Anime Mission

The Anime Mission is composed of a group of Kuroshitsuji Wiki users devoted to completing and updating information from the anime to the episode summaries, OVA pages, and other anime-only entities. It must ensure that accurate records are kept through proper references.

Roles of the Anime Mission

  • To correct, rewrite and fill in missing information in the episode summaries
  • To fix the format of the episode and OVA pages, as well as the characters' anime synopses
  • To move the characters' anime synopses with anime-only events into its respective anime arc articles

Current Members

Member name Signature Promotion Date
King/Queen: Tsumi この世界では人の二種類が存在する。 盗む人や から盗まれている人々。 September 16, 2011
Baron/Baroness: Buddy The Buddy loves Undertaker November 27, 2011

Retired Members

Member name Signature Retirement Date
Legend LA 1 February 2012



Below is a list of articles in need of improvement. Pick a task you wish to complete by putting (claimed) next to it, along with your signature. Once finished with the warranted task, change the claimed status to (check for completion), and the Watchdog will verify its completion. If there are no tasks available, the Emperor/Empress will post new ones. All tasks are worth a certain amount of pounds (£); whoever has garnered the most pounds at the end of the month will be named Noble of the Month.

When signing up for a job please use ~~~ instead of ~~~~, so that your time-stamp will be published

Please remember that all added information must be referenced. Follow the policies.

This is Kuroshitsuji Wiki's first time implementing this sort of practice for the Projects. Things will progress slowly, but soon, this new system will be used with utmost efficiency. Please bear with us until then. As of yet, no tasks are assigned.

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