Prince Soma Asman Kadar (ソーマ・アスマン・カダール, Sōma Asuman Kadāru), frequently shortened to Soma, is the prince of Bengal and the 26th child to the Raja of Bengal.[2]


Soma is a young man of Indian descent with gold eyes and wavy, shoulder-length plum hair, with a part of it clipped in a ponytail.

Soma often wears a long, densely embroidered sherwani, plain, tight-fitting churidars, and white slippers. He also sports large gold earrings, a decorative gold bindi, a scarf knotted at his hips, and an off-white shawl originally held in place by a gold-plated ruby brooch set, which he has given away.[3]


Soma is an affable, cheerful individual who thoroughly enjoys and actively seeks out the company of others, particularly Ciel Phantomhive,[4] whom he considers his friend, and in exception to Sebastian Michaelis, whom he is afraid of.[5] Initially, Soma was self-absorbed, childish, and naïve; he was quick to blame others for his problems, and, while he is perceptive enough to take note of the emotional states of others, he was unwilling to confront the issue head-on and instead allowed it to fester, such as when he noticed Agni's agitation but did not reach out to him.[6] After the incident with Mina, Soma matures and is resolved to improve himself and be of assistance to others.[7]

Soma is generous of spirit and in giving to those in need. He and Agni used to distribute curry buns every week to the poor, and, when approached by a starving child, he handed over his brooch.[3]

Soma cares deeply for Agni and views him as the one person who has never left his side, even when he is not physically beside him. Agni's death, thus, has scarred Soma greatly. After witnessing a few thugs steal from the starving child, Soma becomes disillusioned with humanity and ceases helping others. He is fixed on avenging Agni, even if he must turn his back on "salvation."[8]

Additionally, Soma is a skilled fighter; he is trained in Kalaripayattu and Silambam.[9]


Soma and Mina in the past.

As one of at least twenty-six children, Soma was very lonely; his mother was more concerned about getting the attention of his father, who was not interested in Soma due to being one of the youngest of his children.[10] He was entrusted to his servant Mina's care, and he was with her for a long time. She was cheerful, spent time with him, and acted like an older sister. When he was under the impression that Mina was taken to England, Soma resolved in going there as well to retrieve her.[11]

Sometime before he left India, Soma had heard about the strength of Arshad. He intervened when Arshad was to be executed and appointed him as his sparring partner. His attendants told him that he was not allowed to do as such, as Arshad was supposed to be killed for his crimes. To exempt him from his accountability, Soma cut Arshad's hair and renamed him "Agni" to mark the beginning of his new life.[12]


Indian Butler Arc

Soma and Agni first encounter Ciel Phantomhive, Sebastian Michaelis, and Lau when the latter group is being attacked by Indians in East End. He concludes that they are British noblemen, and he says that he will side with the people of his country. He then subsequently commands his butler, Agni, to attack them. However, when the Indians fail to present a sound reason for fighting, he reprimands them by saying that provoking fights without reason is childish and orders Agni to side with the British instead. After Agni defeats the Indians, Soma tells Ciel that he is currently in the middle of a busy search and leaves with his butler.[13]

Later that evening, Soma and Agni arrive at Ciel's London townhouse and justify their stay by calling themselves Ciel's benefactors because they have saved him at East End.[14] Baldroy, Mey-Rin, and Finnian are impressed and flock around him. Ciel then demands that Soma and Agni leave, but they refuse.[15]

At breakfast, Soma explains that they are in England searching for his maidservant named Mina. Subsequently, they pray to the statue of Kali the Goddess. Soma prompts Ciel to help him locate her, but Sebastian states that Ciel has a scheduled day of lessons and work. Soma and Agni then intervene in Ciel's studies at every available opportunity until the annoyed Ciel challenges Soma to a duel at fencing hour.[16][17][18] In the midst of the match, Agni steps in to protect Soma, and he inadvertently injures Ciel's arm in the process, which causes Soma to be the victor of their duel.[19] Soma and Ciel decide to have their butlers face off, to determine the winner, only to discover that the two are evenly matched.[20][21]

