• So yeah, I'm a bit late on this. But uh, anyway...I read the chapter and all that,

    ...and really, the only thing left to say that would truly, justifiably portray everyone's reaction to this special little chapter is-


    Errrrrrrrr............I am so disturbed right now.

    UGGS OUT OF ALL PEOPLE----WTF???????????




    Granted, Uggs actually looked pretty before the factory accident...Can't believe I admitted Uggs was once pretty. Ugh, this is so messing with my perception of the world.

    Let's start from the beginning. Sie-chan is crying while Uggs is still spewing weird, fanatic bullcrap. I was not prepared for the whole "My daughter, Sieglinde" stuff! I was like, you've got to be kidding me. Is this some sort of cheap plot device, relating one character to the next. It's not even a good surprise - it's more sickening than anything, really. And again extremely weird 'cuz for one thing, Uggs acts nothing motherly - and just on that point makes her character even more cheap, as you would logically think she should have some sort of sentiment, no matter how slight, attached to Sie-chan instead of just viewing her as a synthesized mustard gas producer. She's one helluvah crazy bitch.

    So the basic story is that Uggs was part of a military project aimed at mustard gas research. Only one guy could synthesize it safely and 'twas none other than Sie-chan's future father. Uggs obviously had the hots for him - or his brains - and of course things fell into place, and she has his baby. There was an accident at the factor, however, which killed the old bald smart guy, and left her looking like the Uggs we all know and lurve today.

    Here's the point I honestly found quite ridiculous. The whole Green Witch Education Project......ಠ__ಠ

    What idiot thought of the Dumbest Project Ever.

    Let me explain. Following the old bald smart guy's death, everyone was panicking 'cuz he was the only one who understood how to synthesize the mustard gas - you would think he informed a few of his assistants the how-to's and whatnots...or that someone has the minimal intelligence needed to decipher that thing. (And since it's military project, I would assume he'd publish some sort of report of his findings on it, couldn't they use that as a reference to understanding what he contrived of?) But noooooo, apparently none of 'em could comprehend it, but wait...Sieglinde can, a tiny little girl barely borned into the world! And she understands it perfectly, having sorta inherited the intelligence from old bald smart guy! Why of cooourse! Extremely convenient! :D

    But oh no, Uggs had thought of a problem. "OMG, what if my baby loses her 'genius' 'cuz of the.......real world."

    So these geniuses, Uggs and the German government, decided to prevent her "genius" from being impaired by throwing in pools of money to create a medieval village in the middle of a denseass forest, had everyone roleplay, willingly sacrificed wanderers/intruders - its own German citizens - to the mustard gas, and tricked Sie-chan into believing crap 'bout how she is the current Green Witch in a long line of witches destined to appease angry werewolves and protect her roleplaying villagers. Oh, and they had her feet bound so she wouldn't be able to escape on her own.


    That's what you waste your financial resources on???? Oh DEAR BUDDHA, save your soul. Not to mention how cruel it is to rip the girl away from the real world and impose your own will on her. You know, just a thought, perhaps you can just get the girl to explain to you the DAMN formula....or maybe develop the brains to figure it out yourself 'cuz, um, you're seriously wasting everyone's friggin' precious time, including mine.

    I just find this to be the most laughable, impractical method ever. Not efficient in the slightest. So you got the girl to synthesize the stupid mustard gas. Whoo-hoo, took over ten years just for that......ಥ_ಥ

    Goddamn, was this project stupid. Hard to believe it lasted this long. Hard to believe anyone ever APPROVED of this.

    And also, it seems like Sie-chan was able to experience the outside world till she was at least three or four or five years of age, 'cuz that's when they learned she knew how to read at a really early age and became obsessed with her shouldn't she retain some memory of the outside world? You know, since she's a "genius" and all. I still have some memories of when I was in preschool.

    Sie-chan is of course overwhelmed and she hates everyone at the moment, including Wolfy. Ciel runs away with Sie-chan, while Sebastian handles those morons in the werewolf suits. Oh, and the Phantomhive servants have some kind of mission they must carry out, which I am excited to see.

    Wolfy tries to pursue Sie-chan and Ciel using another path and bumps into Hilde of all people. Ok, I admit, what was super cool about this part was that when Wolfy is about to run past her, Hilde calls him "Lieutenant Wolfram Geltzer!" and he instantly pays her respect. Really aweshum how they're in the military. (German military = Diedrich, WHEN WILL HE MAKE HIS APPEARANCE?) And it seems like Hilde is superior in rank to Wolfy, which is sort of unexpected and expected at the same time but interesting nonetheless. Hilde seems kind of badass now, I won't say she's a part of the oh-so-forgettable-trio anymore, she has been promoted. As for the other And despite what Hilde says, we all know Wolfy cares for Sie-chan too much to "dispose of her" so I'm not particularly worried.

    Ch98 Hilde addresses Wolfram


    Anyway, at the very end of the chapter, Ciel and Sie-chan have managed to escape from the manor and they're outside somewhere. Ciel asks if Sie-chan wants to stay or leave and urges her to make her decision quick, pointing a gun at her forehead.

    Don't be alarmed though. I'm pretty sure he won't kill her right then and there 'cuz for one thing, Queenie wants to have tea with her and Ciel is gonna let her have tea with her or he's gonna be facing Queenie's wrath, which I'm sure no one wants to go through.

    All in all, it was an ok chapter. Still as short as ever. I am not and will never be satisfied with the fact that Uggs is Sie-chan's mother, and pretty sure neither will Sie-chan. Wolfy and Hilde are cool and the Phantomhive servants are always cool. The werewolves are dumbasses and the project is the most ludicrous thing I have ever heard of. Let's see what's gonna happen between Ciel and Sie-chan next chapter!

