Paula (ポーラ, Pōra) is a maid of the Midford household and a dear friend of Elizabeth Midford.


Paula is a young woman with pale skin, dark brown eyes, and long, straight light brown hair that is worn loose and has shorter layers that frame her face. She ordinarily wears a burgundy dress along with a white apron. In public, she often dons a plain brown coat with black buttons, a black hat with a dark red band, and black gloves.


Paula is a kind, cheerful and optimistic individual. She works hard to keep Elizabeth Midford happy and is extremely loyal to her.


Ch58 Paula and Elizabeth

Elizabeth shows Paula her new shoes.

Paula informed Elizabeth Midford about the Phantomhives' deaths. Sometime later, after Ciel Phantomhive returned, Elizabeth showed her new heeled shoes to Paula. Paula, while helping Elizabeth dress, noted that she has grown taller. Elizabeth became upset, prompting Paula to assure her that she is still very cute no matter her height. Nevertheless, Elizabeth refused to wear her new heeled shoes, opting instead for flats.[1]


Public School Arc

Paula accompanies the Midfords to the annual cricket tournament at Weston College and watches the tournament with Elizabeth Midford, the servants of the Phantomhive household, and McMillan.[2] Later, at the end of the tournament, Paula dances with Edward Midford.[3]

Blue Cult Arc

One day, Paula heads outside the Midford Manor, to where Edward is practicing cricket. She notifies him that a visitor has arrived for Edward, which puzzles him since he was not told beforehand that a guest was coming.[4]

After Edward and Elizabeth attended one of the Sphere Music Hall meetings together, Elizabeth becomes infatuated with them and takes Paula along with her to the music hall for the next few weeks.[5]

Ever since Elizabeth had Paula accompany her to Sphere Music Hall, Paula has been forced to work there. After Scotland Yard raids the music hall, they detain Paula and send a notice to the Midfords. Edward goes to get her, and, upon seeing her, asks her where Elizabeth is. An emotional Paula tells him that Elizabeth "has gone to where she belongs," and that she loves Elizabeth and cannot bear to see her cry anymore. Edward tries to comfort her, and says that they can resume their talk after they return to the manor.[6]


Out of Universe

  • Paula is the only character who appears in the anime before the manga.[8]


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