At dinner, Ciel undervalues Soma's endeavors to retrieve a mere servant, and Soma desperately argues that Mina is extremely important to him; without her, he is lonely in his palace back in India.[22] Afterward, to make up for his behavior earlier, Ciel offers to play cards with Soma, but Soma turns him down, declaring that he must search for Mina. He then leaves the townhouse with Agni.[23]

When they return to the townhouse, Agni secretly leaves once again, and Soma admits to Ciel, Sebastian, and Lau that he has noticed Agni's occasional mysterious departures. They follow him to Harold West Jeb's house and sneak into his property. Sebastian induces the guard dogs to withdraw, and Lau renders the guard personnel asleep with a special technique that he claims is Chinese, much to Soma's and Ciel's surprise.[24]

Inside the building, they spy on Agni and Harold. When Agni mentions Mina's name, Soma bursts into the room and asks for information. Agni is forced to attack Soma upon Harold's orders, and Sebastian has to save Soma in disguise.[25]

The four of them leave Agni and Harold behind, and they return to Ciel's townhouse. Distressed, Soma destroys Ciel's tea set, and he loudly wonders why Agni betrayed him and demands to know why everyone around him vanishes. He then flees to his room. Later on, Sebastian pulls Soma out of his hiding place, calling him a rude and spoiled brat for destroying other people's possessions, and he denounces him as completely helpless without Agni. He states that his social status, servants, and wealth all come from his parents and that Soma has earned nothing on his own. He reminds Soma that he lacked the courage to investigate Agni by himself.[26]

Ciel then arrives and shares that his ambition in life is to make those that enslaved him, killed his family, and burned his house taste the same humiliation and powerlessness that he felt. Ciel says that he would rather stand on his own feet than mope and that he wants to die without regrets, convincing Soma to take charge of his own life.[27] Soma comments that, compared to Ciel, he knows nothing of the world and that he has never tried to understand people. He asks for Ciel's help to uncover the reason why Agni and Mina left him, and when Ciel agrees, Soma is elated. He thanks him, and hides behind him while apologizing to Sebastian as well. Soon after, Soma, Ciel, Sebastian, and Lau deduce that Harold plans to enter the curry contest, with Agni as his chef, in order to win a Royal Warrant.[28]

Ciel decides to join the competition for his Funtom Corporation, and Soma asserts that Agni is renowned for his curry-making abilities so he will be a difficult opponent. Soma then takes the job of a taste-tester for Sebastian, in order to assist in selecting a competition-worthy curry. After many failed attempts, Sebastian is, at last, able to produce an excellent curry, and they enter the curry competition.[29][30]

At the competition, Soma points out that Sebastian is making the curry in imperfect conditions and that he is overheating the curry. He is convinced that the Funtom Corporation will lose, but when the curry bun is presented, it turns out to be a clever tactic on Sebastian's part. Sebastian wins the competition, and Harold is greatly upset. Mina runs to him, and Soma approaches her, delighted to have finally found her. She, however, insults him and reveals that she had purposely left him because he was a selfish brat. He apologizes for not understanding her feelings beforehand. He then goes to Agni, acknowledging everything he has done for him, and he asks if they can remain together, which the latter gratefully accepts.[31][32]

Soma and Agni make amends.

Soma gives Ciel his gratitude for winning although Ciel claims that he won for himself. Soma says that if he had never encountered Ciel, he would have stayed ignorant; therefore, he now aims to learn many things so that he can become a great man. Later, while observing the setting sun, he clings onto Ciel and cries loudly for Mina.[33]

They return to the townhouse, and Ciel soon has guests from the Scotland Yard. Agni tries to turn himself in, which causes Ciel a lot of grief, and Soma reprimands and forbids Agni for doing so. Ciel decides to let Soma manage his London townhouse, and he will pay him in return. Soma is eager and pleased, as it will be something he has earned by himself, and he is excited to demonstrate his capability.[34]

Circus Arc

Ciel and Sebastian briefly stay at the Phantomhive townhouse in order to get closer to investigate the Noah's Ark Circus, much to Soma's enjoyment. After attending the circus for some time, they temporarily return to the townhouse. Soma realizes that Ciel is sick, and he refuses to let Ciel leave; he exhausts himself in order to get Ciel back to normal health as soon as possible.[35] Later, Soma and Agni try to convince Sebastian that he should fawn over and be nice to Ciel while he is ill since Ciel does not have any parents; Sebastian takes this advice to heart.[36]

