Revision & Reference Mission

The Revision & Reference Mission (AKA, the R&R Mission) is composed of a group of Kuroshitsuji Wiki users devoted to amending all articles by correcting erroneous grammar and improper sentence structures; its other fundamental duty is to provide credible sources to all articles. It must ensure that accurate records are kept through proper references.

Roles of the Revision & Reference Mission

  • To ensure that all articles have precise grammar in the English language
  • To rectify mistakes, minor or major, such as typos
  • To remove vandalism from articles if there is any; definitely bring this to an administrator's attention, especially if the vandalism is recent and blatant
  • To ensure that all information are supported with verifiable citations and references
  • To search for, and subsequently add references where there are missing; if a reference is unable to be found, a noble is liable to include a {{Citations needed}} tag, and may even remove the unreferenced information (please consult with the Emperor/Empress of the R&R Project or an administrator first before removing a sizable piece of information)

Current Members

Member name Signature Promotion Date
King/Queen: Lau  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  23:52,9/17/2011  September 15, 2011
Duke/Duchess: Buddy The Buddy loves Undertaker September 17, 2011
Marquis/Marchioness: Tsumi この世界では人の二種類が存在する。 盗む人や から盗まれている人々。 October 23, 2011
Earl/Countess: Skye Filipino Queen of Darkness November 8, 2011
Viscount/Viscountess: Lego ~Lego May 27, 2012
Baron/Baroness: Tenshi Tenshi Aj June 5, 2012

Retired Members

Member name Signature Retirement Date
Rin Rin Chau 1 February 2012
Cutekittenkatara Cutekittenkatara 1 February 2012



Below is a list of articles in need of improvement. Pick a task you wish to complete by putting (claimed) next to it, along with your signature. Once finished with the warranted task, change the claimed status to (check for completion), and the Watchdog will verify its completion. If there are no tasks available, the Emperor/Empress will post new ones. All tasks are worth a certain amount of pounds (£); whoever has garnered the most pounds at the end of the month will be named Noble of the Month.

When signing up for a job please use ~~~ instead of ~~~~, so that your time-stamp will be published

Please remember that all added information must be referenced. Follow the policies.

This is Kuroshitsuji Wiki's first time implementing this sort of practice for the Projects. Things will progress slowly, but soon, this new system will be used with utmost efficiency. Please bear with us until then. As of yet, no tasks are assigned.

Revision/Cleaning Up

For an article in need of clean up, add {{Cleanup}} at the beginning of the article.

Character Personalities

Manga Plot


It's possible to cite the same source multiple times. In order to make the same sources link to one footnote, named footnotes or named references are used.

A footnote is named using the name parameter of the <ref> tag. Choose a name (such as "Lau") and then at one of the footnote marker points, enter the footnote like this:

<ref name="Lau">''Kuroshitsuji'' manga, Chapter 1, page 1</ref>

Then you can create another identical marker linking to the same footnote from any other point in the text, by entering the following (note the final slash): <ref name="Lau" />

General Cleanup

Needs References

Needs Continuous Updates

Recent Completed Footnotes

Completed Archive

All articles with footnotes labeled as finished will be listed here. However, they may still having a missing or inaccurate detail and if that's the case, only an admin or a watchdog is allowed to remove pages from this section.

Note: Both completed footnotes, references, or pages will share the same archive.

Recent Completed References

All articles that's fully referenced will be listed here.