Luxury Liner Arc
Ch64 Campania sinking
Start Chapter 51
End Chapter 66
Volume 11 - 14
Previous Phantomhive Manor Murders
Next Public School

The Luxury Liner Arc is the sixth arc of the Kuroshitsuji manga. It is a major conflict that depicts Ciel Phantomhive and Sebastian Michaelis investigating the matters of the illegal human experiments.

The conflict started when Lau and Ran-Mao informed Ciel and Sebastian of the Karnstein Hospital's doctors committing illegal experiments in order to revive the dead. The pair then set out to the Campania and attended the Aurora Society's secret meeting to realize that the illegal human experiments went astray and had created Bizarre Dolls instead. Consequently, an iceberg penetrated the ship and that incident along with the numerous Bizarre Dolls wreaked havoc abroad the ship that eventually sank.

The conflict ended when the Undertaker revealed himself as a Grim Reaper and the creator of the Bizarre Dolls due to manipulation of their cinematic records. He left his chain of lockets with Ciel and departed from the ship.

A few days after the Campania incident, the Phantomhive household and other acquaintances celebrated Easter. Charles Grey and Charles Phipps then handed over a love letter for Ciel.


Karl Woodley was set up as the murderer and is in horror of his fate. He is then stabbed in the head by Charles Grey's sword, who told him to shut up. Thereafter, Grey complains to Charles Phipps and John Brown that he could not manage to harm Ciel. Phipps reprimands Grey and remarks that it is because he does not think about the consequences of his actions before he does things. Grey then changes the subject and says he wonders what the Queen is doing, to which Phipps replies that mere butlers such as themselves do not need to know, as long as they do everything according to the Queen's wishes.[1]

Snake is introduced as the Phantomhive's new footman. Afterwards, Lau discusses the matter of how Karnstein Hospital has been illegally experimenting on reviving the dead. Ciel Phantomhive remarks that if that is so then it is a menace to the regular society by an underground power, but could be fixed easily if dealt with quickly enough. He consequently orders Sebastian Michaelis to investigate immediately.[2]

Elizabeth Midford invites him to go on a luxury cruise with her as a family trip. He declines, saying he does not have time. Sebastian reappears and informs him about how the upper-rank doctors of Karnstein Hospital, including the director, Rian Stoker, have opened an association called the Aurora Society where they conduct illegal human experiments daily within the hospital. Their motto is "the Absolute Salvation of mankind through medicine". Sebastian notes that the next Aurora Society's meeting is to be on a ship that departs from the Southampton Port on April 17. The name of the Blue Star Line's luxury ship is Campania, the same ship Elizabeth had invited him to go, and on the same day.[3]

Ciel, Sebastian, and Snake board the Campania on the designated date where they meet the Midford family. Surreptitiously later, Ronald Knox, a Grim Reaper, is also shown boarding the ship.[4]

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Early Stages

A few days after boarding, and on the day of Aurora Society's meeting, Ciel says that the signal of the opening of the "Aurora's Society"'s meeting is a waiter walking around the hall, carrying empty glasses. The attendees would take one and go to the meeting place. Simultaneously, Snake is being insulted by others, as he shamefully says that since he is with Ciel, the latter will be laughed at as well. Ciel says he does not care and that he is free to be with whoever he wants to be. Sebastian reassures him as the footman of a distinguished family so he should have more confidence. Eventually, Sebastian and Ciel notice a man carrying an empty glass and pursue him.[5]

Meanwhile in the third class dining hall, Ronald is conversing and drinking with other passengers, saying he has a lot of time.[6]

Ch52 Phoenix Pose

The Phoenix pose

In order to enter the Aurora Society's confidential meeting, they must pay an extravagant price for a glass of water to prove themselves capable and must know the fixed greeting in which they pose as a phoenix. After completing both requirements, Ciel and Sebastian are permitted in the Aurora Society and received membership badges.[7] Ciel encounters some familiar faces such as Aleistor Chamber and the Undertaker. Subsequently, Rian Stoker appears and presents the corpse of Margaret Connor. He promises to revive her and tests the artificial medicine on the corpse. However, it backfires; while corpse, resuscitated, begins attacking humans. As people fled in terror, Sebastian attempts to defeat the bizarre doll by stabbing her heart, but it was ineffective as she was still able to move.[8]

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Rian's men try to eradicate the corpse with bullets, but it failed. Rian is terrified as the bizarre doll advances and flees the scene. Ronald appears and destroys Margaret's head with his Death Scythe, informing Sebastian and Ciel that the bizarre dolls can be stopped by smashing their heads. Ronald then checks Margaret's mother's cinematic record and informs that he is also bemused by the moving corpses, saying he is certain he already collected Margaret's soul two weeks ago. The other two conclude that the only clue to the mystery is by interrogating Rian and attempts to leave but is stopped by Ronald. Soon after, Ciel leaves as Ronald and Sebastian share a brief fight in the first class smoking room.[9]

