Formal requests for rollback rights can be filed on this page. Rollback rights enable normal users to use a [rollback] button to quickly revert vandalism from different pages, as well as the ability to delete forum comments. It is particularly useful on Kuroshitsuji Wiki when an administrator is unavailable to take bigger action against vandals. There is no maximum number of rollback users. If you believe you deserve rollback rights, do not hesitate to make such a request below.


There are no concrete requirements for a user to be eligible for rollback rights. However, administrators will consider the following qualities:

  • A very strong and consistent history of high-quality contributions
  • A substantial history of anti-vandalism and corrective, tenable work
  • No history of serious blocks due to vandalism or sockpuppetry


  • If you believe that you are eligible for rollback rights, add your request under the section "Current Requests" and give a concise explanation (no more than a few lines) as to why you deserve and require rollback rights. Please sign your name at the end of your post.
  • Alternatively, another user may also nominate another eligible user for rollback rights. If this is the case, the applicant only needs to say that s/he accepts the nomination. It is not necessary to elaborate any further, as administrators will check user contributions regardless of what is written. Note that being nominated by another user bears no advantage over normal requests you make yourself.
  • The active administrators, currently C. Phantom and Tsuminohime, will consider your request. Do not be discouraged if your request gets declined; remember that you can always submit another request at a later date after further contributing to the Wiki.

Current Requests

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