Bluewer, not Bluer?

It has come to my attention that this wikia is not only partly inactive, but it does not have a translator of its own and relays far too heavily on fan translations instead of official translations. If anyone owns the the Black Butler volumes at all, then they should know that the most recent one, Vol. 14, has the first chapter of the Weston College Arc in it, introducing the P4. In it, I noticed that Lawrence's surname is spelled as "Bluewer", not "Bluer", which was the translations from Black Asylum, the fan group that translates it. Most English names are pretty easy to translate into their native language when written out in Japanese characters. Therefore, I did some digging around on the Japanese names. I'm not an expert or anything, but do want the wikia to at least consider what I'm saying. Part of a wikia's duties, after all, is to have discussions about matters pertaining to the accuracy and addition of information to its articles.

Lawrence's surname is this: ブルーアー, and "Bluer" is this: 青くー. As you can see, they do not match. Now, "blue" is written like this in Japanese: ブルー. This matches to the first part of Lawrence's last name. Using Google Translator when I finally decided to look into the how Yen Press got "Bluewer" and why BA got "Bluer", Lawrence's Japanese characters for his name came out to spell "Brewer". Google Translator isn't 100% correct all the time, I assure you that I know this, but seeing this, it does provide insight to how Yen Press got the spelling.

Thinking about it more, I figured that perhaps that "Bluewer" was probably the correct spelling for Lawrence's surname. Looking back at the other P4's surnames (minus Violet's), only the first half spells out the color:

  • Redmond
  • Greenhill
  • Bluewer

This may be a weak reason just because the "r" is the only part that is taken away, but I do believe that Lawrence's surname is meant to be spelled out similarly to the other P4's (again, excluding Violet's). However, given the fact that fan translations are never 100% correct (and that I have many things I want to suggest to this wiki), I want the wikia to consider these two things:

First off, I implore that the wikia cease blindly believing in fan translations and for it to acquire their own translator. Translations will also differ depending on the person who's doing the translating, but I'm an experienced editor, too, on a other wikias (I'm just not logged into my account since I didn't want to start one here on this wikia), and I find that having their own resident translator to be helpful in these types of situations. And while a wikia's resident translator can be wrong at times as well, one would be beneficial in some ways.

And secondly, please look into the Japanese characters for Lawrence's surname.

A wikia's duty is to list down accurate information, the facts, basically. Putting faith into fan translations, no matter how good they are, is not the right way to do things, in my opinion. That is all.-- 16:06, October 9, 2013 (UTC)

I understand the point you're trying to make. However, getting a resident translator is not quite a walk in the park, either. No one as of yet has stepped up to take the role. The other editors here, though most edit out of goodwill, are not proficient in the Japanese language, including myself; therefore, we are begrudgingly forced to fall back on fan translations. It is not so much that we are "blindly" believing in everything we see. Indeed, there are many erroneous translations, we often have arguments over them, but no one here is enough of an expert on the Japanese language to refute the current translations. As for the Bluer/Bluewer issue, I am going to refer to another admin to address this, as she has more experience in the Japanese language and she may be able to look into the Japanese characters for his name. It is unfortunate, but a lot of our productive editors usually have life situations that prevent them from being active on the wiki.--

C. Phantom WallContribs

03:00, October 10, 2013 (UTC)

"Fall back on fan translations"? I'm not exactly liking on what that implicates. How about using the official translations, Yen Press? Surely, as an admin and fan of the series, you must have bought some of the official releases to actual support the series, right? It's important to give back to Yana-sensei and the company that has license it (because if their sales aren't good, they could possibly lose it), and the Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler volumes are accesible in many countries, such as the U.S, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Finland, Spain, and China. They are not expensive, either, costing at the most (this could differ from where you buy it and where you're from) seven to nine dollars at best. I myself am a loyal and true fan of the series, which I show when I buy my volumes when they come out. And it's perfectly all right if you can't buy it right away, but it is important to support the creator and the company that's PAYING to get it to your respective country. There must be other users that have the decency to buy the manga to support a series they claim to love instead of solely relaying on the fan translations as a whole.-- 15:33, October 11, 2013 (UTC)

