeth would be that stupid to ditch our Ciel to go with the other one. But hey, I don't know what Yana Toboso has coming up next, and it's just my opinion. All I can do is to try to be patient for the next chapter to be released and hopefully share my thoughts about it with others.

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    • XxxfallingstarxxX wrote:
      i was wondering shouldnt "ciel phantomhive" status be "alive-ish" since we arent sure xD

      I think its more interesting that despite having verified that he is, in fact, the real ciel they refer to him as "Ciel Phamtomhinve" and young master as Ciel Phantomhive rather than the other way around XD, its also depressing how they removed Elizabeth as young master's finance ; ;

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    • I bet she's gonna get mad at our Ciel for lying to her about his brother, then she'll probably miss the real Ciel.

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    • This is a little late, but...

      Well, there is a big problem with Elizabeth's decision. We see her go to Ciel (Our Ciel) in the Blue Cult Arc (When they're drawing blood from the people) saying sorry. Why would she do this? You would think she's mad, assuming that she knows already. Lizzy is a very mood oriented person, and the only thing we know is...

      Lizzy will pick one, ore none.

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    • It would be more dramatic and have a bigger impact on the story if she picks r!Ciel over o!Ciel.  If o!Ciel wins in this conflict and ultimately has to kill the two of them, this could mean more development of his character.  I want to see o!Ciel suffer and change with the story.  If it ends with her choosing o!Ciel and he beats r!Ciel, nothing really changed in the story besides Agni's fate.  Sure, he could feel more confident, but doesn't the fact that he is actually really submissive and rather weak more interesting?  That he somehow overcame that to get to where he is.

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    • Maybe this is late, but everyone should be realised how selfless Elizabeth is when it comes to Ciel's happiness and safety (and not with forcing since she never meant to make Ciel go back to his 10th year old self, though many people think it's selfish act of her). It has been showed on how she feel pressured doing all the sword training just because she's going to be watchdog's wife (NOT either being r!ciel/o!ciel wife because no matter who's Vincent's heir is she's going to be engaged with him anyway), and how she trying so hard to resonate with the current Ciel despite he has changed a lot after what happened to him. And also all the Paula cry for Elizabeth hinted on chapter 129 explain how conflicted she is choosing over r!ciel (because of her duty on being queen's watchdog fiancee) or o!ciel (her heart because she's been having a good relationship and he accepted her side that she hated the most in campania arc). Beside Lizzy siding with O!Ciel will make him go self-introspect about himself to not feeling inferior as being second brother and accept his value. (and not forget the servant and also probably Soma if it ends well).

      I'm bad at explaining everything in detail about this progress but THIS BLOGat least conveyed what I wanted to say about the relationship in the end. So bad ending like how the manga showed to us in the beginning will be pretty messed up for both of them who basically had the mental illness all this time. 

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    • Yeah, she is really selfless. She has no real choice in the matter anyways.  It's just much more interesting seeing o!Ciel suffer.  Her choosing r!Ciel and dying would do so much for her and the story.  I want to see the confliction she has and how he changes afterwards.  In the words of Asanagi, all great heroes need to be virgins.

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    • She chooses neither is my guess 

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    • Neither, or some weird shit's going to happen.

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    • none because everyone is lying to her

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    • i'm scared she'll die.

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    • I'm scared she already is.

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    • I just wish Lizzy wakes up and this twin thing was all a dream, to be honest i wish Ciel had a sister instead. Poor Lizzy I would be going and if I seen two Ciel. To me OUR  Ciel is the real one.

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    • If anyone read Ghost hunt ( or if you haven't please read it...) there's a same conflict where the main girl basically confused, crying, and in trouble because she mistook one twin (Naru) for the other one (Eugene) and fell in love with him. Which is basically a similar situation with Lizzy. And yeah I'm probably take back what I said I guess she won't take any side either.... But now she should faced the truth that R!Ciel is actual dead now. 

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    • Errmmm... I kinda want lizzie with r!ciel.. And sullivan with o!ciel.. I kinda hate lizzie now.. (just my humble opinion)

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    • Well unless there's something along the lines of it being a madeup story to explain it to the servants than, I'm not sure as she was bethrod to the "real" one but she also couldn't regocnize the switch between them, most of the time when you love a person or are good friends with a person even after some time you will regocnize them no matter what. So I think there's a possibility her "love" would be more about the fact that their families wanted to keep the blood in their family as many people during the time than her actually loving him.

      If it is more about their families making it so they would have to marry than I think she'd take the "real" one instead of "our" one. I don't really know, my answer might be a slight bit "biased" as I personally just thought that the topic was interesting as I don't really care a lot how it ends up as long as the story goes well (as in the story is good) I personally don't really like the character myself either so that is the reason it might be slightly "biased".

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    • i think she'll choose Bocchan for sure

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    • I think Lizzie will side with our Ciel not the real Ciel. Because Of years she spend with our Ciel and I think It was genuine and Our ciel does genuive care about her. Plus I think Our ciel servants,Snake,Suvillian and Sebastian of course loyalty lies In our ciel not real Ciel.

      So Its Our ciel and Sebastian vs true Ciel and undertaker. I wonder why Real Ciel is cruel and antagonising his little brother ciel despite being very kind and caring towards him in the past. I bet Its undertaker little handy work.

      I also like Lizzie she become more likeable as of lately I can t blame for feeling like how she is now. Though she should side with other ciel not real ciel.

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    • I think she will stay with R!Ciel, and it could give Sullivan and O!Ciel a chance. While there's not much of a development there then with a friendship; I can actually see him having to marry a girl from a different family, or running off with Sullivan at his side when they probably escape.

      I think that would impact the story greatly for sure. He has allies on his side, so it's not unbelievable. I don't think Sebastian and Ciel are going to be a thing, ever. He's a demon and at the same time, he's 13 years old. He's literally just there to eat his soul. So, I think she'll choose R!Ciel, not just because she 'loves' him but because it's her Duty and I have a feeling she'll definitely fight on R!Ciel's side.

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    • I truly believe, as a Black Butler fan for many years, that Elizabeth will choose Astre("Ciel"), over our Ciel. Not because she doesn't love Ciel, but she was first engaged to Astre, that meaning, that's her love. I do believe she does still love Ciel over the years that they have been together, but after researching through my own manga books, it makes it quite apperant that she's upset with Ciel for various reasons. More so, Sullivan and Ciel aren't going to happen, they first off haven't known eachother long enough, nor does Ciel have any interest at her. Other from the accident with Sullivan's mouth brace, there's no reason for them to be lovers. More so, the fact that SebaCiel might happen is getting clearer book by book, if you take a look at the 'Devil Six' feature in the back of book 22, Sebastian states that he cannot be a butler without his master, Ciel, with a small blush, looks away then smarts off to Sebastian. For those who believe SebaCiel was denied from book 20, you're wrong. The only reason for Sebastian to do that, was to get Ciel out of his mental state and back to himself. I truly believe Sebastian would've carried it on until Ciel had gotten out of his own mind.

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    • Cielwolfdemon wrote:
      I truly believe, as a Black Butler fan for many years, that Elizabeth will choose Astre("Ciel"), over our Ciel. 

      i think you're confused;

      real!Ciel's name is "Ciel". that's why they call him real.

      our!Ciel's name is theorised to be "Astre". our Ciel has been posing as his brother, pretending to be Ciel but he isn't really - meaning his name isn't "Ciel".

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    • Honestly, I don't think it matters. Everyone's got their own oppinion about Ciel's twin. To me he's Astre and forever will be.

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