Quotation1 They looked somethin' awful. Their faces were swollen to twice the normal size. And their skin looked like it'd melted into a thick mud. One died right off. The other lived, but word has it he went nuts from the shock. Quotation2
A German villager referring to Reinald and Briegel in Chapter 87

Reinald is a German noble and an acquaintance of Briegel.

Character Outline

Reinald is an adult male with short, fair hair and thick eyebrows. He enjoys hunting, and is venturesome to a considerable extent, as he considers it thrilling if he is required to chase his prey a bit before taking it down.[1] While his hunting partner Briegel is more fearful and hesitant, Reinald is bold, willing to plunge into the Werewolves' Forest, despite the rumor that it is cursed;[1] furthermore, Briegel got intimidated by the village crone, while Reinald easily glossed over her and her warning that they should depart from the Werewolves' Forest.[2]


Emerald Witch Arc

Reinald and Briegel are hunting on horseback in Southern Germany. They have their dogs chase a fox, which escapes into the Werewolves' Forest. Reinald deems it an exciting challenge and encourages Briegel to enter the forest with him. Briegel is concerned, stating that the forest is supposedly cursed, but Reinald dismisses it as a mere old wives' tale. Shortly after the pair penetrate the forest, the village crone appears, exhorting them to leave because the werewolves who protect the forest will curse them if they find them wandering the premises. Briegel is frightened, but Reinald maintains his composure; he remarks that the village crone is senile and urges Briegel to make haste. Blatantly disregarding her warning, they continue to roam the forest and discover their dogs by a bush. Briegel is perturbed, upon realizing that the dogs are growling at something resembling a werewolf. Reinald and Briegel scream and hurry out of the forest, back to the Reinald manor.[3]

Ch86 Reinald affected with mustard gas

Reinald, affected with mustard gas.

At the outside of the manor, they pant, try to collect themselves, and question if what they saw is a werewolf. They are startled when Reinald's name was called, but feel relief when they recognize that it is just two servants, a butler and a maid, coming out to greet them. The butler, then, notices that Reinald is bleeding from his nose. At this point, Reinald collapses and develops grotesque bumps on his face.[4] He dies immediately.[5] German government officials have taken away Briegel and Reinald's corpse to a major institution.[6]


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