You act as if we do not use Yen Press for our official translations, yes, we do. However, I cannot make any drastic changes without consulting with the other admins first, but they're not present right now. Albeit your presumptions, yes, I do have some of the early volumes of the series. I don't have the money, however, to pay for the rest of them as of yet. For me, it's 13 dollars, probably not much at a varying viewpoint, but it certainly accumulates to something substantial seeing as there are many volumes out. And that's great for you, you are entitled to expressing your own enthusiasm as a fan, though the manner in which you delivered your statements seemed rather supercilious. You who also claim to love this series don't even bother to make an account here to properly identify yourself and yet you come and dictate. How we show our dedication to the series may differ under divergent circumstances, some don't have the economics to do the deed you've done; your implications are radical in nature, it's like saying to show that you care for the environment, you absolutely must go hug a tree. Since I can't afford the volumes I do the best I can here on this site. I'm sure there are those users too, you must be one of them as you have evidenced. The problem lies in their choice of whether or not to offer the Yen Press translations to the site.--

C. Phantom WallContribs

03:26, October 12, 2013 (UTC)

Pardon if I'm being of a busy-body now, but I do agree with bringing in the official Yen Press translations to the wiki instead of the fan translations. Yes, fan translations are just roughly translated but it is a FAN translation, Yen Press is the official translator so I would highly suggest using Yen Press' translations in all as I'm pretty sure their translations are more accurate to the fan translations seeing that the fan translations are free and that Yen Press costs. But I do know that Yen Press costs so not everyone can afford to buy the manga, and the Black Butler community tends to read the fan translations so seeing the actual translations might be a bit flabbergasting.

Now for the Bluewer/Bluer issue, if you go to this particular blog entry ( of Yana's you can see the Japanese kanji of 'Bluewer', "ブルーアー" which proves that Lawrence's surname really is those kanji letters. ^^ It also had Edgar's surname which is after the "と" that means 'and', but that's not related to what is happening right now. I also noticed that Bluewer and Bluer sound very similar if you speak it out, try it yourself. Google Translate is also not accurate, but I searched up 'ブルーアー' in a Japanese dictionary and it was part of this place called 'Brewer Street' (full noun: ブルーアーストリート, brewer is in bold), which proves that Google Translate was correct in a way (link to the Japanese dictionary: All the prefects' surnames have their house colour in it, so my points support Lawrence's surname actually being 'Bluewer'.

I hope you will allow me to input my opinion on this issue although I am not an admin, most of the admins seem to be inactive anyway.. Tenshi 14:52, October 12, 2013 (UTC)

@C. Phantom: You wanted me to reveal myself, fine. Name's NinjaSheik, the IP addresses are different because I've been contacting the wiki via school computers. But only when I have free time because I'm pretty busy in college with homework and other things. Still, being an editor, going wikias is pretty important to me, so I make an effort to go every wikia I edit on to see things are going. Now as for my "supercilious", as you put it, comments:

1.) "You act as if we do not use Yen Press for our official translations, yes, we do." Previously, you have stated the wiki has "begrudgingly forced to fall back on fan translations". All wikias do this, of course, but still uses official translations as well. I would like to bring up Mr. Arthur Conon Doyle's page, which the wiki has linked to Arthur Conan Doyle, to use as an example. In the trivia section, the wiki listed "Conan Doyle is not his last name. It is just a term that means an expert writer", however, the page is written in the way that does present it as his last name. The page was titled this because the fan translations addressed Arthur as "Mr. Conan Doyle". On Pg. 19 of Chapter 39/pg. 49 in Volume 9 and now in the most recent chapter, Chapter 85 pg. 17, looking closely, you can also see parts of his name written, clearly indicting that he is, in fact, Mr. Doyle. Vol. 9 was released in April 2012. And before stating my point, I would like to repeat one of my statements I previously made: "it's perfectly all right if you can't buy it right away", and I truly meant THAT. I don't even get my manga when they immediately come out because my sister and I only get the volumes in perfect condition. If our bookstore does not have it, we wait until we go back and then buy it when they restock. This, however, does not stop us from still skimming through it enough to see how differently Yen Press's and Black Asylum's translations differ. My point being this: Even though one can't buy the manga he/she wishes to get, one can still go the bookstore and look at it. Once one have the money to buy, then go buy it. :) If you're afraid that you might forgotten the different translations, just snap a picture of a the page you want with your phone to use as an example to present on the wiki and on the talk page that you're participating in. It's a good way to get the information in the quickest way when you don't have a volume with you. That being said, Vol. 9 has been out for more than a year now, and if the wiki does uses Yen Press as your official translations, shouldn't the page be moved by now?