That night, Ciel manages to get out of the manor and past Soma by smiling sweetly and thanking him for his help. Soma then understands that he has been deceived, and he calls out after Ciel, saying that he will remember that for when he returns.[37]

Later, when Ciel and Sebastian go back to Phantomhive Manor without informing Soma and Agni, they follow them to the manor. There, they meet Elizabeth Midford; Soma learns that she is Ciel's fiancée and considers her as his little sister. Subsequently, Soma reveals to her that Ciel has recently been ill, prompting her to question why Ciel never tells her anything.[38]

Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc

Soma worries about Ciel.

Soma informs Ciel that he and Agni intend to stay at Phantomhive Manor through the holidays, and Ciel tells him not to invent holidays. Soma is determined to beat Ciel at chess that day, but Ciel says he is too busy, and Ciel advises him to practice more, which Soma and Agni leave to do.[39]

Later, at the Phantomhive townhouse, Agni walks in Soma's bedroom and sees Soma listlessly staring out the window at the rain. Soma voices his concern for Ciel, and Agni reassures him that Sebastian will look after Ciel.[40]

On one occasion, Soma and Agni have just returned to the townhouse after shopping for groceries. They encounter Snake, whom Soma mistakenly thinks is a friend of Ciel, and he sends Snake on a horse carriage to the Phantomhive Manor.[41]

Some time afterward, Soma and Agni go to Sebastian's funeral, where Soma and Elizabeth hug Ciel, and they tell him they will be with him forever. After Sebastian reveals that he is still alive and is subsequently dug back up, Soma cries tears of joy.[42]

Luxury Liner Arc

Soma and Agni have decided to celebrate the Easter holiday at Phantomhive Manor. When Elizabeth explains that they are supposed to wear new clothes and hats on Easter Day, Soma comments that he did not know, hence, he is dressed in his regular clothes. This prompts Nina Hopkins to dress up Soma, Agni, Ciel, and Edward Midford.[43]

Subsequently, they all prepare to compete in an Easter Egg Hunt for Elizabeth's special egg. Sebastian adds some egg tapping-inspired rules: everyone will be divided into teams of two; a partner will carry a raw egg in a ladle during the Egg Hunt; one can freely exchange the egg through the use of ladles; a team is disqualified if, for whatever reason, the raw egg breaks. They are then arranged into teams, and Soma is partnered with Agni.[44]

Soma and Agni target Ciel and Sebastian. While Agni battles Sebastian, Soma rushes to break Ciel's egg. Ciel suddenly starts coughing, much to the surprise of Soma, Agni, and Sebastian. Soma is greatly concerned for him; Ciel, then, takes advantage of his lowered defenses to break his egg. Though their team is disqualified, both Soma and Agni hug Ciel out of relief that he is not actually ill.[45] After the hunt, Soma and Agni join the rest of the participants at a feast set outdoors.[46]

Public School Arc

In order to find out more information about Maurice Cole, Sebastian and Ciel summon Soma. With great fanfare, Soma arrives, majestically riding on an elephant. Although Ciel tries to ignore him, Soma laughingly gets his elephant to lift Ciel into his boxed seat. Ciel angrily tells Soma he told Soma to act like they do not know each other.[47] Afterwards, Ciel explains his problem to Soma—he had a fight with Cole, and he does not know how to make up. Soma proclaims that as Ciel's best friend he will definitely help him.[48]

Soma spends the whole day observing Maurice Cole. At night, Sebastian and Ciel meet with Soma. Although he is startled to see Sebastian (he thought servants couldn't accompany their masters), he brushes it off and tells them everything he has learned.[49] Cole has two quirks—one, he gives flower-shaped cards to some of the boys. The second revelation, however, shocks Ciel and Sebastian. Ciel announces that they will settle everything tomorrow.

