London is the capital of the British Empire and the primary base of operations for numerous residents of England, most notably Queen Victoria.


London is the capital city of England and the United Kingdom and the largest metropolitan area in the country. Located near the River Thames, it is a global city that prominently thrives in arts, commerce, education, entertainment, fashion, finance, healthcare, media, professional services, research and development, and tourism and transport.[1]


May through August, when the weather is at its best, is known as the "Season," and aristocrats leave their manors to their London townhouses in order to attend social events.[2]


Arthur's Clinic

Buckingham Palace

    Ch93 Buckingham Palace.png
    Buckingham Palace is the residence and administrative headquarters of the British monarchy since 1837. Its first and current residing monarch is Queen Victoria.[3]

Crystal Palace

    Ch19 Crystal Palace.png
    Crystal Palace is a building in Hyde Park. It was originally built for the Great Exhibition of 1851.[4]

    In late 1888, the "The Exhibition of Indian Culture and Its Prosperity in the British Empire" was held there. The exhibition showcased Great Britain's achievements and industry in India and included a curry contest Queen Victoria herself attended.

Daunt Book Store

    Ch85 Daunt Book Store.png
    Daunt Book Store is a bookshop.[5]

Donson Opticians

    Ch85 Donson Opticians.png
    Donson Opticians is an optician's office.[6]

East End

    East End.png
    The East End is a dark area in London, plagued by poverty and crime. It is the designated place where people involved with the multinational underworld gather.[7]
    Main article: East End

Ferro Headquarters

    102 Ferro headquarters.png
    The Ferro headquarters is the primary base of operations of the Italian Ferro Company in England.

    It is located in Buck's Row, Whitechapel.[8]

Funeral Parlor

    104 Funeral parlor.png
    The funeral parlor is a business owned by Undertaker. It provides burial and funeral services for the deceased and their families.
    Main article: Funeral parlor

Funtom Music Hall

Funtom Shop

    Ch146 Funtom shop.png
    Funtom Corporation is a company founded and owned by Ciel Phantomhive, which sells, among other things, toys, sweets, and cosmetics.

    The company's headquarters can be found in London.[9] Its address is 101 Brompton, London.[10]

    Main article: Funtom Corporation


    Ch85 Globe-Trotter.png
    Globe-Trotter is a shop in Mayfair which sells luxury luggage, suitcases, and accessories.[11][12]

Hopkins' Tailor Shop

Karnstein Hospital

    Ch51 Karnstein Hospital.png
    Karnstein Hospital is a medical facility that specialises in illegal human experimentation.[13]
    Main article: Karnstein Hospital

King's Bear Tavern

Lark Photographic Studio

Limehouse District

Lock & Co. Hatters

    Ch85 Lock & Co. Hatters.png
    Lock & Co. Hatters is the world's oldest hat shop, founded in 1676 by Robert Davis, and located at 6 St James's Street, London. It holds a Royal warrant.[15][16]

London Townhouse

Opium Dens

    Ch153 Lau's opium den.png
    Lau operates various opium dens in London. One of them is accessible through the waterway beneath the city.
    Main article: Opium den

Royal London Hospital

    Ch62 Royal London Hospital.png
    The Royal London Hospital is a medical facility that provides district general hospital services for the city of London.[19]
    Main article: Royal London Hospital

Scotland Yard

Sewer System

Sieglinde's House

Smiths' Olde Sweet Shoppe

    Ch85 Smiths' Olde Sweet Shoppe.png
    Smiths' Olde Sweet Shoppe is a confectionery store.[23]

Somerset House

Sphere Music Hall

West Jeb Townhouse

Weston College

    Ch68 Weston College layout.png
    Weston College, Britain's finest all-boys public school, is located in London, near River Thames.[28]
    Main article: Weston College

Other places:
Harold Trading — a general store owned by Harold West Jeb[29]
Harold West — a Hindustani coffeehouse owned by Harold West Jeb[29]
Lyceum Theatre — in March 1889, it showed the play The Lady of the Lake[30]
Saint Sophia Academy[31]
Unnamed cane shop — owned by the shopkeeper[32]
Unnamed coffeehouse in Piccadilly Circus[33]

Watson Cafe[34]

Angel's Wing Antiques

    111 Angel's Wing Antiques.png
    Angel's Wing Antiques is a puppet store that Drossel Keinz runs for his master, the Earl of Mandalay. There, apart from small dolls, other little knick-knacks can be purchased.[35]

Mandalay Manor

    111 Mandalay Manor.png
    Mandalay Manor is the base of operation of the Earl of Mandalay, Drossel Keinz' master. It is located behind the Angel's Wing Antiques.[35]

Turner's Photographs

    203 Turner's Photographs.png
    Turner's Photographs is a photography studio. It is owned and run by Mr. Turner and his wife Margaret Turner.[36]


  • As of August 1888, the population of London is 4.5 million—excluding the influx of people during the Season.[37]

Out of Universe

  • The real Daunt Book Store was originally called "Francis Edwards" and opened in 1912. The bookstore was renamed "Daunt Books" when James Daunt bought it in 1990.[38]
  • The real Globe-Trotter Company was founded in 1897[11] by David Nelken in Saxony, Germany. It only moved to the United Kingdom in 1932.[39]
  • Smiths' Olde Sweet Shoppe may have been modelled after Mr. Simm's Olde Sweet Shoppe, a store chain which sells confectionery in Victorian-style stores since 2004.[40]


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