2.} "You who also claim to love this series don't even bother to make an account here to properly identify yourself and yet you come and dictate." First off, that's way rude. Secondly, a wikia is a COMMUNITY that allows EVERYONE to contribute and edit on, regardless whether or not they have an account. Anonymous users are editors, too, and to suggest otherwise is ostracizing them. Yeah, even I have to admit that anons are sometimes vandalizers, but not all. They count as editors as well, and while the editors with accounts are free to encourage anons to make an actual account, it is within a person's right to make the decision by himself/herself. A wikia cannnot force them to reveal themselves if he or she does not wish it. Moreover, the IP addresses helps if indicting who is who, even though it can change. A username or an account shouldn't matter, because when it comes right down to it, a wikia is edited by FANS for FANS. We're all the same, after all. Why should it matter if one has an account or not? And third, when did I ever come to dictate anything? What true examples do you have of this? If I truly wanted to "dictate", would it not make more sense to do bigger edits rather than taking things up a talk page? All users have the right to voice and bring up their thoughts and concerns. To begin with, I started this topic because I wanted to bring up a discussion to talk about Bluewer's surname. Moreover, any comments I made about the wiki are merely suggestions. Getting a translator, and using Yen Press translations. And I do love Kuroshitsuji/Black Butler, which is why I get it as soon as I can. Your comment seems to insinuate that "me not providing my identity and my reluctant to create an account" is "proof" that I do not love a series I DO care for? How many fans out there claim they like a series but does NOTHING to support it? Because there are MANY, and I am not one of those. Yana-sensei even spoken against such things.

3.) "Your implications are radical in nature, it's like saying to show that you care for the environment, you absolutely must go hug a tree." That is the most ridiculous accusation I have ever heard. There are bunch of fans that own the volumes legally and they do come to the wiki (I even have friends that does this), but do they not edit here or any wikia. Remember, people can freely choose whether or not edit on a wikia, but just because they don't, it does NOT mean they don't care about a series. They show their support by BUYING the manga, supporting Yana-sensei faithfully and legally. Compare people like that to the people that loves a series and does nothing to support it. Can you say they're on the same level with each other? Moreover, a wikia is a source for information that is A.) Easy to access and provide factual information. B.) Organized and free to the public. C.) Helps fans understand the series in a more efficient and less time-consuming way, rather than flipping from chapter to chapter just to a single piece of info.

4.) The reason why I didn't want to create an account is because of this: I do not want to edit on a wikia by myself. As I have said, and as you've said before, this wiki is hardly active. Moreover, while I may be experienced editor and long time reader on this site (well, I don't come THAT often), with I were to big changes, the veteran editors here won't like that, would they? I actually have many ideas to help improve the wikia, which will probably go against of the veteran editors' opinions, and I do not wish to be sucked and discredit in a debate because of my "newbie" status here. Trust me, this isn't the first wikia I came to that was hardly active and tried to edit, only to soon realize that no one is free or willing to lend a hand. It isn't my first time also coming to a wiki that is ACTIVE and I left because my ideas were against the veteran editors' bias opinions and unwillingness for change (and the wikia I'm talking was absolutely idiotic and bias in nearly everything). I know not all wikias are like, I assure you. The wiki I'm an admin is where I first became an editor. I climbed my way up through the top there because I agreed with the rules and liked how everyone was open to peaceful discussions and change. Soon, I became an admin, even though I wasn't there for that long compare to other editors. The point is, taking on a wikia and getting sucked into a arguments is something I want to avoid. I am in college, so I know what it feels like not have time for wikia. Although, I always make sure to edit at least a few times a day to show I'm not giving up on it. Out of goodwill, I wanted to start asking the questions that hasn't been asked yet to give the wiki a push. Lots of fans come here to get information, despite being inactive, I know this for a fact, as does everyone here. And it's because so many people come here, I didn't want to be mislead by fan translations, which one should never take too seriously. That's why I spoke on the talk pages as an anonymous user. Furthermore, it's like you said, the other admins aren't here. There's no point on starting something that's going to take forever to decide if no one is here.