As Ciel proceeds to the bottom freight storage in pursuit of Rian, he encounters Snake. Abruptly, Elizabeth comes, having followed Ciel, and he scolds at her to go back up. However, a bizarre doll suddenly appears and tries to attack her. Ciel pulls Elizabeth away in safety and was surprised that Rian had revived another corpse. Snake then points out that the coffins with the Aurora Society's mark engraved in front are moving, implying that Rian had revived much more than just two. The bizarre dolls climb out of the coffins, preparing to attack the threesome.[10]

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Sebastian continues to battle with Ronald Knox. Ronald compliments Sebastian, saying he is as good as he is rumored to be which Sebastian replies with gratitude. Ducking Sebastian's punch, Ronald abruptly looks at his watch and says it is almost time. He hastily makes his way to the exit, saying he is not supposed to be dawdling and is not planning to write an apology letter for being tardy. Ronald says his farewell, calling Sebastian by his despised nickname of 'Sebas-chan.' Sebastian is left alone, perturbed by Ronald's sudden withdrawal from battle.[11]

With the exits blocked by the overwhelming number of Bizarre Dolls, they climb on the luggage. After testing their senses, Ciel concludes that the Bizarre Dolls does not have any intelligence, hearing sense, sight, or pain. With their attempts to distract the bizarre dolls futile, Ciel becomes more desperate, saying he would protect Elizabeth at least. The bizarre dolls begin to eat away at the luggage with their teeth and nails. Sebastian appears and smashes all the bizarre dolls' heads. At the brutality, Ciel briefly reminisces the time when he was freed from slavery.[12]

Afterwards, they locate Rian Stoker, who was hiding. After being threatened, he blurts out that there are two freight storages--- the front and the bottom, with the latter being where they are now. In the front storage, however, he had stored ten times the samples he had stored in the bottom storage.[13]

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Meanwhile, the Bizarre Dolls had freed themselves from the front storage and are roaming around various locations of the ship, wreaking havoc and chaos, murdering passengers. They manage to kill the captain and the other employees.[14]

Ciel orders Sebastian to escort the rest of Elizabeth's family to safety. He then demands Rian for another method to kill the Bizarre Dolls, threatening him with a gun. He informs that there is a device that renders all patients subjected to the Absolute Salvation inactive again, but the device is in his room. Ciel orders him to take him there and they proceed to the freight elevator in the boiler room.[15]

In the elevator hall, Francis Midford is revealed battling the Bizarre Dolls and was appalled that piercing their hearts have no effect. Sebastian arrives and informs that the only way to stop them is to smash their heads. They both fight the bizarre dolls as Edward Midford and Alexis Leon Midford enter the scene. They obstinately refuse to run away and starts to unsheathe their swords, saying that they are English knights that will protect their people. Sebastian, unable to persuade them, wishes for their safety and departs to Ciel.[16]

In the third class passengers dining hall, Ronald is there collecting the souls that belonged to the humans killed by the Bizarre Dolls. He notes that he did mention to a woman he met named Sophie Smith that they might not meet back alive since she is on the list. He says that he is sick and tired of this, but the worst has yet to come.[17]

The lookout employees, oblivious to the invasion of bizarre dolls, are startled when the ship approaches treacherous icebergs. With the captain and sailors murdered in the wheelhouse, no one is present to avoid the fatal collision. Ronald, standing by a distance, complains of how there are only two Grim Reapers assigned to collect all the souls. The ship crashes into the icebergs, and Grell Sutcliff is shown, indicated as the other Grim Reaper.[18]

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Middle Stages

The iceberg pierces holes into the ship, allowing water to penetrate the ship. In the elevator hall, the Sebastian and the Midfords feel a disturbing shock throughout the ship and discover on the first class deck that it has crashed into an iceberg. Sebastian hastily runs to the wheelhouse to prevent the flood, closing the watertight doors. A Bizarre Doll sneaks up behind him and he easily kicks it out the window in which Ronald notices. Grell tells him to focus on the task at hand, that is, holding Grell. After a while, they deduce that they cannot be excited with Ronald and they both resume their soul collecting task.[19]

The flood reaches where Ciel and the others are, the second boiler room. With the watertight doors closing, Elizabeth is separated by Ciel. Instead of escaping when he could, Ciel follows Elizabeth, vowing to protect her. He orders Snake to run and after protesting, Snake finally has to obey but sends a snake to lead them through the duct to escape. Ciel rips Elizabeth's dress so she could wade in the water when she has inflexibly refused to do herself at first, claiming that she has wanted to be cute for Ciel until the end. They begin to climb the pipes that lead to the duct.[20] Sebastian studies the ship's blueprints and realizes that the ship would sink within the hour due to the overload of water penetration with Ronald acknowledging the same thing from the first class suite. Sebastian readjusts his outfit and makes his way to Ciel.[21]

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With the Bizarre Dolls rampaging, the first class officer does not allow the poor people to reach their floor; afraid that it would only cause more panic upstairs despite the water and the Bizarre Dolls that are closing into the poor people.[22]

Meanwhile, Sebastian passes through a room, in which a man offers a check to him if Sebastian saves him from being eaten by the bizarre dolls. The butler watches as the man gets killed by a Bizarre Doll on a carriage, riding two Bizarre Doll horses.[23]

