Queen Victoria (ビクトリア, Bikutoria) is the monarch of the United Kingdom, and whom Ciel Phantomhive does work concerning the underground society for, as her Watchdog.


Victoria is a strong, elderly woman with silvery-grey hair that is usually pinned-up,[2] a petite build, and emerald green eyes. She typically dresses in fashionably elegant clothing and often wears special sunglasses.[3]


Victoria is a kind and considerate individual. A prestigious leader, she has crafted the most brilliant time of United Kingdom's history; she is the political drive behind the idea of expanding the territories, and due to her efforts, United Kingdom is coined as the empire on which the sun never sets. She is prominent in the fields of fashion at social events and often leads the trends. Victoria is immensely popular and well-loved among her people.[4]

Victoria is very virtuous and conscientious and greatly adheres to moral principles. She is an ardent champion of administering justice. She constantly worries for the stability of regular society, and thus, frequently sends Ciel Phantomhive on missions to subdue criminals.

Victoria is still deeply in love with her deceased husband, Prince Albert, and frequently needs to be cheered up by her aide, John Brown, who keeps a Prince Albert hand puppet.[5]



A painting of Prince Albert and Queen Victoria

Red Butler Arc

Victoria sends Ciel Phantomhive to investigate the matter of prostitutes being murdered on the streets. She is very disturbed by the killer's unconventional methods.[6]

Later, Ciel eliminates the culprits behind the killings, but does not inform Victoria of Jack the Ripper's true identity.[7]

Indian Butler Arc

Having been invited as a guest judge, Victoria intends to go to a local curry fair, an event in which all contestants vie to win a Royal Warrant for their respective businesses. She orders her aide John Brown to slip an envelope containing a letter detailing an investigation assignment and two tickets to the Noah's Ark Circus in the pocket of Ciel Phantomhive, who she knows will also be present at the fair.[8]

Victoria arrives at the fair after a tie was declared between Sebastian Michaelis and Agni. As she comes to a stop on her horse, she tramples John; notwithstanding, he soon recovers, announces that the Queen has something to say, and helps her down from her horse. Victoria remarks that the show was exciting and that the fragrance pervading the area makes her feel nostalgic, for it reminds her of the time she had curry with Prince Albert on White Island. Reminded of her late husband, Victoria bursts into tears, and John impersonates Albert with a hand puppet in order to console her.[9]

Once she calms down, Victoria states that she is allowed one vote since she was invited to be a judge. She, then, gives the trophy to Sebastian, asserting that he is the winner because his curry bun can be consumed by anyone without utensils; thus, it takes even children—the future, as she calls them—into account.[10] Victoria tells the dismayed Agni that she also enjoyed his curry.[11]

Victoria later observes Soma Asman Kadar making amends with Agni, and is relieved. Ciel questions the reason behind her appearance, and she claims that she came because she has not seen him in a while, for he only sends letters and never visits. Ciel says that someone like him should not be seen around her, and she disagrees. She adds that, despite his youth, he performs his duties with the same dedication as his father. When she mentions her late husband, she breaks down crying again, prompting John to use his Albert puppet.[12]

Subsequently, Victoria prepares to leave, and informs Ciel that she will have the Grand Chamberlain's office send him the authorization documents for the Royal Warrant soon. She, then, departs on her horse, with John following her after delivering her envelope to Ciel.[13]

Circus Arc

While not yet seen in this part of the storyline, it is shown that Ciel was sent to retrieve the kidnapped children, alive. However, he instead has Sebastian set Baron Kelvin's manor on fire, killing the children in the process. Some of her subordinates are seen watching the burning manor, having also been sent by the Queen. However, they were simply ordered to watch and report back.[14]

Phantomhive Manor Murders Arc

Queen Victoria sends Charles Grey and Charles Phipps to deliver an urgent request from her to Ciel. She asks that he hold a banquet in two weeks' time in honor of Georg von Siemens, an important visitor and distant relative of the Queen's from Germany; she requests this not of the Queen's Watchdog, but of the nobleman "Earl Ciel Phantomhive." In order to regain some of his former esteem, Ciel accepts the request.[15] Later, Ciel comes to the conclusion that Victoria had secretly ordered Grey to eliminate Georg, a rival to England. She also planned a "punishment" for Ciel by framing him for Georg's murder, because she was displeased with his failure to return the kidnapped children from the Noah's Ark Circus troupe.[16]

Public School Arc

Ch84 John Brown and Queen Victoria

Victoria and John

Victoria appears briefly momentarily during June 4th, accompanied by her butlers John, Grey and Phipps. Later, when Ciel's investigation is finally done, he reports personally to Victoria, mentioning the resurrection of the dead. Victoria, even at first, already believes Ciel's words and comments that he should keep his nose sniffing around. After Ciel left, Victoria is seen with John Brown, she remarks her worries about moving corpses. she asks what would John do, and he replies that he would protect her in place of Albert. She then wonders if these monsters become their allies, and she thinks that it would be wonderful.[17]

Emerald Witch Arc

At the Buckingham Palace, Charles Phipps and Charles Grey inform Queen Victoria that they have finished analyzing the plant specimens that Ciel Phantomhive has sent them from Germany. Victoria reads their report and is startled by its contents. John Brown swiftly allays her worry by impersonating Prince Albert with his puppet. Having calmed down, she begins to write a letter ordering for the eradication of the werewolves.[18] She subsequently instructs John to personally deliver the letter to Ciel in Germany.[19]