    But alright, enough about the chapter. I'm sorry for my long absence from the wiki! (Admit it, you missed me ( ̄ー ̄)) I can only come here every once in a while for the next few months, unfortunately, 'cuz I need to fill out and complete my college applications as thoroughly as possible! BUT...WHO ELSE IS EXTREMELY EXCITED FOR THE FIRST PART OF THE BOOK OF MURDER OVA TO COME OUT....TOMORROW??????????????? I'M SO PUMPED AND READY FOR THIS KIND OF GOOD SHIT!

    Be on the lookout for my review of it! I'll be sure to load up on screenshots! :D

    Oh, and Happy Halloween!!! We even have a new background for the holiday, how aweshum is that. Are you guys gonna be dressing up? I sure will be.

    Till tomorrow then!
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    • AGAIN, IT'S TOO SHORT. ^^; Its seems like they made a doll house sort of environment to hone Sieglinde's amazing genes. :)) Other may find it stupid yeah, but for me, I think it makes sense. In order to develop one's skills and talents, extreme military methods would include isolation. I find it quite interesting actually; making a small village surrounded by eerie sets of legends about the supernatural and all that. And it would really make sense if Sieglinde is a legit genius. I mean, you can't just make an artificial toxic gas in 10 years during that era/period. It would take, not just ample knowledge of science and chemistry, but also of nature and of course, sheer talent. :>

      As for Uggs and Sieglinde, well Uggs was once beautiful. =)) And perhaps, Mr. Old Scientist was once handsome as well; therefore, Sieglinde is the product. XD And I think it also makes sense if Uggs had that line of thinking. If he really did love Mr. Scientist, then she could easily assume that it was fate's way of telling her that the mustard gas project should continue. It's kinda sad, though. Depression and obsession and loss are the perfect ingredients for a magnificent mass murder. ^^;

      Also, I kinda expected Ciel to do that to Sieglinde. Maybe this is his own way of telling her that whether she goes back or not, she's gonna be used as a tool. If she ends up with Queen Elizabeth, the same scenario would happen again. Huhu children as tools of adults~ it's a recurring theme of this manga. It's kinda heartbreaking, but I find it awesome as well. XD


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    • Centuries later, I finally post again, yes!

      Wow, some major revelations in this chapter. Not sure I like the fact that "Uggs" is Sieglinde's mother. Nooooooo, you do not treat your own daughter like a tool you can dispense with. YOU'RE A BAD MOTHER. I actually felt so irritated reading this chapter. Like I seriously feel so bad for Sieglinde I got the sense way back that she was probs lied to by her adults for all her life but still the truth hurts :( I liked the part where Ciel was like "Children shouldn't be parents' tools" or something like that

      ... but then I got to the end where he basically implied she was gonna be a tool used by adults anyway and I'm like @_@ well ok stop being confused Ciel haha. jokes, I know what you mean kid. The real world is a harsh place.

      Anyhow, I dont think this seems too strange, it just seems like a convenient plot device like you said to tie everything and everyone together. "Uggs" was pretty back then (tho we wouldnt actually know that for sure since a lot of people are drawn very prettily in manga-style haha!) and I dont believe the fact that she "loved" him, I think she only loved his "brain". Heh, she's a closet zombie!

      I agree with Mich's idea that it does require some inane talent to be able to do this. And to add to that, even though it was weird that the guy didnt have any documents written down of this methods of making this chemical but it was an accident that killed him. He might've thought about writing it down later but I dont think he could foresee his fate or anything.

      I feel bad for Wolfram tho, you can tell he clearly cared for Sieglinde despite everything. So it must've hurt so bad (but he knew he deserved it) when she called him a liar :( I liked the Lieutenant part too, haha!!

      Speaking of all this, even though I knew for a while that all this witch stuff is probs made up, I think a little part of me still hoped that it was couldnt be entirely explained by chemistry coz well, I like supernatural stuff, as overused as some storylines and concepts can be :3 Like I think I would prefer her having to do this coz of witch tradition instead of being caged up at the age of three, isolated from the outside world and just acted like a puppet to the adults who wanted to cause misery to other people with some new mustard gas and "sulin" (aka sarin) @_@ thats too cruel!

      But overall, I cant wait to see what happens next!! I dont think Ciel would just kill off Sieglinde like that so I'll be anticipating the scene with the Queen (even though it'll probs be heartbreaking too OTL).


      Omg and I am so stoked about Book of Murder!!! I cant watch it tomorrow tho since I have exams ergh but I will very shortly afterwards, cant miss it!

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    • For all the people saying they want to see Diedrich, I'm pretty sure that in between the scene from Kelvin's flashback and present day in the manga, he's turned into that fat guy eating sandwiches from episode 2 of the first season

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    • This chapter was. . . disturbing. The idea of the village was genius, sure, but messed up beyond belief. The role-playing everyday and the werewolf legend were cool. But threatening an innocent 11-ish year old girl that if she doesn't create a weapon of mass murder the villagers will die? And the isolation, foot-binding, mind-warping? That's just - not right. If Uggs really cared about Sie as her daughter, she shouldn't have been so obsessed with the toxic gas to isolate and lie to her. I feel like in anime and manga, the parents are either really good or really bad. And most likely deceased.

      Moving on, if I think anymore about Uggs I'm going to strangle someone.

      . . .Oh, gosh, I just found out a boy was killed in a car accident going to school this morning not too far from where I live. . . and five cars, FIVE CARS, saw him but didn't pull over to help. . .

      I'm just going to end this post. Too depressed. Deepest condolences for his family.

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    • In fact that woman desserved to die. A woman that deceives her daughter into believing she is a 'witch' is probably the worst thing a mother can do. Of course mothers in real life do that to 'preserve' their children's imagination but this is totally different! I feel very sorry for Sie-chan.

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