@CuteTenshi12: Thank you for your input. :) Never be afraid to voice your opinion. Wikias encourage others to provide input and take part in discussion to help improve and add information on their articles.--NinjaSheik 20:36, October 12, 2013 (UTC)

Whoa, whoa, let's calm down here! Why are ppl taking personal offense? Though, I gotta say something 'bout going out and buy the volumes. I buy a few myself and give some Yen Press translations, but I don't think you should just suppose that everyone who is truly a fan of the series would go out and take a glimpse at a volume, jot down a few notes bout the translations of the names, and then go back to the wiki. Obviously ppl don't do that, that's why we still have a mix of Yen Press translations and a mix of the fan translations. I mean, we do try our best to change things, Mey-Rin usedta be Maylene for crying out loud, haha. Although that would be nice that ppl would go to a local place and check out the correct translations for the names, whether they buy the volume or not, not many ppl's got the time or find that that's something one's got to take the initiative in. In a more realistic view, honestly ppl would think the wiki as more of a pastime hobby and most would not find that really, really necessary. Just think about it, "Mum, can you drive me to Barnes & Nobles? I'm not buying anything though don't worry... I'm just checking out how they spell the name so I can add that stuff to a website later." Yeah, not everyone is gonna do that. But if you already bought the volumes, maybe you can give all the Yen Press translations you can provide? That'd be aweshum. :D I think this argument became less focused on actually changing the translations to a kind of personal level basis (kinda like, "at least I go out to buy the volumes!" "pfft, not everyone can afford it!" yadda yadda), which it shouldn't be but what can you do. Sorry, Ninja, that's just the one lil lil thing I don't agree with you with, I get what you mean, I really do, but you gotta admit, it makes Doggy (that's C. Phantom) look like a really bad guy for not ripping through libraries to find correct translations, 'cuz I myself don't do that but I still proudly call myself a fan. Compare the numba of ppl that actually go out to buy the volumes to the ppl reading from a website that hosts the manga- the latter is gonna be much larger in numba, regardless. But that doesn't mean you're not a fan!!! A fan of her artwork, a fan of her story and characters, even if you can't support it financially, it seriously doesn't mean you're not a fan. Sure once I get older and get a job I'll buy the volumes but for now I'm not gonna burden my parents.

But since we're all talkin' bout translations here, I think I'll jump in too 'cuz I mentioned this a while back. (Well, not 'bout the Bluewer/Bluer thing 'cuz I ain't no Jap expert but I take the side that sounds the most convincing, haha.) This brings back the issue of Clause which we all know should be changed to Chlaus, like I said here. But the prob is, which Tenshi pointed out, too many in the Kuro community are used to the fan translations, and sure we can just get rid of 'em once we get the official translations but then the fans get like Tenshi pointed out 'flabbergasted' then we get a debate and blahblah. (Btw, Doggy, I'm gonna need you to notice the thread I pointed out then give your two cents 'cuz I wanted Clause to be Chlaus already.) If we're all going for Yen Press then shouldn't Grell's name be Grelle? That's another issue. Another prob is, not dishing out on anyone 'cuz I do this too but the admins are too inactive. Like an admin wants to discuss with another admin right, before making some changes. But the other admin is inactive so the first admin can't do anything so then we're at that standstill again, and the user waitin' for some changes never get fulfilled. If the admins are regularly on this wouldn't be so much a prob, 'cuz once a user points out something, all the admins give their two cents then they can all choose to make changes or not. I get that one admin doesn't wanna do all the changes 'cuz then they would feel kinda like a dictator, but if all the other admins don't go on, and the other users root for your decision, then by all means go ahead and do 'em changes.

Not tryna get off track though, haha. I know we all recognize Yen Press as the Lord of Translations, me too. But once we choose to stick by Yen Press, we gotta go all the way! So Clause = Chlaus, Frances Midford = Francis, Grell = Grelle, Bluer = Bluewer (btw, guys, if Bluer = Bluewer, then what about the names of the other prefects?), and finally, if a fan is gonna get flabbergasted by it, they're just gonna hafta live with it.

