Formal requests for adminship are documented on this page. Comprehensive information regarding what sysop rights are is located at the user rights guide.


Present administrators will consider admin candidates that exhibit the following qualities:

  • Trustworthy conduct
  • Regular editing over a considerable amount of time
  • A very strong and consistent history of high-quality contributions to namespace content: a minimum of 1000 article-exclusive edits
  • Provision of civil assistance to other users with questions (via Message Walls, Forums, etc.)
  • Observant and attentive to opposing and preventing vandalism and speculation by undoing other users' deliberate destruction of articles and notifying admins when necessary
  • Enforcement of all of our official policies


If you believe that you are eligible for sysop rights, given that you have met all of the requirements listed above, add your request under the "Current Requests" section and set forth a concise explanation as to why you deserve and require sysop rights. Please sign your name at the end of your post.

After the current and active administrators have evaluated the caliber of the admin candidate, they will inform the said individual of their collective response.

Do not be discouraged if your request gets declined. Continue making good contributions to the Wiki; you can always submit another request at a later time.

Note: Alternatively, a user is allowed to nominate another user for sysop rights. If this is the case, the nominated individual only needs to say that s/he accepts the nomination. It is not necessary to elaborate any further, as administrators will review the user's contributions, regardless of what is written. Keep in mind that being nominated by another user bears absolutely no advantage whatsoever over normal requests you make yourself.

Current Requests



Heeeeey, so I know I didn't want this before but now with so much more info on the wiki and so many images/pages/links needing to be fixed 'cuz we're following Yen Press translations, I want to ask for admin rights to help out! I'll make it clear, I don't want to be a bureaucrat. Just need those extra options to edit faster. Still a loyal slave to this one and this one. (And if my request gets granted, I wanna keep my precious gold color pls.)  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  Lugia  04:23,2/23/2016 

Result: Oooh, fancy seeing you here! Well, after evaluating your performance on the wiki, it's clear to see that you have made consistent and substantial effort in improving and maintaining our articles with your edits. You've also done a superb job as an event host in engaging the Kurowikian community so Doggy and I have both decided that we would be more than happy to grant you the administrator rights. So, congratulations, hope you enjoy them! Ok, you can keep the gold color XD 罪の姫は, 暗闇で あなたを待っている... 12:05, February 23, 2016 (UTC)


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