Susannah Connor (シェザンナ・コナー, Shezanna Konā) is the mother of Margaret Connor.

Character Outline

Susannah is a middle-aged woman with fair hair tied up in a bun.

Susannah is a loving mother who was greatly devastated after her seventeen years old daughter Margaret died in an accident.[2]


Luxury Liner Arc

At an Aurora Society meeting on the Campania on the 19th of April, 1889, Susannah weeps alongside her husband, mourning the death of her daughter, who was killed in an accident.[2] Rian Stoker tests the Complete Salvation medicine on Margaret's corpse, and Margaret begins to move. Susannah and her husband are delighted to see this, and they rush to their revived daughter, thanking Rian.[3]

However, when Susannah embraces Margaret, Margaret bites her neck. Susannah dies of shock due to blood loss.[1]


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