The Midfords rescue the people in the first class lounge from the invading Bizarre Bolls, encouraging them to persevere and for the unharmed to aid in lowering the lifeboats. Alexis introduces himself as the leader of the British knights.[24]

Grell and Ronald are shown finishing their soul collecting duty in the first class front hallway. Their next objective would be the third boiler room. Grell kills the Bizarre Doll on a carriage when it passed by, unfazed by the many 'impossible' things occurring.[25]

In the third boiler room, Snake sees Rian going on an elevator lift to safety by himself.[26]

Ciel and Elizabeth reunite with Sebastian when they fall out of the duct to the second class restaurant. Before they could go anywhere though, Grell and Ronald appear. Grell blushes and swoons over Sebastian and does not allow them to escape. Sebastian resorts to using force which Grell said they did not mind. As the fight carries on, Grell accidentally bursts open a window with his Death Scythe and water pours in, effectively separating Ciel, Elizabeth, and Sebastian. Sebastian tries to help, but was blocked by Ronald. As the Bizarre Dolls began to approach Elizabeth, Ciel yells for her to get up and run and could not rescue her with his paralyzed leg. He finds out that his gun ran out of bullets and couldn't shoot the Bizarre Dolls. Elizabeth cries and tells Ciel that she wanted him to think of her as cute until the very end and Ciel gets more desperate.[27]

Suddenly, Elizabeth fights back with her sword, killing dozens of Bizarre Dolls singlehandedly. Much to Ciel and Sebastian's surprise she even stabs the Bizarre Dolls approaching Ciel from behind. She admits that she did not want them to see her in such an uncute and violent way, but swears to protect Ciel this time. Elizabeth then proclaims herself as the daughter of the leader of the British knights, Marquis Alexis Leon Midford, and the wife of the Queen's watchdog.[28]

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Elizabeth's flashback triggers and she reminiscences how girls are taught to be lighthearted, cute, weak, and carefree, especially in front of their lords, as said by Angelina Dalles. They are to be oblivious angels. However, Elizabeth is exceptionally skilled in sword fighting, an attribute that separates her from other girls. She remembers the time while she jousts against an opponent. Charles Phipps mistakes her as Alexis Leon Midford's son, Edward, who is rumored to be a genius with the sword. Charles Grey corrects him that the genius is his daughter, Elizabeth.[29]

She also recalls when Ciel tells her that her mother is pretty but strong which he dislikes in women. Thus, Elizabeth has decided to become a wife for Ciel to protect. She refuses to continue her sword practice but her mother convinces her otherwise, saying it is necessary for Ciel's and her safety in the future.[30]

However, after the abhorrent deaths of the Phantomhives, she becomes despondent for a whole month in winter, seemingly only to notice the color of pitch-black. Abruptly, Ciel returns with a "pitch-black" butler and she realizes that she has grown taller than him. At that point, she chooses to protect Ciel instead of the other way around. Elizabeth, after feeling insecure, chooses low-heeled shoes while Ciel wears high-heels to be seen as an adult. It dawns on her that her low-heeled shoes, her mother's teachings, and a sword to protect are the three things her current self is made of.[31]

Her flashback ends and she goes after Grell but Sebastian stops her, saying he will take over now. Ciel orders his butler to wait and that their current objective is to pursue Rian, who acts as the key to solve the mystery of the bizarre dolls. Grell takes advantage of that information and departs with Ronald, in pursuit of Rian.[32]

When Ciel's leg is discovered swollen, Elizabeth offers to carry him on her back, appalling Ciel. Sebastian says he would carry Ciel since it is his job as his butler. Elizabeth mistakes Ciel's shock that he now hates her for being uncute and intimidating, reminding him that he had told her long ago that he dislikes strong women. Ciel reassures her that it's the thing of the past. She questions if he would still be her fiance and if he does not hate her and he is about to tell her that he could never hate her when he becomes flustered, noticing Sebastian's presence. His butler is amused by his embarrassment, saying that even the young master cannot help himself in front of a lady and Ciel tells him to shut up while Elizabeth remained oblivious. Sebastian lifts him up in preparation to leave while continuing to snicker and Ciel, mortified, scolds him to stop laughing.[33]

Snake arrives to inform that Rian has escaped. They decide to meet up with the Midford family instead. At the first class deck, Edward is seen supervising the women and children into the safety boats. He meets up with them and hugs Elizabeth. He sees her sword, realizing that she has fought, and notes that it must have been hard for her. Ciel apologizes for being useless in which Edward didn't argue with. He dismisses it afterwards and insists that they must hurry onto the boats. Ciel asks Edward that Snake will take his seat instead since there is still something he has to do on the Campania. Sebastian knocks Elizabeth out when she urges that she would go along with Ciel and gives her to Edward. Ciel notes that the ship is already perilously tilted and leaves Snake and Elizabeth as Edward's responsibility. As they both take their leave, Edward tells Ciel that he does not have to return in which Ciel responds that he would now make sure he does.[34]

