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Kuroshitsuji Wiki has a number of policies, rules, and regulations that serve to ensure proper conduct on the site. They are applied to all members, without exception.

By browsing and editing Kuroshitsuji Wiki, it is assumed that you have read the policies and are committed to abiding by them. They will be strictly enforced. Failure to comply will result in a warning or ban, depending on the severity of the matter. Updates to the policies will also be applied retroactively. Any issue not explicitly stated in the policies will be left to the discretion of the staff.

Please that there are a few policies that apply across all of Fandom.

Last updated: January 13, 2022.

Rules and Regulations

The rules and regulations encompass, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Be courteous and respectful to fellow members at all times.
  • Respect and listen to the staff at all times. They work to maintain peace, and are impartial when making decisions. Do not impersonate the staff and/or mini-mod. The staff has the final say in any dispute.
  • Discrimination, harassment, victimization, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia, racism, threats, abuse, toxicity, trolling, hostility, aggression, malice, bullying, provocation, persecution, hateful speech and imagery, derogatory language, and/or disruptive behavior in any form is unacceptable, and will warrant an immediate ban. Steer clear of contentious issues such as religion and politics whenever possible.
  • No NSFW. Do not share gory, violent, adult, sensitive, and/or potentially disturbing or distressing content. Your name, avatar, profile, and the images you upload should not reflect such content, either.
  • Do not leak personal information of any kind. Do not share links to malicious or questionable websites, videos, etc.
  • Always include references and citations for the content you add to the mainspace, and credit your sources when applicable.
  • Adhere to the Discussions guidelines.
  • Edit-warring is unacceptable.
  • Acts of vandalism, such as arbitrarily removing properly written content and inserting nonsense, will result in a ban.
  • You must take responsibility for your words and actions. Pleading ignorance after deliberating violating the rules will not work.

Manual of Style

Main article: Kuroshitsuji Wiki:Manual of Style

The Manual of Style is a standard guide to the style and format of Kuroshitsuji Wiki's articles. For more information, please navigate to the Manual of Style.

Blocking Policy

Blocking is the method by which administrators can prohibit users from editing on Kuroshitsuji Wiki. Blocks are used to prevent damage or disruption. Blocks are sometimes used as a deterrent, to discourage the disrespectful behavior that led to the block and to encourage a productive editing environment.

Administrators should not undo other administrators' blocks without prior discussion. Blatant vandalism, such as deliberately publishing nonsense and/or profanity to an article, warrants an immediate block and does not require a warning.

Reasons for Blocking

Accounts and/or IP addresses may be blocked for:

  • Flagrant/Persistent harassment and/or personal attacks on another user(s)
  • Flagrant/Persistent spamming and/or vandalism (e.g. intentionally defacing a page) on the wiki's articles
  • Flagrant/Persistent incivility and/or violation of the wiki's Code of Conduct
  • Flagrant/Persistent violation/disregard of the wiki's policies
  • Edit warring or revert warring

Duration of Blocks

  • First Offence = Warning. (Possible; it is entirely the administrator's discretion whether the user deserves a warning or an immediate block. The administrator will assess the duration they feel would be effective, depending on the severity of the violation. If a warning is issued but not heeded by the user, a block will be administered.)
  • Second Offence = Two weeks' block or more.
  • Third Offence = Three months' block or more.
  • Fourth Offence = One year's block or indefinite block.

Chat Policy

The Chat Policy outlines the expectations Kuroshitsuji Wiki has for those who decide to utilize the live, real-time feature Chat. The principal purpose of Chat is to facilitate discussions among users. Chat is a privilege that should not be abused under any circumstances. It should be a friendly and welcoming environment for all editors. Refer to the Blocking Policy, for consequences for violating the Chat Policy.

Reasons for Ban from Chat

Accounts may be banned from Chat for:

  • Flagrant/Persistent harassment and/or personal attacks on another user(s)
  • Flagrant/Persistent spamming/advertising/defamation
  • Flagrant/Persistent incivility and/or violation of the wiki's Code of Conduct
  • Flagrant/Persistent violation/disregard of the wiki's policies
  • Chat invasion. Subjects about wikis other than Kuroshitsuji Wiki should not be discussed here.
  • Sock puppetry, which is to create multiple accounts in order to bypass a ban given to a previous account.

