Scotland Yard is often used as a metonym for the Metropolitan Police Service of London, England.[1]


Scotland Yard is accountable for law enforcement and the maintenance of security in England. It is in charge of conducting investigations when there is a crime.[2] However, whether or not the culprit of a case is arrested, once the Phantomhive family and Queen Victoria declare that the case is resolved, Scotland Yard is not to pursue it further.[3]

Scotland Yard must also protect the British Royal Family and deliver bribe money to Ciel Phantomhive, of which is compensation for his work as Queen Victoria's Watchdog.[4] Despite sharing the responsibility of protecting the Royal Family with the Phantomhive family, tension is great between the two groups. They differ ideologically on what they consider is the best way to carry out an investigation and suppress a criminal; Scotland Yard deems the Phantomhive family's actions immoral, while the Phantomhive family deems Scotland Yard inefficient.[5][6]

Identified Members

Abberline & Lord Randall KII

Fred Abberline and Arthur Randall.


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