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    Heeeeey, Kurowikians! If you follow the official Kuroshitsuji account on Twitter, you'll know that it just released more info on the upcoming film Book of the Atlantic, which is going to premiere on January 21, 2017 - let me clarify though, it's going to premiere in Japanese theatres so for everyone who doesn't live in Japan, it means we probably won't get to watch it till someone subs it much later.

    Anyway, here's the key visual:

    BotA Key Visual with date

    Image courtesy of Momo

    Buuuuuuut if that's not enough to get you hyped, I'm bringing you a bunch of screenshots which will. (I got these screenshots from the tumblr Kuroshitsuji Fandom, you can check it out for yourself here.)

    BOTA Ciel Sebastian and Snake

    Aaaaaah they're boarding the Campania!
    BOTA Ciel and Elizabeth

    Aaaaaah it's Ciel and Lizzie! So kawaiiiiii.
    BOTA Snake

    Yaaas Snake, bite that fork. You're awesome.
    BOTA The Phoenix

    omg it's the Phoenix pose - I'll be cringing for sure!
    BOTA Elizabeth crying

    Damn, Lizzie looks really pretty here. The animation's nice yayayay.
    BOTA Little Ciel

    Aaaah it's little Ciel!
    BOTA Ciel reaching for Sebastian

    BOTA Sebastian reaching for Ciel

    BOTA Ciel's and Sebastian's hands

    hoooooooly shiiiiit!!

    That's not all. Yesterday I received confirmation that three characters are going to be in the film (you can check out the cast here). The first is Viscount Druitt, which is fine and totally expected since he plays a big part in the Luxury Liner Arc. But the other two are...

    BOTA Grey and Phipps

    Grey and Phipps

    Now don't get me wrong, I love Grey and Phipps to death buuuuut the problem is...(oh, spoiler alert) they weren't even on the friggin' ship! The only times they were included in this arc is at the way beginning when it shows that Grey kills that one guy (and I think that was already shown in the OVA) and at the waaaaaaaay end during the Easter Egg Hunt when the whole Campania thing was already 100% done.

    So the question is why are they here? (≖ლ≖๑ )フ

    As soon as I heard they're casting Grey and Phipps (again, as much as I love them), I literally began burning incense sticks and praying that they won't butcher the precious manga plot.

    Pray with me.

    The poll was created at 02:05 on October 19, 2016, and so far 140 people voted.

    I know everyone who hasn't read the Luxury Liner arc is like wtf but I'm serious, the manga plot is too great to tarnish.

    But like, I also thought to myself that "oh maybe they're just adding Grey and Phipps for fun so they can increase the action yadda ya~~" - but then there's a rumor going around which states that they're including Grey and the expense of the Midford family - which means the Midford family (Edward, Alexis, and Francis) will not be making an appearance............


    At first, I was like "oh no they can't do that the Midford family is too--" but then I looked through the screenshots and I saw the PV on my phone and I'm like hmmm there's absolutely 0 signs of the Midfords. Normally all the characters that are gonna be in will get a little bit of screen time. Even that blasted Bizarre Doll got like 2 seconds...but no Eddie, no Alexis, and no Francis.

    And then I started to see it happening - Grey and Phipps taking over the scenes of fighting the Bizarre Dolls, Grey and Phipps directing people to their lifeboats, Grey and Phipps doing everything the Midford family was supposed to do. AND I'M LIKE NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. THIS IS WAY TOO POSSIBLE.

    I think they really are gonna replace Eddie, Alexis, and Francis and act as if they never existed which is so wrong!!!! We need the British knights here! We need Eddie's jealousy, Alexis's goofiness, and Francis's sternness. Speaking of Francis, the animators must really hate her. She was supposed to make her debut in anime literally years ago during the Red Butler arc but they dodged it every---single---time.


    Like look, the anime already screwed up the continuity a long time ago - that's a fact. So now it's time to fix things! Don't let it worsen! Introducing the Midford family now is perfect.

    What do you think of the possibility of Grey and Phipps replacing the Midford family?

    The poll was created at 02:26 on October 19, 2016, and so far 97 people voted.
    Are you excited for Book of the Atlantic?

    The poll was created at 02:27 on October 19, 2016, and so far 123 people voted.

    Ugh, I'm worried now. Fingers crossed BOTA will be good. (Btw, my review for Chapter 121 will come out when MangaStream's version comes out so I can "borrow" their images. And I should get started on the Best of 2016 Awards but I've been very busy so let's see how that goes.)

     Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  02:30,10/19/2016 

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    • I like Grey and Phipps, but I wouldn't want them to replace the rest of the Midfords. Very disappointed that that may happen. Can you link the PV? I want to see for myself.

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    • i hope they dont mess it up... -looks at jay and shiori genpo-

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    • C. Phantom wrote:
      I like Grey and Phipps, but I wouldn't want them to replace the rest of the Midfords. Very disappointed that that may happen. Can you link the PV? I want to see for myself.

      I think the PV's blocked for ppl in USA 'cuz it was blocked for me. I watched it through Twitter and for some reason it worked. I don't have the link and I'm too lazy to look for it rn but I'll do it next time. I think you can use a proxy and watch it on Youtube tho.

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    • Diasama wrote:
      i hope they dont mess it up... -looks at jay and shiori genpo-

      ikr fingers crossed they won't screw it up

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    • Is there a "commercial" for it already???  Asking bc idk where you got the screenshots :p 

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    • UmisaTheFangirl wrote: Is there a "commercial" for it already???  Asking bc idk where you got the screenshots :p 

      lol I literally wrote in the post: "I got these screenshots from the tumblr Kuroshitsuji Fandom..."

      And yeah a PV for it is out.

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    • Is there going to be an English dub for this movie, and if so when is it going to come out in America? I would really like to see it, and I've been getting nowhere with this question so far. All I know is, that it came out in Japan on Jan. 21st.

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    • While doing some snooping around on youtube, I managed to catch a glimpse of the Midfords in this video, along with Elizabeth's handmaid, Paula at around 2:10 in the video. I saw them all behind Elizabeth when she was greeting Ciel at the docks, so I can't be sure if they will actually be on the Campania, or if they will only be appearing at the start of the film. My point is: They're there! For at least one scene, anyways. Though Edward was holding Elizabeth at 1:15 in the video, and it looks like they're on the ship.

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    • The tumblr link given above doesn't work. If I go to tumblr and search for Kuroshitsuji, will I find it? I'm an old(er) fan, along with my 11 year-old son, and am not the best with online things.

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