If you have witnessed one of the infractions mentioned above, then please take a screenshot of the conversation and relate it to a chat moderator or an administrator if one was not online at that time.

If you have been banned and wish for the ban to be lifted, please show good conduct on the wiki and then negotiate with the chat moderator or administrator who banned you; remember that it is entirely their discretion whether you deserve to have the ban lifted or not. If you feel that you have been unjustly banned, please contact an administrator.

Deletion Policy

Occasionally, undesirable content is added to Kuroshitsuji Wiki. When that happens, it will be removed from the wiki. Note that only administrators and Wikia appointed users with special rights have the ability to delete a page/image/etc., and the final decision rests with them.

Marking for Deletion

To mark a page/image/etc. for deletion, simply add the {{delete}} template to it. You can also add {{delete|reason=Explain why this should be deleted}}, if you wish to state a reason for marking the page/image/etc. for deletion.

If a page/image/etc. is marked for deletion, the issue can be discussed and analyzed on either the Talk Page of the page/image/etc., or on the dedicated discussion page.

Reasons for Deletion

There are a wide array of reasons why a detail, page, image, file, forum, comment, redirect, and/or video may be deleted or considered for deletion.

Generally, if the content violates the wiki's policies and Code of Conduct, and/or contains inaccuracies, speculation, spam, vandalism, fanfiction, fanart, and/or misleading/unnecessary/unreferenced/copyrighted/low-quality (media file only) information and material, then the content will be removed.

Discussion Policy

Discussion is a crucial part of Kuroshitsuji Wiki. It should be used to exchange ideas among peers in the community and to make decisions and/or compromises. Before major changes to an article can be published, a discussion relevant to said changes must be in place; the changes must be approved by an administrator. The most fundamental rule of discussions is that the person(s) involved in the discussion must observe the Code of Conduct at all times. Failure to do so will result in consequences.

Things to Remember

  • Note that the Talk Pages on articles should be used to discuss suggestions for article improvement only (e.g. grammatical errors, layout issues, ambiguous wording, etc.). Please place all general comments, queries, and theories in the forums. Posts in Talk Pages must be signed by the individual who published them; posts can be signed with four tildes (~~~~), or by clicking the signature button. For each new discussion topic, a new heading must be established.
  • Do not alter any post that is not your own, unless it is to remove abusive content, or content that otherwise violates Kuroshitsuji Wiki's policies.
  • Do not continue a discussion that was closed on a Talk Page; if you wish for it to be reopened, then contact an administrator and clearly state your reason(s). Remember that it is at the discretion of the administrator whether or not they reopen the discussion.
  • Forum discussions that are inactive for a period of two weeks or more will be closed.

Image Policy

When uploading images, use .png instead of .jpg for higher quality. We will eventually replace all .jpg images with .png alternatives. Any .jpg image uploaded will be promptly deleted, without exception.