In the first class hall, Rian struggles with escaping only to fall because of the tilted ship. Grell then catches him by his leg, rescuing him.[35]

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The sailors on the deck of the ship are in a hurry to call for help. A sailor orders them to continue shooting fireworks as a signal and to not let the light diminish. Another sailor arrives telling the prior that they received a message from a freighter sailing nearby and they would come to help in approximately two hours. The prior sailor then concludes that the only thing they can do right now is to get as many people as possible onto the lifeboats.[36]

Meanwhile, Ronald interrupts Rian's routine talk of how they came to know his name and identity. He addresses Rian as the guy who caused the corpses to move about and says that the irregular, that is Rian, is aggravating to try to overturn 'death'. Rian is forced to show the device that renders all bizarre dolls ineffective by leading them to his room. He discovers that his device is stolen.[37]

In the first class passenger hallway, Ciel and Sebastian encounter Aleistor. Sebastian asks why Aleistor is here since the ship is full of Bizarre Dolls prowling around. The latter gestures his glass of wine behind him to a peculiar device, telling them that there is something he absolutely wants to protect even if it means risking his life on the sinking ship. The corpses are just like puppets to him. After saying that, he says he has spoken too much. Sebastian quickly recites the Aurora Society's greeting and they all join in. As they cry out 'The Phoenix', Ciel and Sebastian raises their arms and cock their wrists while Aleistor poses differently, one hand to his head while the other is stretched out. The Viscount acknowledges them as comrades after the recitation of the greeting and says he does remember their faces somewhere.[38]

Ciel questions if that device is something that could stop the corpses. Aleistor suspiciously asks them how they of this. He remarks that if they want to know, just follow him and he will show them the coming of a new Aurora Society, thanks to the medicine. His handful of servants carry the device as the Viscount lead them. Ciel and Sebastian ponder their next move, considering to steal it from him by force. The only problem that lies there would be on how to activate it. One of the people carrying the device snickers, who is revealed to be Undertaker. Ciel is surprised and asks what he is doing here. He replies that while escaping, he was asked to help carry the device.[39]

They arrive at the first class passenger lounge. Aleistor announces that he would not activate the device yet since the 'cast' is incomplete. Just then, Rian appears, yelling at Aleistor for stealing the device. The Viscount of Druitt is unaffected by his anger and with open arms, dramatically welcomes him. With the power of the device, he will create a new empire. The one who conquered eternity shall rule over everything else with corruption and decadence. It will be called the Aurora Empire. Ronald notes that it sounds complex. Grell eagerly volunteers to 'paint him red' immediately. Aleistor interrupts their annihilation plan, threatening to destroy the device by pouring his wine over it and Ronald quickly stops Grell from attacking. He laughs that he could win against them all with just a glass of wine. Sebastian mutters to Ciel that he is getting irate and asks if he could kill him. Ciel tells him to wait although he understands his butler's feelings of belligerence.[40]

Abruptly, the Bizarre Dolls barge in, breaking through the windows. Aleistor offers to activate the device if Ciel calls him 'Caesar' with his lovely little mouth. Ciel suddenly changes him mind and tells Sebastian to kill him right now and it's the butler's turn to tell him to wait although he understands his feelings.[41]

Ch59 Group Phoenix

Viscount Druitt persuades everyone to show him "The Phoenix!" dance.

As they all battle against the Bizarre Dolls, Aleistor says he is just watching from above whilst enjoying his wine, similar to Emperor Nero. Ronald overhears him and gets irritated, prompting to kill him and Grell snaps that it was Ronald who stopped them earlier from killing the Viscount. Grell then curtly yells at Aleistor to make the device work. The Viscount asks them all to pledge their loyalty and they reluctantly recite his version of the Aurora Society's greeting and pose Aleistor adapted form of the Phoenix, with one hand behind the hand while the other is stretched from the body.[42]

Aleistor, pleased, presses a button on the device only to discover that it does not work. Ciel is appalled to realize that it was not Aleistor who built it. The latter points out that he cannot build something like this and he only decided to borrow it. Rian seems to shout to Aleistor that he has fooled him. Grell demeans them as a useless farce and kills several bizarre dolls, impressing Ronald. Grell continues forward to Aleistor, with an intention to murder him. Ronald quickly yells that they're not allowed to kill humans.[43]

However before Grell is able to land a blow, Undertaker covers the Viscount, with one hand stopping the Death Scythe, shocking everyone. The Undertaker says it has been a while since he laughed so much and to lose such an amusing man, that is Aleistor, it would be equivalent to the pain of losing the whole world. He asks if Grell agrees, addressing them as a Grim Reaper.[44]

Grell is bewildered to acknowledge that their Death Scythe cannot cut him and jumps back as Undertaker whirls around, revealing his weapons, sotoba, underneath his cloak. He throws his sotoba at Grell in which they block with his Death Scythe. The sotoba also penetrates to the glass ceiling above them, showering down shattered pieces of glass so Sebastian protects Ciel. Undertaker murmurs how sad it is if laughter is to disappear, raising his bangs to reveal his eyes for the first time.[45]