Soma is present along with other students when they all gather to see Violet Wolf dormitory on fire. Professor Michaelis shocks all the students by bringing Soma's elephant to help put out the fire.[50] Although he is shocked to see his elephant, he later praises it for doing so well in putting out the fire. Gregory Violet suddenly screams that no one should go into Violet House. Soma shouts back that Gregory cannot protect with his "worthless pride." He adds that a "head" is nothing if he cannot protect his people. Cheslock suddenly grabs Soma's shirt, yelling at him for daring to speak rudely to Gregory Violet. Gregory then tells Cheslock to stop, and he concedes, allowing everyone to help. An embarrassed Cheslock vows that he will not forget this and will return the favor; hearing this, Soma smiles warmly along with Edward and Clayton.[51]

Easily fitting in with his boarding school classmates, Soma participates in the cricket tournament on Scarlet Fox's team. As the game progresses, Ciel notes what a good cricket player Soma is. When the score is Blue 21-Red 80, the two teams take a break.[52] Afterwards, while the game is taking place, members of Team Red are suddenly overcome by acute gastricular discomfort. (Sebastian worked as a waiter during the break and fed Team Red laxative-filled meat pies). Team Red forfeits the match, and Team Blue is declared the victor.

After Sapphire Owl's victory, Soma is present with everyone else as the whole school celebrates.[53] He, along with Elizabeth and McMillan, surround Ciel and have a good time with him.

At last, one morning as Sebastian is assisting Ciel, Soma bursts into his bedroom, demanding to know why Ciel has left school. Ciel replies that Soma's welcome to stay at school, but Soma responds that he learned everything they are teaching when he was a young child. Sebastian and Ciel are left speechless after hearing this. Agni also comes in, and Sebastian casually comments that he just saw him last at Weston College, secretly protecting Soma. Infuriated that Agni went against his orders, Soma loudly complains to an upset Agni. Ciel and Sebastian use this opportunity to leave. Ciel tells them they will be leaving the mansion in their capable hands.[54]

Emerald Witch Arc

When Ciel and Sebastian arrive at the Phantomhive townhouse, Soma yells at Ciel for not inviting him to go with him to Germany. He notices the newcomers Wolfram Gelzer and especially Sieglinde Sullivan, calling her Ciel's new concubine. When they sit down to eat, Sebastian teaches Sieglinde table manners and the like, overwhelming Sieglinde and scaring Soma. Soma tells Ciel to speak up about how frightening Sebastian is being to Sieglinde, but Ciel stays nonchalant.[55]

Later, sitting with Ciel, Sieglinde, and Elizabeth, Soma tells Ciel that Sebastian's strict lessons are cruel. Elizabeth says that the lessons can become fun with encouragement from everyone. She suggests that they all do them together, and Soma agrees with her.[56]

Blue Cult Arc

At Ciel's townhouse, Soma and Agni walk to where Ciel, Sebastian, and Edward are, incidentally overhearing Sebastian sing a popular song. Agni offers them sandesh; Soma claims that Agni makes the best sandesh. When Soma asks if the song Sebastian sang is "all the rage" in England because he hears it sung quite often by kids when he goes out to the market with Agni, Sebastian discloses to all of them his inference on the purpose of the song, which originated from the Sphere Music Hall, as well as the information he learned from his conversation with a prostitute.[57]

Later, Sebastian returns with an unconscious Elizabeth, whom was retrieved from Sphere Music Hall and is, then, placed in a bedroom on the third floor; however, she soon escapes. Subsequently, a multitude of poor children arrive, and Soma and Agni distribute food to them, to Ciel's shock. Soma explains that it is his duty to help the commoners, and Agni is proud, commenting that Soma has become a respectable man. Agni, then, offers to be scolded by Ciel, but Ciel, having come to a realization, announces that he has figured something out; when Agni asks if he is upset, Ciel denies it and thanks them instead, to Agni's surprise and Soma's delight.[58]

Subsequently, Sebastian recruits Soma to be a member of the upcoming Funtom Music Hall group, "Phantom Five," alongside Edward, Cheslock, Clayton, and Joanne Harcourt. Soma agrees, eager to assist his "little brother" Ciel.[59]

