Kuroshitsuji: Tango on the Campania (黒執事: TANGO on the CAMPANIA) is the fifth Kuroshitsuji musical. It toured five cities during its six-week run from New Year's Eve 2017 to mid-February 2018.

Tickets for all four locations went on sale on October 1, 2017. The musical ran from December 31, 2017, to January 14, 2018, in Akasaka, Tokyo; January 19-22 in Hyogo; January 26-28 in Aichi; February 3-4 in Ishikawa, and February 10-12 in Fukuoka.

The DVD of the musical, with a runtime of 160 minutes, was released June 27, 2018, under the Aniplex label.


The fifth musical adapts the Luxury Liner Arc of the manga. Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his demonic butler Sebastian Michaelis take a trip aboard the luxury liner Campania with the mission to investigate a secret society of nobles and their illegal human experiments. Unfortunately for all passengers on board, there are darker forces working behind the secret society, and their attempts to resurrect the dead do not go as planned.


TotC Sebastian.png TotC Ciel.png TotC Grelle.png TotC Ronald.png
Yūta Furukawa (古川雄大) as Sebastian Michaelis Reo Uchikawa (内川蓮生) as Ciel Phantomhive Takuya Uehara (植原卓也) as Grelle Sutcliff Ryōsuke Mikata (味方良介) as Ronald Knox
TotC Snake.png TotC Elizabeth.png TotC Fred.png TotC Sharpe.png
Motohisa Harashima (原嶋元久) as Snake Momoko Okazaki (岡崎百々子) as Elizabeth Midford Shun Takagi (髙木 俊) as Fred Abberline Takeshi Terayama (寺山武志) as Sharpe Hanks
TotC Edward.png TotC Francis.png TotC Alexis.png TotC Rian.png
Akiyoshi Utsumi (内海啓貴) as Edward Midford Mio Akisono (秋園美緒) as Francis Midford Kōzō Nasu (那須幸蔵) as Alexis Leon Midford Ryunōsuke Kawai (河合龍之介) as Rian Stoker
TotC Undertaker.png TotC Aleister.png
Shūhei Izumi (和泉宗兵) as Undertaker Yoshihide Sasaki (佐々木喜英) as the Viscount of Druitt

Takuya Uehara and Shuuhei Izumi reprised their roles as Grelle Sutcliff and Undertaker, respectively, making them the only members of the original cast still performing, and Izumi the only actor to have performed in all five musicals.


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