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Ciel is shocked with the Undertaker while Sebastian and Grell agree that since the Undertaker has kept his eyes hidden, they could not tell who he is but now there is no mistaking the greenish-yellow eyes; he is a Grim Reaper. The Undertaker feels nostalgic, saying that he has not been called that for at least a half a century. Rian interrupts by running over and demanding why the device has no power over the bizarre dolls and asks if it was all a deception, revealing that he has directed the same question earlier to the Undertaker and not Aleistor. The Undertaker indifferently says that Rian was the perfect person for his purpose since he believed the revival of the dead is possible. It was Rian's own separate goal to make the entire world healthy and it was not the Undertaker's intention himself. He remarks that since Rian relied on his skills, the Absolute Salvation is invalid to be called a medicine and Rian is no longer a doctor to use such a treatment he doesn't grasp the meaning of on his patients. Rian is stunned and falls to his knees and the Undertaker pats his head, soothing that he was a good boy for honestly believing his story.[46]

When Ciel interrogates him, the Undertaker reveals that he is the mastermind behind the Aurora Society's resurrection experiments and is responsible for making the corpses move. The preliminary reason was his curiosity towards humans. He describes humans as 'a flesh body' and 'a soul'. If you combine these two together, one can exist amongst the living and keep on documenting their life memories in the 'cinematic record'. And when the flesh body withers and the Grim Reapers collect their souls, the record ends there and the living become the dead. Consequently, the Grim Reapers take the soul from the body according to the list, causing an end of the ever-changing kaleidoscope, which is demonstrated by a pair of scissors snipping off the cinematic record where it should terminate. He eventually grew tired of the same process that went on for a long time and one day, an idea came across where he was intrigued by the concept of what would happen to the flesh body if you were to connect a continuation to the memories that had come to an end without the soul. After all, the Grim Reaper only hunts the souls when the body and the brain are what that retains the memories left in this world. Grell asks if he edited the cinematic records and Undertaker suggests that he inspect the moving corpses' records with their own abilities.[47]

Grell does so, slicing one with their Death Scythe, to see two split Cinematic Records of when they were living and when they continued moving when they are dead. And right after the mark of the "end" at the end of the cinematic record, the Undertaker appears in it with an apparent mustache and a cane. For the rest of the record, it is just the Undertaker making random, goofy poses. Sebastian and Grell are appalled by the contents with the latter showing more exasperation. Ciel, who cannot see the records, asks what is going on. Undertaker informs that the end mark of the cinematic record arrives along with every death but by adding fake records to them, he made it so that the end would never come. Somehow, the body mistakenly believes that life is still continuing and starts moving again without a soul. All living beings instinctively try to fill up whatever they lack, for instance if your body gets wounded, it will eventually close and heal, and if the spirit feels forlorn and lonely, one will seek others in order to fill the emptiness. That is why the bizarre dolls also instinctively seek what they lack. In order to find a 'soul', they will try to open up the bodies of the living in order to settle the balance of the never-ending cinematic record. Ciel concludes that that is the reason as the bizarre dolls pursued after their souls even though they have no hearing or sight. Undertaker comments that it is impossible for them to claim another soul's as theirs though. He can tamper with the records, but it is beyond his powers to create a soul. He has done numerous experiments but most of them never ameliorated from flesh dolls without a soul. That is why he calls them not living and not dead but rather "bizarre dolls".[48]

Ch60 Undertaker and a Bizarre Doll

Undertaker explains the Bizarre Dolls.

Ciel is disgusted yet the Undertaker brushes it off, saying that the Earl is too young to comprehend its beauty. He holds one "Bizarre Doll" fondly, describing them with flawless skin and unusable mouths which are beneficial since they cannot tell lies nor be loud. When Ciel says that makes him sick, the Undertaker says that that is just Ciel's opinion since there are humans who wish for these Bizarre Dolls as well, astounding Sebastian and Ciel. These dolls do not feel pain or fear and they eat the living, craving for their souls. The Undertaker muses that it's practically the best animal weapon there is, which shocks the rest of them. The eccentric bunch of humans wants to see the extent of their abilities. As a result, they experimented by throwing the same amount of humans and Bizarre Dolls together on a luxury cruise ship in order to allow them to kill each other and to see how many survive on each end which Sebastian says is quite deranged. The Undertaker admits that it was an unforeseen development to have crashed into an iceberg though since he has quit being a Grim Reaper so he no longer has the list in his custody. However, it did saved him the trouble of making it sink himself; it is similar to catching two birds with one stone. Sebastian concludes that if that is so, the ship was never meant to head to America then. The Undertaker tells him that because of them, a lot more humans survived than anticipated so he ponders whether or not he should be angry.[49]

Grell muses that the more the Undertaker talks, the more they are ascertained that they cannot permit this to pass without interfering. Ronald agrees that a Grim Reaper distorting the way of 'Death' is totally impossible. He envisages the Undertaker and comments that he does not wear glasses, so he is maybe one of those 'deserters' they occasionally see. The prior Grim Reaper says that he can be anything for all he cares but it is against the rules to come to human world and meddle with the life and death matters. The quickest way to force him to spill some information of how making the corpses move is to tie him up and hand him over to the bosses. Even more than against the rules is the crime of hurting Grell's face, which is unforgivable.[50]