Blue Cult Arc

When Sieglinde Sullivan, Wolfram Gelzer, and Ciel Phantomhive arrive at a room in Buckingham Palace where Queen Victoria and John Brown are waiting, Sieglinde curtsies to show her respect to the Queen, and the latter welcomes her to England. John supports the Queen, as they move over to a table, where cakes (baked by Charles Phipps) and tea are prepared. After they settle down, the Queen tells Ciel to inform her about his trip to the Werewolves' Forest. He explains that the so-called curse of the Werewolves' Forest was, in fact, toxic mustard gas, which they halted the development of in England because of its dangerous nature. The German army had advanced it to the point that they were ready to use it in actual combat, thanks to Sieglinde. Ciel ends the explanation with a statement that he believes Sieglinde will be beneficial to England.[20]

The Queen asks if Sieglinde can create more powerful things than mustard gas, a question to which Sieglinde responds the negative. The Queen comments that she is relieved that that is the case. Ciel says that he is always impressed with the Queen's sharp intuition and that it was a shock to discover that toxic gas was the real cause of the curse. The Queen replies that she cannot handle dreadful things. Ciel assures the Queen that if Sieglinde worked for the sake of her subjects, wonderful results are guaranteed. Sieglinde thanks Victoria and promises to prove her worth. Victoria is joyous; she praises Ciel for accomplishing his mission and asserts that his parents must be happy along with her late husband Prince Albert. At the mention of Albert, she bursts into tears. John comforts her with his Albert puppet and remarks that Ciel has grown up to be like his father, and the Queen agrees, saying that he is very reliable.[21][22]

Sometime later, the Queen writes a letter to Ciel telling him that she enjoyed the tea party with Sieglinde the other day and asks him, for Phipps's sake, which cake of the cakes she sent home he likes most. She, then, requests for him to visit the Sphere Music Hall, which is a popular music hall that holds mysterious gatherings every Saturday, to investigate, disclosing her concern with the absence of social classification—men and women of all ages are enthralled by it, "be they peers or laborers"—and the sheer number of attendees—the street in front of the hall tends to teem with carriages on Saturday nights. Interest piqued, she sent investigators to look into the event, but they, when questioned by Charles Grey and Phipps, confessed that they have found nothing; and oddly so, the investigators themselves became regular attendees, even after their investigation was over. The Queen admits that she has never before heard of parties that permit all sorts to attend, and is worried that "some manner of evil scheme" may be taking place. She ends the letter with a question asking Ciel for his thoughts on the subject. Aside from the letter, which details of a new case for Ciel to investigate, she includes a written invitation for the Sphere Music Hall in an envelope, and has it delivered to Phantomhive Manor.[23]

Later, at Buckingham Palace, Ciel gives an interim report regarding the Sphere Music Hall to the Queen, with Sebastian, Grey, and Phipps present. He promises to continue to investigate the closed events, which are reserved for those in possession of bracelets that Blavat Sky hands out. When he says that he has not yet seen any suspicious activities, the Queen states that anything can happen when people come together, as there is power in numbers. She asks for Grey's agreement, prompting him to show Ciel rosters of members of the House of Lords, Scotland Yard, and the military; those marked in the rosters are addicted to the music hall gatherings. Ciel admits that he did not expect the music hall's influence to be so vast, and the Queen comments that she is still frightened by them, even if they may not be doing anything malicious, adding that she has a penchant for opera when it involves songs.[24]

Occasionally, Queen Victoria would make personal visits to Sieglinde and Wolfram, while accompanied by Grey and Phipps. There, she would drink tea with Sieglinde and give her cake.[25]


  • "Funtom's curry requires no utensils and can be consumed by anyone. Yes, that is right. This is a method that takes even the children into account. Everyone is happy: the rich, the poor, the adults, the children. Everyone is equal. This kind of idea is essential for Great Britain as it heads into a new century. I highly approve of the Funtom Corporation's accounting for our future, the children."[26]
  • (To John Brown, about the Bizarre Dolls) "What do you think about this? What if those monsters became our allies? That would be wonderful."[27]


Out of Universe

Young Queen

The Queen, as portrayed by the first season of the anime.

  • The first season's portrayal of her character is the polar opposite of who she is in the manga. Victoria speaks through her aide, Ash Landers, where she has him use the Royal we, and appears to be unable to function without his presence. When she does speak, she has a vision of destruction, similar to Angela Blanc, and describes a willingness to kill everything, including Ciel—and yet, she expects Ciel to remain loyal to her, and is surprised when he does not. In the anime, she also claims responsibility for his parents' deaths, as it was part of her vision to get rid of that which is "unclean." She dies at the end of the first season and is replaced by a body double.[30][31]
  • In the first season, Victoria, appearance-wise, is a small, sickly woman who always dresses in black; often, she wears a black veil that covers her face. When she removes the said veil, she appears to be a young girl with long, wavy, silver-grey hair and a pale complexion. She also has part of her late husband's flesh attached to her, around her chest, which continues to rot and causes her daily pain.[32]


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