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The Dark Crow Smiles is a song used in the Kuroshitsuji anime which can be heard on Kuroshitsuji Sound Complete Black Box disc 1, track number 10. It is also available on disc 2 (track number 14) as a remix. The song describes Sebastian Michaelis in his job to protect his master, Ciel Phantomhive. This song is sung by LotusJuice in English while the chorus is sung in Latin. The chorus is partly taken from the Catholic song Agnus Dei ("Lamb of God").

These lyrics (both vocal and chorus) are also featured in "The Dark Crow Smiles [remix]", while the chorus is can be heard in the song "The Butler" (track no. 8, disc 1) in Kuroshitsuji Sound Complete Black Box.


Agnus Dei qui tollis peccata mundi;
Qui pius es, factus, prou do, plaus tis a netut actus:
Miserere nobis

Sir, excuse me for interrupting
Allow me to introduce myself
Butler, yes I am yes I am
Lord's order is what I am
Taking care of business
In these bases step into all those places
What I face is my lord's thesis
Writing it based on those pieces

Ha, elegant suit black and white is by the book
No limit I did shook the ground
So under it went underground

Wanna know more? Pay the price you will
Then likely to cry in grief guilty like a thief?
No, not so cheap. I'm so past deep
Collection of enemies keep to play
Placing target on steep tray

Sadistic that I may at the same time
Masochistic that I may fake matter of courtesy to say
Uncertified story I'll give then uncertified life you might live
And I'm not so sure you want that
So take your time
To think for a minute please
Earl and contessa

Okay don't you claim after you enter
Once this train goes it's so gone
Anything goes in slow mo slow flow
So comfortable cooking the meal it's palatable
Blow blow kick the flow
Fill in the deeds that's my show, oh no
Here I come phantom, no no
I'm just so cold you wanna know so let me show
Creep behind is what I do massacre is what I do
Lay back on that? Never do Lord's order? I just do

Yes sir my Lord let me spill
Cooking in grill my new armory to drill
The hole in the brain then maintain
Hell is no place, hell is me
You are my slave I'm the king
Thinking of you got it no I got it
I apologize misunderstanding
I am who you think I ain't constantly covered in paint
Curtain call still I stain the realness

Change the whole game
When the game's over
Can you sustain the pain?


I am not just a bad sir I am the baddest in space
I finally drawn some clues
It looks so smooth against this truth

As for the people they think about
At the night that surge above
But at the end they might take you away like you're someone else
Wish my soul once in a while
But this is nature that can't exhaust
I look at it as more like my style
Nobody can come in my way
'Cuz this is my way of love


  • The chorus' English translation is:

Lamb of God Who takes away the sins of the world;
You are merciful, who, being made, as I give, administer Plautus, except by the act:
have mercy on us



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