• This time it's for our favorite viscount! (Tsumi and Buddy should remember this: oh...OH! *[]*)

    So while casually browsing through my volume 2 kuro book, I came across the viscount's name. I did a double take. According to Yen Press it's spelled Aleistor not Aleister! What a tinyass difference...! But, it makes a difference, haha. I will go ahead and change it once I get an ok from an admin (or whichever admin that approves of it can go ahead and change it himself/herself, haha.)

    Btw, I was also thinking that we start a translation project? Sort of like how we have a manga, anime, image, and my aweshum R&R project?

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    • OMG . . . another one of this!! BTW, Meena must be changed to Mina, too . . .

      YES, we need a translation project!!

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    • Yeah, man. Again it's just me and you talkin'.

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