The shopkeeper maintains a modest business that sells walking sticks.

Character Outline

The shopkeeper is a balding, middle-aged man, who wears round spectacles. His typical attire consists of a white-sleeved shirt, a brown vest, and a brown tie tucked underneath.

The shopkeeper is ignorant of the ranks of others, as indicated when he fails to recognize Ciel Phantomhive as a noble, and distinguishes him as simply a child.[1]


Black Butler Arc

Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis head to the store that sells walking sticks. The shopkeeper greets Ciel with low regards and asks if he is on an errand for his father. Sebastian intervenes and asks for the Master's cane, handing over the receipt. The shopkeeper mistakes the "Master" to be Sebastian, questioning why he is in need of such a small cane. He offhandedly notes that the cane could not possibly be for the "child," that is Ciel.[1]

Suddenly, Sebastian thrusts the cane into the shopkeeper's face and compliments its sturdiness as it does not bend. He leaves the terrified shopkeeper an abundant amount of money, and the duo depart.[2]


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