Afterward, the five recruited assemble at Ciel's office in the London townhouse. When Cheslock questions their choice of Clayton, Sebastian modifies Clayton's appearance, and they are all impressed with the result. Ciel calls for their attention, stating that they must undergo special training. On Ciel's command, Sebastian passes out a folder involving "character setup" to each individual of the Phantom Five. Ciel asserts that the group's appeal will increase if each member has his own distinct, unique characteristics: Soma, in particular, must be "a haughty rich boy." Soma studies his folder for a while.[60]

When Ciel insists that they must increase their marketability, Sebastian, in a menacing fashion, maintains that he will train them thoroughly, to the Funtom Five's discomfort. They, then, refine their speech, mannerisms, singing, dancing, and skills through rigorous lessons under Sebastian's guidance; Soma, as observed by Sebastian, is exceptionally talented, for he is not shy and picks up the dancing after being shown the steps only once.[61]

Following the eventful two weeks, Soma and the others join Edgar Redmond, Lawrence Bluewer, Gregory Violet, and Herman Greenhill, the Starlight Four, on stage at Sphere Music Hall, disguised as the supporting choir. After singing a hymn, the S4 remove their robes and prepare to sing their new song, "Search for Sirius." Instead of stepping off the stage, Soma and the others call the Starlight Four "frauds" and belittle the "radiance" they are attempting to deliver, claiming that they, on the other hand, can give "the real thing." They, then, remove their robes, perform their own song, to the disbelief of all the spectators, and identify themselves as the "Phantom Five." The Phantom Five, then, direct the audience to the newly erected Funtom Music Hall across the street.[62]

Afterward, the Phantom Five gather at Ciel's office, where Ciel commends them for their performance. Soma comments about how surprised the audience was and how he wishes Ciel had been there to witness it.[63]

Ciel tells the Phantom Five that they must perform well. The Phantom Five stack their hands on top of one another, and cheer.[64]

Later, Soma and the other members of the Phantom Five start their show by dropping down from the ceiling on wires. They, then, remove their cloaks and perform their song, "Phantom Knight." Subsequently, the Phantom Five encourage the audience to mimic them, and swing their towels; the audience complies. Afterward, the Phantom Five leap off the stage and walk down the aisles. The lights suddenly shut off, and Edward declares that the light of the stars or radiance is needless when they have them to brighten their days; the colored sticks the audience has begin to glow. Next, the Phantom Five perform "Broken Star." After the show concludes, each member of the Phantom Five stands at their respective gate to personally see the audience off on their way home.[65]

Soma and the other members of the Phantom Five continue with their respective shows, and succeed in drawing about twenty percent of Sphere Music Hall's attendees to Funtom Music Hall.[66]

At Phantomhive Manor, Soma, Ciel, Sebastian, and Pitt have convened. When Pitt mentions Ciel's love of mischief, Soma admits that he cannot imagine Ciel as a prankster, which prompts Pitt to say that Vincent Phantomhive and Tanaka had their hands full with Ciel back then. He adds that he still has a photograph of Ciel's family, to Soma's excitement, but an angered Ciel snatches it from Pitt before he can reveal it. Ciel admonishes Pitt, while Soma asks him why he is so upset.[67]

Afterward, Agni enters the room with Fred Abberline, who tells Ciel that he needs to speak to him. Consequently, Sebastian asks Pitt and Soma to leave. Soma, who is intimidated by Sebastian, complies.[68]

At Ciel's London townhouse, Ciel informs a shocked Soma, who says he has come up with a new dance, and Sieglinde, who has been refining the stage equipment, that he is putting the Phantom Five on a hiatus.[69]

At the townhouse, Agni tells Soma that he has matured as a person during his time spent in England, and the latter agrees. Agni, then, suggests that they return to Bengal, or even visit other countries. When Soma asks him if he is worried about Ciel, he admits that he is. Soma asserts that Ciel has helped him acknowledge Agni and become more self-aware; and, yet, Ciel himself keeps trying to be alone, and refuses to accept all the love around him. He adds that while Ciel should be fine without him, he wishes to be "his Agni," for he wants to be a strong man who can support someone else, just like how Agni was there for him. He declares that he is still Ciel's friend, even if Ciel does not think so. When he asks if they can stay in England a while longer, Agni gives his consent.[70]