I just hate arguments on the wiki, it's just gonna make the environment despicable, you know? We're all fans here, let's not try to devalue each other based on what we can and cannot provide.
 Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  21:18,10/12/2013 

The other P4's names were perfectly translated in the Yen Press translations, same as the BA's translations (except for Bluewer's surname). You don't have to worry, everything else was perfect in Yen Press's translations. I have no intention to get into this topic, but I wanted to point out something: Grell's name spelling that is actually more debatable. Using Google Translator, Grell's kanji spells out "Grell Sutcliff". Looking at FUNimation's subtitles and credits, the spell Grell's name as "Grell Sutcliff", too. FUNimation can also count as an official source, although it can be a bit confusing sometimes. For example, in their English dubbed, they pronounce Bardoy's name as "Bardoy", not Baldroy, although the ending credits still spell it as "Baldroy". Bard's spelling is debatable because of how the "L" and "R" is pronounced in Japan, and it can differ depending on who's translating it. In my opinion, in Grell's case, it is merely an alternative way of spelling his name, which are actually still equally valid. It's not entirely the same with Bluewer's case, though. When translating Ciel's aunt's name, both "Francis" and "Frances" has the exact same kanjis. If someone was to translate "Grell" and "Grelle", then I think their kanji characters would be the same. Also, the Japanese Wikipedia for the series also lists the name as "Grelle Sutcliff" AND "Grell Sutcliffe". I've seen cases like this when separate official sources using different spellings for names. When this happens, it's up to wikia to decide. In most situations like this, wikias usually use the one that's more common in its use, or they list alternative somewhere in the article. Such matters are really confusing and nitpicky, so I merely observe the discussions on other wikias and even forums.

And also, I would like to address what you on two things:

1.) "I buy a few myself and give some Yen Press translations, but I don't think you should just suppose that everyone who is truly a fan of the series would go out and take a glimpse at a volume, jot down a few notes bout the translations of the names, and then go back to the wiki." I never said that "true" fans of the series has to go out of their way to go to the bookstore, snap a picture, and then leave to post it on the wiki. Like you said, no one is really going to do that. I never said that anyone has to do like they have to, it was merely a suggestion of doing things. If someone wants to, then do it if you have time. :) People go to the bookstores all the time, not just for buying manga or anything. Some goes to hang out, study, and buy books for school. Snapping a picture while you're there at your own convenience, I've certainly done similar things such as that before. My sister done it, too, when she was waiting to meet classmates to get together at the library for a school assignment. That's what I meant. Wikia is a hobby, so do it at your pasttime or take the chance do if the occasion presents itself. As I mentioned previously, it's fine if you can't the manga as soon as it comes it, but it is still important to support the series. Companies and voice actors also urge fans to do this, to help them understand the situation and how the bushiness works. I certainly do NOT want Yen Press to lose the license for the manga because of low sales. I'm not trying to make any look like the "bad guy" here. I have stated, again, many times that is all right if you can't get the manga when it comes out. I get it, I'm in college, for crying out loud. I'm in the same situation has anyone else here. Schoolwork riding up my shelves and tests to worry about. Speaking of which, I would've came back and posted this part of my response to you earlier, but I was working on a English paper, so I got to the main subject and posted my response about the name spellings.

2.) "Mey-Rin usedta be Maylene for crying out loud, haha." Um...when was that? You're not talking about Yen Press translations, are you? I'm probably misinterpreting what you're saying, because "Maylene" was only used in fan translations. But just in case, I have all of the volumes, and I just looked at the first one. "Mey-Rin" was and still is being used as the spelling.

Finally, I got back in! Central Wikia is probably doing maintenance, so I couldn't get in. I also forgot to put in this one last thing: I have proposed that Lawrence's surname to be look into, therefore, I have no reason to be here anymore. I'll politely step out and let the veteran editors handle the matter at their own time. I just needed to ask the question that should've have been asked earlier. It seemed like if I didn't, no one would've. I'm done, and I will no longer intrude upon matters here. Goodbye.--NinjaSheik 22:08, October 12, 2013 (UTC)

Ok, so my input here has been long overdue and I apologise for such a late reply. Unfortunately I currently don't have the time to give a full, detailed response to the problem due to other commitments but let me give a brief one that addresses the translation problem first and I'll come back to this issue later when I can thoroughly read the whole discussion. I hope my knowledge of Japanese can help to resolve this problem but as a forewarning, I am not a native speaker so there may be problems with my view but I will try my best to apply what I already know and hopefully it can ease everyone's minds.

