The little girl is an unofficial flower vendor, and an inhabitant of London. She is one of the many children that get abducted by the Noah's Ark Circus.[1]

Character Outline

The small, youthful girl has large brown eyes and long brown hair worn in braided pigtails. She dresses in a simple green coat and tan button-up shirt, and dons a red scarf.

The little girl is very caring, and she worries tremendously for her implied brother, Jimmy, as he is very ill. She becomes exultant whenever she can acquire enough money to buy medicine for him. She also thinks of him often, as indicated when she saw a Noah's Ark Circus's poster — the first thing that came to her mind was taking Jimmy to a circus performance one day, for the sake of his happiness.[1]


Circus Arc

At night, the little girl approaches a Scotland Yard officer, who advises her to go home out of concern regarding the recent kidnappings. She begs him to buy her last bundle of flowers and adds that if she does not manage to sell all her flowers, her mother will be severely disappointed. The officer complies and pays for the flowers.[1]

The girl dashes off merrily with the coins the officer gave her; she is joyful that she can assist in covering the expenses for Jimmy's medicine. When she goes down an alleyway, she gets attracted by a Noah's Ark Circus poster, and Joker's music. The first-string members of the troupe dazzle her with their respective acts. Mesmerized, she is then gulled into entering a carriage that would supposedly take her to Dreamland, and drops her coins while walking over to it in a daze.[1]

Ep43 The little girl locked up in a cage

The little girl, while imprisoned.

Before she can get into the carriage, however, the officer from earlier rushes over to her. All she can perceive of him, though, is a cartoon police bear, as she is utterly bewitched. Jumbo kills the officer from behind; instead of blood, the girl sees confetti pooling out of his head. Other officers are murdered by Dagger, but the girl believes that, again, cartoon police bears are exploding into confetti. Beast eliminates an officer with her whip. The delighted girl applauds each death. Joker cajoles her to enter the carriage, and she does. She is, then, taken away.[1]

Later, the little girl, now benumbed and locked up in a cage with the other kidnapped children, is found in Kelvin's cellar.[2] When Doctor arrives, he pulls the little girl out of her cage, and drags her to a table in the center of the room. There, he slays her.[3]


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