Grell attacks the Undertaker with Ronald doing the same from behind but he is kicked aside by Sebastian. The demon calmly replies that he would be trouble if he allows them to haul Undertaker off and Ciel explains that they both also have a duty to present the truth before the Queen so they can not let him get away. Sebastian clarifies that he and Ciel would be the ones who take the Undertaker into custody. Grell counters that this is a problem between Grim Reapers so outsiders should stay away in which Sebastian retorts that this is his job as a butler so they are the outsiders whom should stay away. Grell compliments that Sebastian is as 'fascinatingly stoic' as always but if he is intransigent on that matter, then he would not hold back either. In response, Sebastian remarks that the fact that something like 'hold back' exists in Grell's dictionary surprises him more than anything today. Ronald declares that they keep the contest simple and have the fastest be the winner and angrily claims that he does not intend to lose to some old geezer.[51]

The Undertaker giggles, saying that it is like a rabbit hunt but he wonders which rabbit is truly the one being hunted. Sebastian, Grell, and Ronald then lunge from their positions towards Undertaker.[52]

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End Stages

The chapter begins with a three way battle between Sebastian, the Undertaker, Grell, and Ronald. Sebastian attempts to attack with his knives but Ronald intervenes, swinging his death scythe at him, forcing the latter to duck. Ronald then insincerely says that he slipped. Sebastian, angered, notes that his eyesight is terrible then and hurls his knives at Ronald in which the latter parries, causing the knives to aim at Undertaker.[53]

Ch61 From above

Undertaker attacks Ronald Knox.

The Undertaker simply blocks the attack, informing that all Grim Reapers are heavily near-sighted and Grell appears behind him, saying that the Undertaker's at a disadvantage then. They manage to cut the Undertaker's sotoba and was bemused by that possibility, recalling that they was not able to cut if before. Ronald charges forward but the Undertaker jumps and attacks him from above, thrusting his sotoba down, causing Ronald's glasses to be thrown off. The Undertaker forcefully slams his foot down on Ronald's head, saying that Ronald is dependent on his eyes. Grell catches Ronald's glasses, demanding what he's doing, and tosses the glasses to its rightful owner. Ronald reaches for it, in the midst of thanking Grell, but Sebastian's knife intervenes as it was heading for the Undertaker.[54]

Sebastian hurls numerous knives at the Undertaker in which the latter blocks all with his sotoba. The Undertaker questions if Sebastian is certain he'll be able to defeat him with mere silverware. Sebastian agrees that it's not as durable as a death scythe but it has top-grade sharpness. He catches the sotoba in his hand and with his other hand, he brings the knife up, effectively slicing the sotoba. The Undertaker acknowledges its sharpness and throws his sotoba at Sebastian. He then inquires if this is the best they can do with the three of them and presses that weren't they planning to hunt him down.[55]

Ronald puts on his glasses, saying that this is annoying and Grell urges them to hurry, saying that the ship's tilting badly and that they're out of time. Ronald agrees and they both charges forward with their death scythes, resulting to a head-on fight, no longer caring how it may look. The Undertaker blocks their death scythes, appalling Grell and Ronald. Grell yells that it's impossible as there is nothing a death scythe can't cut. She questions how it's commensurate to a death scythe and the Undertaker remarks that the theory of how a death scythe can cut everything is bit strange as there's one thing that it can't cut. The Undertaker then slices them both and they suffer from abominable wounds.[56]

Ch61 Undertaker's Death Scythe

Undertaker's Death Scythe.

The Undertaker reveals his own Death Scythe. Sebastian thoughtfully muses that the catchphrase of how a death scythe can cut anything is fraudulent when multiple death scythes are involved. Ronald notes that they should have collected the Undertaker's death scythe when he retired. The Undertaker replies that it has accompanied him for a long time and parting with it was difficult so he went through trouble just to get his death scythe back.[57] Subsequently, the Undertaker raises his death scythe, murmuring that he'll hunt them now like the pitiful rabbit in a hunting game. He swings it, tumultuously breaking a pillar and the structure collapses. Sebastian manages to support a table upright and along with other tables, lunges it at the Undertaker. The said Grim Reaper effortlessly cuts the tables, noting that it's pointless as it was as easy as breaking a cookie.[58]

Ch61 Caught

Undertaker goes after Ciel Phantomhive.

Sebastian appears behind him, revealing that it was just a visual distraction in order for him to get within the wide reach of the death scythe. The Undertaker manages to leap away from him, murmuring that Sebastian thinks of interesting stuff and adds that so will he. He lands, grabbing Ciel Phantomhive. He says to Ciel that he can finally put him into one of his specially-made coffins. Sebastian, exacerbated, directly lunges to the Undertaker and the latter simply tosses Ciel over and behind Sebastian while noting that he has expected Sebastian to come at him.[59]
Ch61 Undertaker stabs Sebastian

Undertaker impales Sebastian Michaelis.