A carriage arrives, and Soma goes to answer the door. He urges the visitor to come inside and notices that the visitor is acting oddly. When he approaches the visitor, the visitor puts a gun to his head and tells him not to touch them. A horrified Agni rushes over, and a shot is fired from the gun.[71][72]

The assailant shoots Soma's hand. Enraged, Agni lunges at the assailant, but the latter stabs his side, and they continue fighting. When the assailant aims for Soma again, Agni shields Soma, taking the bullet in his place. Agni, then, drags Soma to safety, while the assailant knifes him. He pushes Soma into a room and holds the door shut. Soma begs him to open the door, but he stays put, and tells him that he was happy being his butler.[73]

Later, Sebastian breaks open the door, and discovers Soma sobbing.[74] When Ciel asks Soma if he is hurt, Soma hits him across the face. Afterward, Sebastian renders Soma unconscious.[75]

Soma wakes up at Sieglinde's residence and asks Sieglinde and Wolfram where Agni is. Upon learning that Agni is dead, Soma bursts into tears, to Sieglinde's and Wolfram's distress. Soma, then, vows to avenge Agni, and reveals that he saw who attacked him.[76]

Blue Memory Arc

A despondent Soma, while carrying a suitcase, wanders the East End. A street urchin asks him for the curry buns he used to distribute every Wednesday. When he states that he can no longer give out curry buns, the street urchin becomes distressed, saying that his family is starving. Soma hands the street urchin his expensive gold necklace to sell for food, and the latter thanks him, which reminds him of the late Agni thanking him on their first meeting.[77]

Several men steal the necklace from the street urchin, and one man kicks his mother, who is holding his little brother. Soma remembers Agni praising him for helping the common people and approaches the men, who proceed to pummel him when he refuses to help them. The men then open his suitcase, within which is an urn of Agni's ashes. Soma vehemently demands that they return the urn to him. When they are about to break the urn, Soma recalls Agni in flashes, as well as his final moment. Afterward, he beats the men until they are bloody and unconscious. The street urchin retrieves the necklace.[78]

Tightly grasping the urn as he travels, Soma decides that he is better off turning his back on salvation.[79]


  • (To Mey-Rin) "What is this? Drawing a bottle is dull! You must draw naked women. Therefore, woman! Strip!"[80]
  • (To Mina) "I'm sorry. We were together all that time, but I didn't understand how you were feeling at all. Forgive me for chasing you to Great Britain without stopping to think about the trouble I would be causing you. And also... I thank you for all you've done for me till now."[81]
  • (To Agni) "You remained by this foolish prince's side... and you continued to do so, even after you'd left me. Forgive me for making you shoulder such heavy burdens all this time. Won't you come back to my side and be my <khan-sama> again?"[82]
  • (To Ciel Phantomhive) "From now on, I'd like to see and learn about many things. And someday, I'll become a fine man, second to none! I'll show you!"[83]


  • Soma likes learning and getting to know new things, and dislikes meditating, sitting still and Sebastian Michaelis because he is afraid of him. He is also not very fond of the food in England, especially the curry. However, Soma likes the food Sebastian cooks. What he likes the most about England is Ciel Phantomhive.[85]
  • He chooses his own clothes and likes when he gets complimented on them. Also, Soma takes care to pick "magnificent" clothes as he has to uphold a certain status as a prince.[85]


  • In Hinduism, soma a ritual drink, and possibly the name of the plant it is made of as well, which grants immortality. "Soma" means "distill, extract, sprinkle" in Vedic Sanskrit.[86] It is also the name of a medicinal deity in post-Vedic Hindu mythology which connotes the moon whereas in Puranic mythology Soma is a moon deity.[87] In the Vedas, the deity Soma is connected to the deity Agni.[88]
  • Soma's middle name "Asman" means "sky,"[89] and is also the name of the hypostasis of the sky, the "highest heaven," in Zoroastrianism.[90]
  • "Kadar" means "powerful."[91]

Out of Universe

  • In the early drafts of the series, Soma had a white mother and, thus, white skin. However, this was later omitted in final revisions.[93]
  • One of Yana Toboso's assistants, who is very fond of ethnic clothing, designs Soma's clothes. Toboso only designs Soma's headpieces and the pattern of his clothes.[94]


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