Mathilda Simmons (マチルダ・シモンズ, Machiruda Shimonzu) is a nun in a cult that resides in an abandoned Catholic monastery in Preston, Lancashire. Angel Ash Landers claims to have the Doomsday Books of all the people in that abbey.

Character Outline

Mathilda possesses big green eyes and long auburn hair, as well as pale skin. As a nun, she wears a black and white-colored robe, and a black hood with the symbol identical to that of the one seen upon Ciel Phantomhive's lower back.

Anime's Synopsis

Mathilda works as a nun who is brainwashed by a cult, thinking that everyone must be pure. When Ash Landers claims that her abbey has the Doomsday Book, Sebastian Michaelis sets out to seduce her and make her "impure" in order to extract more information.

While the angel Angela Blanc is "cleansing" the inhabitants of the cult, the Undertaker uses a powerful Death Bookmark that allows him to write in her Cinematic Record to change the events that are happening in her life. [1]

Her Cinematic Record book is used by Undertaker to transport Sebastian, Grell Sutcliff and William T. Spears to the monastery. The three fight Angela upon getting there; Sebastian claims he has marked her and is unharmed by the angelic attacks.


  • Mathilda is briefly seen in the the first OVA, post-credits.
  • Sebastian (most likely) got her pregnant during Season 1, and it's noticeable in the first OVA.  
    Tumblr inline pn215dWMfh1s709to 540

    Mathilda in the theatre episode (Where everyone is speculating she has gotten pregnant via Sebastian)

  • In the first season of the anime, her name was misspelled as "Matilda."[2]


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