"So alike were they... Two peas in a pot, one a mirror image of the other."
This article is about the Bizarre Doll. You may be looking for the anime-only character and murderous photographer's wife and assistant Margaret Turner.

Margaret Connor (マーガレット・コナー, Māgaretto Konā) is a Bizarre Doll, presented by Rian Stoker at an Aurora Society meeting on the Campania.

Character Outline

Margaret is a seventeen-year-old lady with long, fair hair. She is clad in a lacy garment.

As a Bizarre Doll, Margaret is savage and bloodthirsty. She murders a woman, unaware of the fact that the victim is her own mother.[2]


When Margaret was seventeen years old, she was killed in an accident.[1] Ronald Knox was the Grim Reaper who collected her soul.[3] Two weeks later, her corpse was taken to the Campania to be experimented on by Aurora Society.[4]


Luxury Liner Arc

At an Aurora Society meeting on the Campania on the 19th of April, 1889, Rian Stoker presents Margaret's corpse to the attendees. He explains that Margaret died in an accident, which left her parents devastated, and that he wishes to revive her through the Complete Salvation medicine. Rian's workers attach plugs to her body; machines are activated, and electricity travels through the plugs and into her body.[5]

Ronald Knox prepares to smash Margaret's head.

Margaret slowly rises from her coffin. Her parents are overjoyed, and her mother, Susannah Connor, embraces her. Unexpectedly, however, Margaret bites Susannah's neck, killing her. She, then, climbs over her coffin, while the audience screams and runs. Sebastian Michaelis throws knives at her vital spots, but she still continues to move.[6]

Rian's men shoot at Margaret, on Rian's command, but Margaret is unfazed and attacks them. While she is eating one of the men, Ronald Knox appears, stating that Margaret cannot be killed until her head is smashed in. He demonstrates this, driving his Death Scythe into her head, and Margaret is obliterated.[7]


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