Sebastian, surprised, turns around and Ciel and he reach for each other. However, they didn't manage to have a definite grasp before the Undertaker impales Sebastian from behind with his death scythe. He comments that humans may be weak and fragile but their lives are hard to drag out. He says that he has always wondered why a "vicious beast like [him] would dress up and play butler". The Undertaker tells him to show him his record just as Sebastian's cinematic records unleash. Ciel shouts for Sebastian but the latter's vision is slowly being engulfed by his records.[60]

Sebastian recalls that Ciel is calling for him in the midst of sadness and anger, confusion and despair. "The cursed words are spat out, summoning [him]". In the past, he is holding Ciel's hand, asking for the latter's name. Ciel tells him his name and informs that he will be the one to inherit the house of Earl Phantomhive and Sebastian notes that he should take a form suitable of being in service of the Earl.[61]

He steps forward, dressed as a butler, and asks Ciel to give him any order, addressing him as his "little lord".[62]

Main article: Chapter 61

The masked kidnappers are bewildered by Sebastian's existence and as one tries to take advantage of the rare opportunity, he commands to be granted eternal life and wealth, but was ignored. Sebastian acknowledges Ciel in the cage and realizes he is the one who has summoned him.[63]

Sebastian asks if he accepts the contract or not and Ciel says he wants power to take revenge on those who has soiled his family name, agreeing to the contract. Sebastian settles on placing the contract seal in Ciel's right eye in accordance to Ciel's wish to obtain the utmost power.[64]

After burning the place where Ciel resided, having being kidnapped, Sebastian muses that Ciel has proposed three requests: to protect and stay loyal to him until the revenge is fulfilled, to obey his orders unconditionally, and to never lie. Ciel swears to take revenge and Sebastian suggests going to the mansion but Ciel does not know where it is. They decide to head to the Royal London Hospital where Ciel's relative is. Before going, Ciel names the demon "Sebastian" in reference to his former dog's name.[65]

In the hospital, they encounter Tanaka who subsequently gives Sebastian the pocket watch and pin passed down from butlers for generations. Afterwards, they meet with Angelina Dalles who is relieved by Ciel's presence. They set up a carriage and Angelina gives him a ring that was spared in the fire before he and Sebastian departs for the Phantomhive manor.[66]

They arrive at the manor to find it burned. Ciel silently goes to the cemetery and sinks to his knees at his parents' graves in despair. After a while, Sebastian guides him back to the manor where he finds it rebuilt and restored to its original state before the fire. While in awe, Ciel is led inside.[67]

Consequently, Sebastian administers Ciel's bath and is scolded a few times for making the bath water too hot and for scrubbing his back to hard. Ciel demands that he leave in which Sebastian does but returns shortly after Ciel slipped while trying to grab his towel. Nonetheless, Ciel stubbornly refuses Sebastian's aid which exacerbates the latter to admonish him. Soon after, Sebastian finishes bathing Ciel and dries him only for Ciel's stomach to growl in hunger.[68]

Despite Sebastian preparing him a luxurious meal, Ciel advises him to be more cautious and not to do preternatural things such as rebuild a whole manor in one night and cook dinner in a blink of an eye as it would be too suspicious. Ciel then has trouble swallowing the food, as he is unaccustomed to greasy food, and decides to retreat to his bedroom. [69]

Sebastian enters his bedroom, offering him hot milk in order to relinquish his energy as starting tomorrow, Ciel would work to become an excellent head of the family and to revive his household. Ciel initially denies it but gradually accepts the hot milk after some honey is added to it. He drinks it and compliments that it tastes good. However, he expects that tomorrow's breakfast will not taste as bad as today's food for he refuses to settle for hot milk for the rest of his life like a puppy. Sebastian complies, secretly annoyed.[70]

Main article: Chapter 62

Afterwards, Ciel and Sebastian reprimand and punish each other in their errors according to their positions as Earl and a butler. Ciel receives education and training on his hunting and horseback riding skills. Sebastian, on the other hand, learns to prepares meals and tea accordingly to suit the high demands of a noble and to perform the annihilation of intruders without disrupting his master. [71]

After a period of time, they both drastically improve and ameliorate on their weaknesses.[72] Soon after, Ciel receives a letter from Queen Victoria about his decoration ceremony in order to declare him as Earl of the Phantomhive. He attends the ceremony and receives the respective title. Distantly, Sebastian watches the event and Angelina Dalles suggests him to go closer as he is viewed as family. He refuses as he is merely a butler.[73]

At the hallway, Sebastian notes that Ciel has the status of an Earl, the fortune, and a fiancee. He inquires if Ciel would like to throw away his wish for revenge in order to live in happiness. Ciel, however, refuses as he must press forward. He orders Sebastian to be his sword and shield and achieve him his victory and Sebastian promises so. The latter notes how delectable Ciel's soul would be once he obtains his revenge.[74]

In the present time, Sebastian desperately reaches out for Ciel until he manages to grasp his master's hand firmly.[75]

Main article: Chapter 63

Sebastian rescues Ciel as Undertaker expected he would. The ship then tremors due the fact that it is tilting upwards. Rian falls to his death.[76]

Ch64 Catching the chain

Undertaker loses his lockets.

