Ch69 Swan Gazebo

The Swan Gazebo.

The Swan Gazebo is a gathering place that Weston College's prefects retreat to socialize during Fag time.[1]


The Swan Gazebo is a pavilion structure with a swan figure perched on its top, hence giving rise to its present name. The gazebo is provided with fancy sofas and tables that hold prepared treats for the prefects to enjoy.[2]

It is built on vast grounds that contain a bridge and a few standby boats. The area is surrounded with an abundance of thick bushes, trees and flowers.[3]

Manga's Synopsis

Public School Arc

The prefects have assembled at Swan Gazebo to relax. Edgar Redmond lounges on a sofa and is served tea, Gregory Violet entertains himself by mixing drinks, Lawrence Bluewer reads a book, and Herman Greenhill lifts weights. Meanwhile, their respective Fags stand by to attend to their needs.[4]

The prefects soon engage in a conversation, discussing matters about Ciel Phantomhive and his capability. They reach the consensus to invite Ciel to the gazebo the next day at two o'clock, and Maurice Cole offers to deliver the message to him.[4] However, after Maurice intentionally tells Ciel the wrong time, he shows up two hours late, much to their discontentment.[5]


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