OVA, an abbreviation of Original Video Animation, is a special episode of an anime that is not aired on television, but is instead released directly in home-video formats (such as DVD or Blue-ray). An OVA often has little or no relation to the plot of the series.[1] The Kuroshitsuji series has seven OVAs. All of the OVAs have been dubbed and released by Funimation in English.[2]

Season 1 OVAs

Title Summary Original airdate
1 His Butler, Performer
その執事、興行, "Sono Shitsuji, Kōgyō"
The Funtom Corporation puts on a play for orphans. The actors get delayed and the Kuroshitsuji cast must take over their parts. September 30, 2009

Season 2 OVAs

Title Summary Original airdate
1 Ciel in Wonderland
Ciel Phantomhive accidentally falls down the rabbit hole and enters a Kuroshitsuji version of Lewis Carrol's Wonderland. October 27, 2010
2 Welcome to the Phantomhive's
A mysterious woman is brought to the Phantomhive Manor by Elizabeth Midford and is shown around. November 24, 2010
3 The Making of Kuroshitsuji II A behind the scenes look at how Kuroshitsuji II was made. January 26, 2011
4 Ciel in Wonderland – Part 2
A continuation of Ciel in Wonderland. February 23, 2011
5 The Story of Will the Reaper
William T. Spears and Grell Sutcliff are showing new recruits around and reminisce about the past. April 27, 2011
6 The Threads of the Spider's Story
A look at what life was like at the Trancy Manor before the events of Kuroshitsuji II. May 25, 2011


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