104 Funeral parlor
    The funeral parlor is a business owned by Undertaker and is located in London. The parlor also serves Undertaker as his residence.
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    East End
    The East End is a dark area in London, plagued with poverty and crime. Many people involved with the multinational underworld gather there.

    Lau oversees the area for Ciel Phantomhive and manages the number of people who move in and out of East End. Some of Lau's opiums dens are located there.

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    Ch19 Crystal Palace
    Crystal Palace is a building in Hyde Park, London. It was originally built for the Great Exhibition of 1851.

    In late 1888, the "The Exhibition of Indian Culture and Its Prosperity in the British Empire" was held there. The exhibition showcased Great Britain's achievements and industry in India and included a curry contest Queen Victoria herself attended.

    Ch93 Buckingham Palace
    Buckingham Palace is the residence and administrative headquarters of the British monarchy in London since 1837. Its first and current residing monarch is Queen Victoria.

    Ch51 Karnstein Hospital
    Karnstein Hospital is a medical facility renowned for allegedly reviving the dead.

    Its director and head doctor is Rian Stoker.

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    Ch146 Funtom shop
    Funtom Corporation is a company founded and owned by Ciel Phantomhive, which sells, among other things, toys, sweets, and cosmetics.

    One of the company's many stores can be found in London.

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    Ch87 Werewolves' Forest
    Werewolves' Forest, also known as the Cursed Forest, is a forest in Southern Germany. It is known for its ominous nature and avoided by inhabitants of nearby villages and towns.

    Sieglinde Sullivan is the forest's lord.

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    Ch105 Weizsäcker Castle
    Weizsäcker Castle is one of the many castles possessed by the Weizsäcker barony. It is a huge, magnificent castle; still, it is said to be rather small compared to the barony's principal residence.

    Baron Diedrich is its current proprietor. He lives there with his butler Heinrich and numerous other servants.

    Ch116 Sphere Music Hall
    Sphere Music Hall is a music hall in London which gained a lot of popularity in late 1889.
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    Ch153 Lau's opium den
    Lau operates various opium dens in London. One of them is accessible through the waterway beneath the city.
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Anime-only locations

    107 Arriving at Houndsworth
    Houndsworth is a village in England known for its dog fights.

    In the late 1870s and 1880s, the population has decreased by one-third, due to a high rate of murdered or missing people.

    The village's current mayor is Henry Barrymore who lives with his maid Angela Blanc in Barrymore Castle. Another notable resident is James.

    111 Angel's Wing Antiques
    Angel's Wing Antiques is a puppet store in London where small dolls and other little knick-knacks can be purchased.

    It is run by Drossel Keinz for his master, the Earl of Mandalay.

    117 Ciel approaches the priest
    The abandoned Catholic church is a religious building in the outskirts of Preston, Lancashire.

    The church was burned down during the Reformation in the 16th century. Centuries later, a cult started gathering in the old church. Its leader is said to possess the Doomsday Book.

    One of the known cult members is the nun Mathilda Simmons.

    118 Grim Reaper Library
    The Grim Reaper Library is the place where all the Cinematic Records are stored in the form of books.

    Island of Death
    The Island of Death is a sacred place for demons. It is also the only place where demons are allowed to hold formal duels among one another.
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    The unnamed village is located in England and is the childhood home of Jim and Luka Macken. It was destroyed years ago by a fire.
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    202 The white stag
    The unnamed broadleaf forest in England is said to house the mysterious white stag. A river runs through the forest and numerous glades are strewn throughout it.

    203 Turner's Photographs
    Turner's Photographs is a photography studio in London. It is owned and run by Mr. Turner and his wife Margaret Turner.

    209 Asylum
    The unnamed asylum is the mental institution where Ciel Phantomhive was committed. It is situated on a cliff, far away from any housing areas, and can only be accessed by crossing a drawbridge.

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