Quotation1 God only knows. Sapphire Owl! Quotation2
Johann Agares[1]

Sapphire Owl, also known as Blue House,[4] is one of the four houses in the prestigious school Weston College.


Ch67 Sapphire Owl

Its emblematic animal is the owl, and its distinguished color is blue. The particular characteristic of the students is that they excel at studying.[5]


White walls border the premises of the Sapphire Owl house. The entrance of imposing height leading up to the central building is decorated with intricate designs, and the crest of an owl, along with two statues of the like, is at its pinnacle.

The orderly house is fixed specifically to take on the shape of a rectangle, with small steps set before the double doors. It is bestudded with windows and consists of multiple windows.

Known members


Prefects' Fags/Subordinates

Regular students



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