Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder
Book of Murder
Kanji 黒執事・殺人の書
Romaji Kuro Shitsuji: Satsujin no Sho
Genre Action, Black comedy, Dark fantasy, Supernatural
TV Anime

Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder (黒執事・殺人の書, Kuro Shitsuji: Satsujin no Sho) is a two-part OVA that adapts the fifth arc, Phantomhive Manor Murders, of the Kuroshitsuji manga. The OVA was screened in Japanese movie theaters.[1] The first volume of the OVA was released on October 25, 2014; the second volume was released on November 15, 2014.[2] The DVDs and BDs for the two volumes were released on January 28, 2015 and February 25, 2015, respectively.[3]


In March 2014, the AnimeJapan panel for Yana Toboso's Kuroshitsuji series unveiled a new promotional video. The video revealed that, aside from the new television series titled Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus, an original video anime (OVA) titled "Kuroshitsuji: Book of Murder" is also in production.[4] The two-part OVA premiered in the fall of 2014.


In the early spring of 1889, at the Queen's mandate, the distinguished Earl Ciel Phantomhive hosts a sumptuous banquet attended by several nonpareil upper-crusters of polite society, as well as one struggling writer, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. At the peak of the dinner party, however, a highly disconcerting murder transpires, and none other than the Earl himself is suspected as the perpetrator of the ghastly incident. As an insurmountable storm continues to rage outside the manor and the death count climbs, it quickly becomes evident that an easy escape is no longer conceivable. The Phantomhive household and the eminent guests must cooperate and endeavor to solve the mystery before they, too, are killed. Unfortunately, not even the seemingly invulnerable butler Sebastian Michaelis is safe from the nightmare.






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