Image Mission

The Image Mission is composed of a group of Kuroshitsuji Wiki users devoted to ameliorating articles by adding and adjusting images or other media when essential. It is also in charge of assuring that all images on the site are of high quality, and have proper fair use rationale and licensing.

Roles of the Image Mission

  • To add images to articles, especially if the said articles are severely lacking of them or require them for clarity of stated information
  • To adjust the images in the articles so they do not look messy or out of place
  • To replace poor quality images with a higher quality alternative; it is of preference to use the .png extension
  • To ensure that all images display a fair use rationale and that they are correctly licensed
  • To ensure that all images appertaining to a certain concept (such as a character) are sorted neatly into its respective Image Gallery
  • To report to an administrator if any image breaches the Image Policy

Current Members

Member name Signature Promotion Date
King/Queen: Serene SereneChaos September 15th, 2011
Baron/Baroness: Michee June 15, 2012

Retired Members

Member name Signature Retirement Date
Rin Rin Chau 19 January 2012



Below is a list of articles in need of improvement. Pick a task you wish to complete by putting (claimed) next to it, along with your signature. Once finished with the warranted task, change the claimed status to (check for completion), and the Watchdog will verify its completion. If there are no tasks available, the Emperor/Empress will post new ones. All tasks are worth a certain amount of pounds (£); whoever has garnered the most pounds at the end of the month will be named Noble of the Month.

When signing up for a job please use ~~~ instead of ~~~~, so that your time-stamp will be published

Please remember that all added information must be referenced. Follow the policies.

This is Kuroshitsuji Wiki's first time implementing this sort of practice for the Projects. Things will progress slowly, but soon, this new system will be used with utmost efficiency. Please bear with us until then. As of yet, no tasks are assigned.

Articles that Need Images

  1. Ciel Phantomhive's History and Manga Synopsis - Status: Incomplete
  2. Black Butler Arc - Status: Incomplete
  3. Jack the Ripper Arc - Status: Incomplete
  4. Indian Butler Arc - Status: Incomplete
  5. Circus Arc - Status: Incomplete
  6. Phantomhive Manor Murder Case Arc - Status: Incomplete
  7. Ship Voyage Arc - Status: Incomplete
  8. Bird - Status: Incomplete
  9. That Butler, However You Please (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  10. That Butler, Lonely (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  11. That Butler, Freeloader - Status: Incomplete
  12. That Butler, Different Talent - Status: Incomplete
  13. That Butler, Competition - Status: Incomplete
  14. That Butler, Desolate (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  15. That Butler, Dedication (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  16. That Butler, Transfers (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  17. That Butler, Jailed (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  18. That Butler, Escapes (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  19. That Butler, Hires (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  20. That Butler, Terminates (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  21. That Butler, Ablaze (episode) - Status: Incomplete
  22. That Butler, Fluid (episode) - Status: Incomplete

Watchdog Needed

Articles in need of a double-check will be listed here to notify the watchdog.

  1. That Butler, on Ice (episode) - Status: Check

Completed Articles and Images

Completed articles will go here. However, they may still having a missing or inaccurate detail and if that's the case, only an admin or a watchdog is allowed to remove pages from this section.

  1. Volume 7 -  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  My home  21:41,9/24/2011 
  2. Volume 8 -  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  My home  21:41,9/24/2011 
  3. Volume 9 -  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  My home  21:41,9/24/2011 
  4. Lacrimosa -  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  My home  21:41,9/24/2011 
  5. Monochrome Kiss -  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  My home  21:41,9/24/2011 
  6. That Butler, in an Illusion (episode) -  Lau  Talk to me!!  What I do  My home  21:41,9/24/2011 
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