So what I'm gathering is that there is a dispute between whether Lawrence's surname is Bluewer and Bluer? Referring to what the first nony has said (or is it NinjaSheik?), his surname in katakana (strictly speaking this isn't kanji, but since this isn't a predominantly Japanese site, I'll let it slide) is ブルーアー. I understand why that may cause confusions, because the romaji of ブルーアー (ie. Buruuaa) can technically be translated as either 'Bluer' or 'Brewer'. However, ブルーアー is not solely confined to the translation of 'Brewer' because in the Japanese language, there's no equivalent for the 'l' sound. Instead of saying 'la', for example, the Japanese would just substitute the 'l' sound to a 'r' sound, making it become 'ra'. This is the same case with a lot of other names (and might also be the problem with name disputes) like for example, クロース would be Klaus, but not Kraus. The latter wasn't the intended meaning and therefore isn't the right translation. Also, you seem to have additionally mentioned 青くー. That doesn't mean bluer, if you're talking about it being a comparative adjective. (edit: it seems Google Translate also thinks that it means bluer, but no it's not, I can assure you. The fact that it even has a long sound at the end makes it extremely unlikely as there isn't an English equivalent for the whole word.) 'Aoku' is an adverb and literally means 'bluely', which of course doesn't make sense, but it's kinda like giving off the impression of being blue. It has a completely different pronunciation from ブルーアー too (compare Aoku to Buruuaa) so I don't think there should be any confusions regarding this matter.

Now, my opinion on this is that ブルーアー doesn't necessarily need to be 'Bluewer'. As I'm sure you know, Google Translator isn't exactly the most accurate translator out there so I advise you not to rely on that other than what has been supplied by Yen Press, you could consult other more credible translating sites or better yet, meet an actual Japanese person! But I digress; the reason why ブルーアー does not necessarily mean Bluewer and could legitimately be 'Bluer' is because the pronunciation of the katakana, which directly translates to its English equivalent. Like I said before, the romaji for ブルーアー is 'Buruuaa', with two long sounds (sorry this is starting to turn into a grammar lecture...) so the right way of pronunciation would be: Bu / ruu / aa. The ru and a are separated, therefore weakening the possibility that it could be 'Bluewer'. Since the 'wer' sound is distinct in English, it would be logical for this to be followed through in Japanese in which case it would be ブルーワー. The reason why I say it would only weaken the possibility of it being 'Bluewer' is because even though it'd be logical for the sound to be distinct as well in Japanese, it isn't always the case, frustatingly enough (this is why non-Japanese speakers can get super confused with the whole thing and I totally understand). For example, the word 'sweater' in Japanese is pronounced as 'seetaa'. No w sound - it seems to have been eliminated. For those who are confused about the purpose of this paragraph, my opinion isn't meant to be clear - there is scope for both translations to be legitimate and what I'm trying to say is that even though Yen Press may have used one alternative, the other one is equally as accurate whilst translating the katakana equivalent of Lawrence's name.

About the reliance of fan translations, as it has been said before by another admin and user/s, it is unfortunate that we have to do so because we don't have a translator ourselves who can relay information fast. Also, this may be controversial but I don't see why many people downgrade the legitimacy of fan translations. Yes, I admit that many fan translations are questionable from past experience but keep in mind that these shoddy translations don't constitute the whole group. There are also many fan translations out there that come from people who actually know a lot about Japanese, even more than myself, or could be Japanese people themselves. Just because Yen Press is an official translator does not mean that every other translation is NOT accurate. I am in no way denouncing their legitimacy either, I do acknowledge it and there is a reason why we continue to look to Yen Press translations in addition to fan translations, but I am just trying to raise the point that while fan translations could contain errors, this doesn't mean that Yen Press is the only correct one. There could be situations where Yen Press are superior (since it is professional after all), but there may also be other cases where fan translations are stronger or provide better alternatives.

This isn't entirely a solution but I hope it has made everyone more aware of the possibilities in the problem. Also regarding having a 'resident translator', since there has been so many problems lately regarding name disputes, I'll try and directly help by getting the Japanese raws. I won't be providing whole translations because as I've said before, I'm not a native speaker as well as time constraints, but I'll try the best I can if it means there are less conflicts in the future in terms of helping clear up translation issues. I'll see what I can do for now with this and I really do sincerely hope I may have cleared some problems here! Also please don't take things personally, we just want to provide an environment where we can express our own opinions and of course everyone is entitled to whatever they think so no need to take things to heart :)

罪の姫は, 暗闇で あなたを待っている... 09:41, October 18, 2013 (UTC)

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