Ch62 Royal London Hospital
The Royal London Hospital is a hospital located in London where Angelina Dalles worked as a doctor.


Located in Whitechapel, London, the Royal London Hospital provides district general hospital services for the City of London, Tower Hamlets, and specialist tertiary care services for patients from across London and elsewhere.[1]

Red Butler Arc

This hospital plays an important part in the conflict concerning Jack the Ripper. Angelina Dalles, after studying hard, has obtained a doctor's license.[2]

Shortly after a carriage accident, resulting in the loss of her her husband and baby (for she had her ovaries removed), Angelina returns to work where she is faced with an increasing number of requests to perform abortions on prostitutes. The prostitutes find raising a child bothersome and want to be rid of the burden. She comes to despise her patients, who are willing to throw away something she can never have. This leads her to commit a series of murders and after teaming up with Grell Sutcliff, the case of Jack the Ripper initiates.[3]

In addition, the victims had their ovaries removed by this Jack the Ripper. They were patients who underwent abortions in the Royal London hospital. There is a patient list setting out the order where they would undergo their operations. The order in which the victims died corresponds exactly to the patients on Angelina's operations list.[4]

Luxury Liner Arc

In the past, Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis have come to the Royal London Hospital in search for Angelina as Ciel does not know where his manor is located. There, they encounter one of the patients, Tanaka, and subsequently, meet up with Angelina.[5]


  • The Royal London Hospital is based on a real place in England during the Victorian era with the same name.[1]


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