N.[1] McMillan is a student at Weston College. He is part of the Blue House, classified by his academic excellence.


McMillan is a small boy with freckles along the bridge of his nose. His typical attire consists of a top hat, a suit and tie; part of the school uniform census. Additionally, he wears small, round glasses.


McMillan is classified as a student who takes residence the Sapphire Owl dormitory. This indicates his studious and intellectual traits. He has a cheerful and friendly demeanor as he greets Ciel Phantomhive with zeal, and subsequently befriends him. He greatly admires the prefects of the school, and wishes to become one in the future.[2]

Often, McMillan plays the role of explaining Weston College's system, and relaying information and said rumors to Ciel. Despite this, he is afraid to meddle with other dormitories' matters and advises Ciel to avoid them as well.[3]


Public School Arc

McMillan initially approaches Ciel Phantomhive, clapping him on the back for stepping on the lawn yet was not punished. He retrieves the hat he had caused Ciel to drop, introduces himself, and reveals that he is a first year from the Blue House as well.[4]

Soon after, McMillan explains to Ciel the system of Weston College, and vehemently identifies the prefects with admiration. He then ushers Ciel to class as to not be tardy.[5]

Ch68 McMillan and Ciel are having breakfast

McMillan and Ciel at breakfast.

Later, McMillan converses with Ciel in the classroom. He inquires how Ciel was able to obtain a spot in the school as it is difficult, and is curious over the fact that one of the students had left so suddenly and then Ciel came in his place.[6]

Abruptly, Clayton, an upper year, barks out a command to "boy up," and McMillan rushes to form a line, warning Ciel that the last one in line has to do whatever the upper years tell them to do. However, the latter ends up being the last one anyway.[6]

The next day McMillan is shown performing morning tasks and attending classes alongside Ciel. At breakfast, he explains to Ciel the tradition of Fag Time after breakfast where the lower years are to aid the upper years with various chores. Ciel then questions him about Derrick Arden, and McMillan informs that he is transferred from the Red House to the Purple House. However, he warns Ciel not to meddle with the other dormitories' business as there are intense rivalries between dorms. Afterward, McMillan departs with his upper year in order to fulfill the Fag Time's requirements.[7]

Later, McMillan notes about the difficulty of Ciel's numerous tasks, that are assigned by Clayton, and comments that Ciel is remarkable at accomplishing them.[8] Soon after learning that Ciel is invited to the Swan Gazebo, McMillan and a group of students crowd around him excitedly.[9] However the rumor that Ciel has neglected the invitation circulates around the school, and McMillan observes him from a distance.[10]

At night, McMillan approaches Ciel's bed and apologizes for not being able to support him at school.[11] When he questions Ciel's actions, the latter discloses that he was given the wrong time to come to the Swan Gazebo. Hearing this, McMillan says that he and some other people will testify for Ciel.[12]

He is seen at the eve of the Cricket Tournament with Ciel, Soma, Sebastian and the Midfords', listening to a story about the Miracle of Sapphires.[13]



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