As Grell takes on the Undertaker, Ronald attempts to destroy Sebastian in his weakened state. However, Sebastian is able to overpower him easily, driven by his master's orders.[77] Meanwhile, the Undertaker recognizes Grell as a Grim Reaper who has formerly taken the position as Madame Red's butler. Before Grell can execute their attack, Ronald is thrown by Sebastian and is hurled towards Grell's direction.[78]

The ship begins to sink and water floods in their area. Undertaker is attacked head-on by Grell and Sebastian but loses his chain of lockets. However, Ciel manages to catch the them. The Undertaker entrusts it to him, saying that it is treasure. He bids farewell and splits the ship in two with his Death Scythe.[79]

Main article: Chapter 64

With the ship split in half, passengers began to fall into the water. People on lifeboats witness the scene.[80] In a dire situation, Sebastian is forced to put Ciel in a life preserver and subsequently tosses him in the ocean.[81]

Meanwhile, William T. Spears appears before Grell and Ronald, irritated that he has to be mobilized from another department to come help them collect the souls.[82] After they are done doing so, William informs the duo that they are to report to the Headquarters about a "violator".

Eventually, Sebastian rescues Ciel from the water and places him in a boat. As they began to venture onward, a Bizarre Doll attacks Sebastian. Soon after, they discover that other Bizarre Dolls have manifested from the water and surrounded them. Ciel orders Sebastian to eradicate the Bizarre Dolls and the latter soon accomplishes this task.

By dawn, Sebastian finishes, leaving a carnage of Bizarre Dolls around him. However, he agonizes over the Death Scythe blow inflicted on him earlier. A rescue ship approaches and Ciel tells Sebastian that he deserves a good rest once they return to the manor.

Main article: Chapter 65


After the sinking of Campania, speculative articles about the incident and the supposition of "monsters" circulated in Britain. Aleistor Chamber is reported to be miraculously alive and saved.[83]

Today is the holiday of Easter and Elizabeth proposes an egg hunt in which Ciel, Sebastian, Edward, Soma, Agni, Nina Hopskins, Baldroy, Mey-Rin and Finnian participate in. The objective is to retrieve an egg that Elizabeth has particularly decorated.[84] Charles Grey and Charles Phipps suddenly enter the Phantomhive manor and consequently join the competition as well. Sebastian then established additions rules to the game: Everyone will be divided into pairs. One of them can freely exchange the egg through use of the ladles. If the raw egg is broken, no matter what reason it is, the team will be disqualified. The pairs are then decided: Ciel and Sebastian, Grey and Phipps, Soma and Agni, Bard and Mey-Rin, Finnian and Snake, and Edward and Nina.[85]

Edward and Nina are first to be disqualified after Mey-Rin uses a slingshot to destroy their egg when Edward was distracted by Nina's suggestiveness. Baldroy and Mey-Rin are next after suffering from an explosive egg Baldroy specially made.[86]

Later, Phipps utilizes a snake-manipulating snake which disturbs Snake to the point where he collapses on the ground, causing his raw egg to break. Finnian and Snake are then disqualified as well.[87]

Meanwhile, Agni distracts Sebastian while Soma appears behind Ciel. But before Soma manages to confiscate the egg, Ciel abruptly coughs. Soma becomes anxious over his condition and while distracted, Ciel knocks the egg out of Soma's possession and it shatters on the ground. Ciel then laughs triumphantly, saying he will take any measure to win. However instead of becoming angry, Agni and Soma hug him, relieved that he was not ill.[88]

Afterwards, Ciel and Sebastian notice Elizabeth's egg secreted on one of the arms of the chandelier. Sebastian muses that it would mean more if Ciel retrieves it himself as he is Elizabeth's fiance. Ciel reluctantly instructs for a step-ladder and struggles to get the egg.[89] Just then, the double Charles arrive, in an attempt to stop their efforts and take victory. Ciel loses balance and hangs on the chandelier while Sebastian tries to outmaneuver the double Charles, asking him to wait for another ten seconds. Grey questions how Sebastian is still alive as he was certain he has killed him. He discloses that he hates losing and loves toying with an opponent that can not resist.[90]

However, the double Charles' egg suddenly hatched out a baby chicken. Sebastian remarks that a fertilized egg must have been mixed in, but enforces the rules stating that no matter the reason, if your egg breaks, you are disqualified. Ciel manages to retrieve Elizabeth's egg and comments that Sebastian has planned it from the start and Sebastian replies that he can not afford for his master to be embarrassed in front of his future wife.[91]

Later there is a grand feast and Elizabeth is overjoyed to learn that Ciel has gotten her egg and wishes him happiness. Then Elizabeth contemplates to herself how they had celebrated Easter multiple of times, yet it is her first year to make her own Easter egg. She wonders what happened to Ciel in that one month.[92]

Grey then recalls that they did not just come to play games. He hands Ciel an envelop, stating that it is a love letter.[93]

Main article: Chapter 66


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