Things to Remember

  • The content of all images uploaded cannot violate our policies. Images should be never contain pornographic, offensive, inappropriate, gory, and/or explicit content. Doing so will result in immediate deletion of the image, and the uploader will most likely be blocked without warning.
  • Images will be marked for deletion if they are unused, have no foreseeable use, and/or violate any of the policies.
  • All images from official sources (e.g. the manga, anime, and/or data books) should be placed in their respective image galleries for cataloging purposes.
  • Refrain from uploading or using poor quality images. If a higher quality duplicate of an existing file is uploaded under a different file name, the old lower quality file is to be flagged for deletion to prevent image duplication.
  • Any picture or .gif that is uploaded and has not found a use (either on a profile or an article) can and will be promptly deleted.
  • Any user that uploads pictures and/or .gifs for use on their profile will find that after two months or more of inactivity, the pictures and/or .gifs can and will be deleted.
  • While we permit fan art in user profiles, do not upload them with the intention of including them in any actual articles. We only use official images for articles. In addition, all fan art are to be included into the Category:User Page Images.
  • Self/personal images are not permitted on this site.
  • Do not mark images as your own. Yana Toboso and other official sources own all images from the manga, anime, and other Kuroshitsuji-related merchandise.
  • Images need to be at least 120px wide for the article images and at least 290px wide for the character profile pictures. If they are not wide enough, the quality will diminish when stretched to fit the format of this wiki.
  • Images are to be free of errors where possible. They should not contain mouse pointers and borders. Text from subtitles and text in manga pictures, primarily dialogue of characters and text added by the scanlators such as the name of the scanlation group, should also be removed. This may mean manually erasing it yourself or finding a raw video instead of a subbed one. Avoid TV network logos, if possible.
  • Pictures should remain largely untouched. For example, they should not be stretched vertically or horizontally, and they should not have adjustments to the color and larger portions of the background should not be cut out. Doing so distorts the image from the original intent of Yana Toboso and/or the animators. Generally, if you have to do more than crop, and erase dialogue, then you are excessively modifying the image.
  • File names should be clear, concise, and descriptive of what the respective images actually depict or are used for. Gibberish/long strings of numbers/words constitute bad file names. For organizational purposes, it is necessary to indicate the source of the file in the file name; for example, Image:Ch110 Blavat and Sebastian.png has the prefix "Ch110" to signify that the image was taken from Chapter 110 of the Kuroshitsuji manga.
  • The copyright of all images remains with Yana Toboso, Yen Press, FUNimation, and any other individual/group who legally owns the material. It does not belong to the individuals who provide the manga scans or episodes online. Thus, all images uploaded need to be properly marked with their fair use tag and fair use rationale.
  • Do not overwrite an existing image/replace an image by uploading another image with the same file name. Upload all images under new file names. The only time when it is acceptable to replace an image with a new one is if the one you are uploading is essentially identical but higher-quality in comparison.
  • Embedded videos are not to be used on articles, due to possible copyright infringement.

Protection Policy

Some pages may be protected from editing due to flagrant/persistent vandalism or to preserve the integrity of the wiki. To edit on Kuroshitsuji Wiki, one must first have a Wikia account (learn how to create an account), as all pages on Kuroshitsuji Wiki are protected by default so that only registered users can edit them.

A few pages are protected so that only administrators can edit them. Learn more about them down below.

Full Protected

Some pages are fully protected because they have been frequently vandalized, an edit war has taken place, and/or the accuracy of their content must be maintained. This type of protection may only last for a short period of time or it may be indefinite, depending on the situation at hand. Only administrators may edit fully protected pages.

Permanently Full Protected

Some pages are protected to administrator (sysop) level by default because they are essential to running Kuroshitsuji Wiki. They cannot be unprotected. These pages include logos and style sheets.

Move Protected

Some pages are protected so that they cannot be moved without an administrator's authorization. This may be due to page-move vandalism, or as a prevention measure on high-use pages. Only administrators may move the pages.

Profile Policy

All registered users of Kuroshitsuji Wiki are automatically given their own Profile and Message Wall. However, with these privileges, come some basic rules that must be obeyed. Violations of the wiki's policies will result in consequences. Additionally, an administrator may remove content they have deemed unacceptable without giving any prior warning, or take whatever other necessary action to curb vandalism and/or incivility.

What is a Profile?

Details about the Profile can be found here.

Things to Remember

  • In most cases, users are welcome to edit their own profiles as they see fit, as long as the content (information, images, etc.) added does not violate the wiki's policies.
  • No user is allowed to edit another user's profile without their express permission. If another user edits your profile without permission, you can report the offence to an administrator.
  • One's profile should not be their biggest contribution to the site. Users who intend to edit on a regular basis should not focus solely on their profile; edits to the wiki's articles are of prime importance.
  • Users are not allowed to make a list of users they dislike or wish to discredit on their profile.
  • Users should mark for deletion any picture that they uploaded for their profile which they are no longer using. You can do this by adding {{delete}} to the picture's information page. For further information on pictures, refer to the Image Policy.

What is a Message Wall?

Details about the Message Wall can be found here.

Things to Remember

  • It is forbidden for a user to remove Warnings from an administrator. Removing warnings is considered an attempt to whitewash one's reputation, and demonstrates an unwillingness to comply with the rules.