Midnight Tea Party
Ch81 Midnight Tea Party
An event organized by the headmaster.
Vital statistics
Participants The headmaster
Ciel Phantomhive
Johann Agares
Edgar Redmond
Gregory Violet
Herman Greenhill
Lawrence Bluewer
Joanne Harcourt
Edward Midford
Sebastian Michaelis (uninvited)
Derrick Arden (uninvited)
Date 1889
Location Weston College

The Midnight Tea Party is an annual exclusive event organized by the headmaster of Weston College.


The headmaster of Weston College occasionally arranges a social gathering at midnight. Access is granted only to the P4 and their fags.[1] However, there is one exception to this: the headmaster can choose to invite one player who has performed excellently in the annual cricket tournament to the Midnight Tea Party. The criteria vary every year so that everyone has an equal chance of winning this privilege: there are years where it is the student who gets the most points for the winning dorm, but there are also years where a player from the bottom was applauded for fair play. The headmaster selects the person who shows play befitting of a gentleman every year. For example, in the year 1887, the one invited to the tea party was said to be a player, Clayton, that sacrificed himself to defend a spectator from getting hit by the ball [2]

Ch81 Teacup invitation

The invitation.

The invitation takes on the form of a decorative teacup and white flower tied to a plate with a ribbon. It has been said that when a beautiful flower blooms under the moon at midnight, they will come for you. One must put the flower on his chest to attend.[3]

The Midnight Tea Party itself is set behind a hidden door in a complex and statuesque garden bordered by brick moss-filled walls. The garden is very abundant in flowers and trees. In the middle of the garden are ten seats and a table, in which is cluttered with elegant foods.[4]

Public School Arc

Identified Attendees


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