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    I'm so pissed right now. I was in the middle of typing my review, my Internet crashed, and I lost all of my progress. (‡▼益▼)

    There are a lot of things I've got to complain about this chapter and the first is its length. 20 pages??? That's equivalent to a weekly manga and this is monthly. I get if Toboso's tired or something, but if she is, then she should take a one or two month break and come back strong. And I wouldn't even be that pissed 'bout the 20 pages if they're 20 pages of quality. This was crud.

    Chapter 121: I want my $1.99 back

    The chapter starts with a RECAP. WHY. Are things not fresh in our minds?? We only have 20 pages and 2 and a half of 'em are dedicated to a recap no one needs. And where does the Halloween event fit in this timeline anyway?? Literally no one moved an inch from their spots last last month so how did Halloween happen in the middle of it all. Toboso should have treated it as a filler chapter separate from the plot material but since she had Ciel reference to Lizzie's predicament, it's obviously meant to be part of the continuity but it makes no sense for it to. Did it happen before the Funtom Five or did it--- you know what, whatever, I don't really care and apparently neither does Toboso.

    So then we have Ciel telling the Funtom Five that their next performance is extremely important. Ok, Ciel needs to put things in perspective. He already neglected Lizzie during Halloween. Give it a rest with the ridiculous boy band thing and focus on Lizzie's wellbeing and how to reclaim her. I get that it's his plan to blahblah, but let's be real, this boy band thing is kind of a stretch just to achieve their goals. You take away a bit of their popularity and so what? They already took away and brainwashed your fiancee and drained blood from a crapton of people. The ideology's already been spread and ingrained. And just as there can be a rise and fall of the S4, there can be a rise and fall of the F5, so let's revise the strategy so that Lizzie can be the main objective.

    Ch121 Ciel, Sebastian, and the Funtom Five

    Here's the crew.

    Oh, and can we talk about Sebastian's relevance this chapter? It's currently at -0.000000000000000000001% 0 lines, and he doesn't even have a face. Here, this sums up his relevance:

    Ch121 Sebastian

    This is pretty sad.

    Anyway, after Ciel's cringy pep talk (cringy 'cuz anything related to boy bands in Kuroshitsuji has been pretty much cringy so far), the Funtom Five do their team break thing, and honestly it's the only good part of the chapter. Why? Well, because - and I wouldn't have even noticed this if someone on Tumblr didn't point it out -

    ♥ EDDIE AND CHESLOCK ARE HOLDING HANDS!!! (well, they might as well be) ♥

    So basically, with the first few pages of the chapter, this is how much the plot moved forward: -1 Yeah, it actually moved backward 'cuz wat.


    Ch119 Blavat

    Looks familiar? Nope, I didn't take this pic from chap 121 even though it's on there. I took it from 119 BECAUSE THIS WAS REUSED.

    So then Blavat AT LONG LAST decides to calm down and tells himself that things are gonna be ok because there's noooooo way a brand-new copycat boy band could possibly beat the S4, right? He then tells a random guy to attend a F5 show so he can give him info. And, wow, it must be nice to be Blavat. Everyone's literally his hoe. They'll do anything he tells them to do.

    Ch121 Blavat and a worker

    Blavat: "Hello, Hoe #1384938. :3" (his face is so cute here)

    So back inside the Sphere Music Hall, it's a catastrophe 'cuz the audience is turned off by F5's interruption. Blavat makes his way to the S4, and they're super relieved to see him 'cuz they can't function on their own. (Thought it was a little funny how the S4's like "why were our fags--" and Blavat's like "fags? ಠ_ಠ"

    The S4 explains who the F5 really are and Blavat's all like of course they would want to copy you guys 'cuz you're so great and radiant.

    Blavat: "It did take me a little by surprise, I must admit! Nee-ha-ha!"

    Bullshit. You stood still for two months from the shock.

    Blavat convinces them to start by performing two songs instead of one, and they're hesitant (especially Violet red flag), but Blavat has a silver tongue so they're all on board (or really they're just stupid for being manipulated so easily).

    The S4 comes back on stage and performs their new songs, "Search for Sirius" and "Paradi✩Sphere." Blavat thinks that they have done their part well and leaves before witnessing the end. And this is when things got a little bit interesting.

    Ch121 Starlight Four

    Here's the S4.
    Ch121 Gregory faints

    Here's the S4 one second later.
    Ch121 Gregory unconscious

    Violet faints from exhaustion and, as you can tell from his arm, blood loss!! Blavat has pushed him too far this time. Blavat x Violet, no wait

    Blavat, meanwhile, is marching toward the exit to check up on how the Funtom Music Hall's doing (he's finally learned his lesson about not going outside for two weeks straight), and-----

    Ch121 Blavat surprised

    This face is priceless.

    The Funtom Music Hall's packed and tickets are already sold-out.

    Ch121 Funtom Music Hall


    Ok, Blavat, but what did you expect???? People obviously would be intrigued by the F5. You used the same marketing techniques, you pitched the same qualities to people: glamor, charisma, flamboyance, and hot "talented" young guys.


    So. Those 20 pages went by fast, especially since a portion of it is for useless stuff. We're still knuckles deep in this boy band thing when all I want is for it to be done. And aside from Violet fainting, which only took up 'bout a page, NOTHING WAS REALLY ACCOMPLISHED.

    Ciel, Sebastian, and the F5 are still in the "we've got to do this! we can do this!" mood without really doing anything. LIZZIE, which was their incentive, was neither shown nor mentioned. And for two main characters, Ciel's busy regurgitating his words, and Sebastian's busy......standing there. The S4 still can't make their own decisions and Blavat.......Blavat was a huge disappointment. He was a little bit confused throughout. I dunno. He wasn't as prudent as I thought he'd be. He didn't even plan a good counterattack - it was just, let's do the same thing but a little more. That's not a plan! The formula's old, you've got to present something new.

    Honestly, if I were Blavat, I'd like "oh you're gonna copy my boy band idea? nee-ha-ha you can have that. joke's still on you because - in case you've forgotten - I. HAVE. LIZZIE. WHO'S HOE #1384939. she does everything i want her to do and i'll make her do something you'd absolutely detest." Right??? The F5 may be a threat to their reputation, but honestly the Sphere Music Hall still has its ardent fanbase (it'd be completely unrealistic for everyone to ditch the Sphere just 'cuz an imitation is right across the street), and if the F5 becomes too much a threat then it's simple. Blavat can use Lizzie as leverage and force Ciel to back down. He can also easily snap Lizzie's neck if he feels like he can't handle the pressure and, guess what, Ciel's going to be the one devastated, not him.

    I'm sure Toboso knows what she's doing blahblah, but the plot's been on hold for, what, three months now??? I still like Kuroshitsuji but I'm not gonna lie - it hasn't been very entertaining, and the whole point of me paying for these chapters is to be entertained by them. Anyone who did enjoy this chapter - dunno how you managed to do that.

    ^^^ You see this turtle? It moves faster than the plot. ^^^

    Judging by the story's turtle pace, I can predict Blavat's actions for the next few chapters, actually.

    Ch121 Blavat surprised

    Ch121 Blavat surprised

    Ch121 Blavat surprised

    "Wha-- Ok, calm down, there's no way-- Wha--"
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    Not a fan of this chapter. Hopefully the next one will be better, and hopefully the plot will significantly advance in some way soon.

    If you haven't already, check out the update on Book of the Atlantic here! See you next month, bye-bye.

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