Sophie Smith is one of the third-class passengers on the Campania.[2]

Character Outline

Sophie is a young woman. She has her hair tied up in a bun; her fringes run down alongside both sides of her face. She wears a plain, white-sleeved shirt and a skirt.

Sophie is a cheerful and sociable person, who appears to enjoy celebrations. She finds Ronald Knox charming.[3]


Luxury Liner Arc

In a third-class dining hall on the Campania, Sophie and the other passengers, including Ronald Knox, are boisterously celebrating with drinks. When Ronald says that they must have refined brand-name champagne if they are drinking with their ladies, an impressed Sophie remarks that she is jealous of his girlfriend. Ronald surprises her when he admits that he does not have a girlfriend. They, then, toast to their free time.[2]

Ch55 Sophie Smith dead

Sophie is killed.

Later, Ronald checks his watch, and stands, stating that he has some things to do. Sophie voices her disappointment and tells him to meet her there again tomorrow. Ronald agrees, but adds that it will only be so if they meet alive. Sophie dismisses his strange comment with a laugh.[4]

Later, Sophie and the other passengers are ambushed by Bizarre Dolls. Frightened, she attempts to run from them.[5] Soon after, she is killed, and Ronald reaps her soul.[1]


  • Her Japanese voice actress also voiced Irene Diaz.


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