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    Mini-Rant: Urgh, do you know what just happened? I was mid-way through typing this, accidentally pressed a link to the side (damn that Forum Activity crap), and so it started navigating to a new page and I legitimately shouted "no please please" at my screen buuuuut I couldn't prevent it from happening - everything got deleted so now I have to start all over.

    Huuuullo, Kurowikians! It's your favorite (and only) Event Host, back with more news! I've got big, ambitious, hopefully achievable plans to roll out for the next few months, and this happens to be one of 'em!

    Remember the Missions we have? No? Well, they do exist, just in another dimension apparently, because there hasn't been activity in ages. Well, now, we're bringing them back! That's right, we're wiping the thick layers of dust off of 'em and starting fresh - with some entertainment.

    Ever had that thing called Club Rush in your high school where everyone pretends to be excited to join organizations? Yeah, well, I want this to sort of mimic that kind of craze and enthusiasm. I want to motivate users to get into the projects because these projects really give us good direction on where to start and what to accomplish.

    For now though we're only going to be saving the Kuroshitsuji Wiki:Manga Mission from oblivion - it's going to be messy trying to restart all four missions at once. We're starting with this to kind of assess how things will develop.

    And I've always wanted to make an interactive game on the wiki. Trust me, I mean always. I just didn't know how. I'm not going to be a total arse and take credit for all this because, no, the template wasn't from me. I got the basic coding from the admins at Haikyū!! Wiki (they had this pretty cool Halloween game, you guys should check it out) - these admins are very dedicated and awesome at what they do. I hope they don't mind that I borrowed their coding (but they're super friendly so I don't think they'll strangle me). If you guys read/watch Haikyū!!, I highly recommend that you join that wiki and help out - their layout is dope and everyone's working hard on there, especially the admins.

    Anyway, as I was saying, I've always wanted to create an interactive game and I got extremely inspired by the Halloween game.


    I would like to present to you the very first of its kind:


    That's right! This is an interactive game that will introduce you to the Manga Mission and how it operates. I don't want to spoil too much about how the game works. Click on the link and try it out!!! ♚♚♚

    The plot of the game was authored by Doggy and me! It was the ultimate collaborative effort. The only reason why we left Tsumi in the dark was because we wanted to (hopefully pleasantly) surprise her with this. It's not like we hate her guts or anything though don't rule that out as a possibility.

    Be sure to vote in the polls at the end of the game. In hindsight, I realize that the game is pretty short (but trust me, it was a pain in the arse sometimes to make, so it felt long in the process). But if this works well, expect more games like this in the future!

    BOM2 Mey-Rin and Finnian

    Warning: To avoid spoilers, only click down below after you're finished with the game!
    Soooooooo, what do you guys think???
    Do you like interactive games like this?

    The poll was created at 08:15 on November 15, 2015, and so far 11 people voted.
    Did you like being the nameless character "you," or would you like to play as an actual Kuroshitsuji character next time?

    The poll was created at 16:34 on November 15, 2015, and so far 11 people voted.

    Trivia: I was going to use this pic instead of this pic for Template:Manga Mission/10P but Queenie looks so derp in the first pic I couldn't stop laughing/cringing.

    We really hope you liked the game! Please consider signing up for the Manga Mission - we need some diligent editors on board!

    I have a huuuuge plan with the interactive games. Do you want to know what it is???

    Do you want to know about the huuuuge plan?

    The poll was created at 08:25 on November 15, 2015, and so far 34 people voted.

    Weeeell, I can't say what it is at the moment, unfortunately. I might announce it soon. But hint: February.

    Thank you, Kurowikians, for participating!

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     Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  08:27,11/15/2015 
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    • Wow, this has like nothing to do with this post but the thread is named Thread:30101. I'm so used to the threads being in the 20000's so this is different.

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    • And wow I was rereading my post to scan for errors and I got to this part: The only reason why we left Tsumi in the dark was because we wanted to (

      That damn parenthesis made me pause thinking it was a period so I thought that I wrote "The only reason why we left Tsumi in the dark was because we wanted to." Loooool. So mean.

      And again, this is another random comment that really has nothing to do with the post.

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    • OMG, you guys, I didn't know this was what you were planning!!!! I am pleasantly surprised <3 <3 You're doing me proud *sniff sniff*

      ... but wooooow, you couldn't have given me at least some clues. Haha, but it's alright, I like when the surprise completely came from nowhere sometimes (I was going to say blindsided but this isn't a negative thing so)

      That's so mean, how could you intentionally leave me out D: no shillings for you, person-who-makes-random-posts-for-no-reason!

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    • Yay Tsumi-chan is pleasantly surprised! That's an achievement! A totally worthless, unremarkable achievement. jk!

      Try it out tomorrow ok and tell us your thoughts and stuff! Lmao leaving you out was the best thing about this project :D jk!

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    • Wow, I think you're the one who needs an upgrade, being so mean to me lately D: D: D:

      Ok I will :)

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    • Since you're still on you should try out the game it doesn't take that long tbh haha.

      Aw thanks but no thx I'm perfect the way I am :)

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    • How long is the game? I may need to go soon, I really need to focus >< Edit: lol, yeh, gtg, I'll do it tomorrow!


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    • I hope you'll have fun with it!

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    • I just finished the game!! It was very fun!! Like Lau said, it was a bit short, but that's alright, coz it's the first out of, I'm sure, many more games to come! :D hopefully the game will be entertaining enough for you to consider joining the Manga Mission, guys! Although we all know you will, coz the Queen doesn't tolerate no as an answer! (seriously, she had a scary face on that panel.)

      Also, I went back to try out every option afterwards. Don't lie, I know you did too!

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    • I'm seriously glad you liked it!!! Yeah, it didn't feel short while I was putting it all together but when I played it through it took like two secs, whoops. But the other games will hopefully be longer! Lmao, her face is super scary - constantly gives me the chills but I wanted to add it in anyway. (My impression of her changed a bit after that chap, she's like low-key creepy.)

      Even tho I made the game and so I knew what the options are I still went back to try out every option and see how it flows.

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    • No worries ^_~ making interactive quizzes can be a lot of effort, so shillings for the good job!! She's been low-key creepy and intimidating since the Murders Arc, where she got Ciel framed for a murder just to 'teach him a lesson'......... but as expected of Britain's monarch.

      Lol, I can't help but think that if you were actually in that situation and refused either the butlers or the Queen, things will not go down well. You'd never be able to leave that easily hahaha.
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    • Lmao yeah no lie me and Doggy the whole time were like "yeahhh there's no way the you person can escape that easily, realistically speaking" but we just wanted to be done. It was kinda bull since the beginning with the letter - you can't just throw away Queenie's letter and be ok but whatever :D

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    • A FANDOM user
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