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Musical Kuroshitsuji: Noah's Ark Circus (ミュージカル「黒執事」~NOAH'S ARK CIRCUS~) is the fourth musical adaptation of the Kuroshitsuji manga. The musical toured four cities during its one-month run in late 2016.

Tickets for all four locations went on sale on September 4th, 2016. The musical ran from November 18-27, 2016, in Tokyo Dome City Hall, Tokyo; December 3-4 in Canal City Theater, Fukuoka; December 9-11 in Amashin Archain Hall, Hyogo; and December 17-18 in Kariya Cultural Center Main Hall in Aichi, Japan.


The fourth musical adapts the Circus Arc of the manga. Earl Ciel Phantomhive and his loyal, demonic butler Sebastian Michaelis have been entrusted by Queen Victoria to investigate a series of missing child cases. The common link among all of the children is a traveling troupe called the Noah's Ark Circus. Ciel and Sebastian infiltrate the troupe searching for the cause of the disappearances; unfortunately for them, the grim reapers are also watching the circus.


NAC Sebastian NAC Ciel NAC Joker
Yuta Furukawa as Sebastian Michaelis Reo Uchikawa as Ciel Phantomhive Ryosuke Miura as Joker
NAC Snake NAC Beast NAC Doll
Yuki Tamaki as Snake Asami Tano as Beast Ginga Shitara as Doll
NAC Dagger NAC Peter NAC Wendy
Ryō Mitsuya as Dagger Ayuka Kurachi as Peter Saya Chinen as Wendy
NAC Jumbo NAC William NAC Kelvin
Takenori Gotō as Jumbo Teruma as William T. Spears Shinya Kote as Baron Kelvin
NAC Doctor NAC Undertaker NAC Baldroy
Nobuo Kyō as Doctor Shuuhei Izumi as Undertaker Noboru Washio as Baldroy
NAC Mey-Rin NAC Finnian NAC Soma
Shiori Sakata as Mey-Rin Takuya Kawaharada as Finnian Shō Jinnai as Soma Asman Kadar
NAC Agni NAC Abberline NAC Sharpe
TAKUYA as Agni Shun Takagi as Fred Abberline Takeshi Terayama as Sharpe Hanks


  • Ayuka Kurachi and Saya Chinen, the actors for Peter and Wendy, respectively, are members of G-Rockets, a Tokyo-based rhythmic gymnast group that markets itself as Japan's first female acrobatic dance company. Director Nobuhiro Mouri noted that in addition to the songs and dances expected in a musical, the creators wanted to add real circus performances to the show, including tightrope walks, mid-air swinging, and other acrobatics.[1]
  • Matsui Tsukito was originally cast for the role of Doll. Due to vocal difficulties, he was replaced by Ginga Shitara less than a month before the show's opening date.[2]


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