Mary Jane Kelly (メアリー・ジェーン・ケリー, Mearī Jieen Kerī) is a prostitute who got an abortion, and the last of the Jack the Ripper victims.

Character Outline

Mary is a young woman with brown hair and blue eyes. Her hair is long, slightly wavy, and extends to her mid-back. A portion of her bangs is twisted and tucked back behind her ear.[2] She wears an off-the-shoulder, pale green dress.


Mary is a foreign immigrant; originating from Ireland, she arrived at England and became a prostitute.[1] When she got pregnant, she had Dr. Angelina Dalles, at the Royal London Hospital, give her an abortion, as she was one of many women in her occupation who thought that having a baby would be too troublesome.[3] For this reason, Angelina decided to kill her.[4]


Red Butler Arc

Mary Jane Kelly's Grave

Mary's grave.

Grell Sutcliff trespasses in Mary's house, ties her up, and brutally stabs her. A shrill scream is elicited from her, which attracts the attention of Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis.[5] Subsequently, she dies. According to Sebastian, her murder was "over the top", as her blood covered Grell and the floor, and even splattered onto Ciel's face when he ran into her house.[6]

Later, when no one claims Mary's corpse, Ciel pays for her to have a grave. As ordered, Undertaker prepares a proper burial for her.[1]


  • Mary's name and character, as well as the date of her death, is based on the real and very last Jack the Ripper victim, Mary Jane Kelly (A.K.A Black Mary).[7]


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