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Baron Kelvin (ケルヴィン, Keruvin) is a philanthropist, and the creator and patron of the Noah's Ark Circus.[4] He is referred to as "Father" by the first-string members.


Kelvin's signet ring

Kelvin, before he underwent plastic surgery.

Kelvin is completely wrapped in bandages with only his left eye and mouth revealed. He dresses in a formal suit, which befits his position as a baron. Additionally, he is wheel-chair bound because he is missing both legs, after Doctor had implemented surgery on him.

Before his plastic surgery, Kelvin wore glasses, had hair, and could walk. His undue obsession with "Ciel Phantomhive", as well as his excessive desire to become more beautiful for him, eventually impelled him to drastically modify his appearance.

He also wears his signet ring on the little finger of his left hand.[5]


In the past, Kelvin was well-known for his philanthropic activities.[6] He welcomed children into his home and helped them survive when they had been abandoned, abused, or otherwise neglected by their parents.[7] He rescued a group of children from the streets and provided for them at Renbourn Workhouse; this group eventually constituted the first-string of Noah's Ark Circus. To his superiors, especially Vincent Phantomhive, Kelvin was timid and meek, but he highly respected them.[8]

However, upon encountering "Ciel Phantomhive", Kelvin developed an inordinate, all-consuming obsession.[9][10] Currently, Kelvin is a vulgar, depraved, and perverted individual with an uninhibited interest in "Ciel." He is rather oblivious to how his corrupted thought processes appear to others, as he was surprised when Ciel articulated his aversion to Kelvin's speech and actions.[11] He holds a blatant disregard for all children except "Ciel"; in fact, he deems it amusing for children to die gruesomely[12] and strives to recreate the day "Ciel" was sacrificed in the cult.[13] He also expends children as materials for Doctor's experiments with making artificial limbs.[14]

Moreover, Kelvin uses the children at Renbourn Workhouse as hostages to control the first-string members, get them to do his bidding, and maintain his influence over them, particularly Joker.[15] Unbeknownst to the first-string members, the children had long been killed by Doctor's experiments.[16]


Kelvin meets Vincent and his sons.

Philanthropist Kelvin subsidized Renbourn Workhouse. He found Joker, Beast, Dagger, Jumbo, Peter, Wendy, and Doll in East End and moved them into the workhouse, where they were accommodated alongside other disadvantaged children. Eventually, they would form the itinerant circus troupe, Noah's Ark Circus.[17]

Five years ago, Kelvin met Vincent Phantomhive and his sons, "Ciel" and Ciel, at a party.[18] He came to view them as special and beautiful—especially "Ciel". After desperately researching the Phantomhives, Kelvin unearthed the "Aristocrats of Evil." When Diedrich led Vincent away, Kelvin concluded that only special people could approach other special people and deemed himself inferior and ugly. Consequently, he underwent numerous plastic surgeries performed by Doctor, at the expense of his legs, in an attempt to become more beautiful to suit "Ciel". His wife was disgusted with his obsession and left him, but he did not care.[19] At one point, Kelvin handed over the remaining children at Renbourn Workhouse to Doctor so the latter could fashion prostheses out of their bones.[20]

Upon receiving news that the Phantomhive family was killed, Kelvin became distraught and thought that his life no longer had a purpose. Sometime later, a cultist visited and informed him that the twins are alive and will be used as a sacrifice. However, much to his dismay, he could not attend the ritual sacrifice because he had recently undergone another surgery and thus must remain bedridden for a month.[21] Because of this, he decided to recreate the tiered sacrificial chamber where "Ciel" was sacrificed and the carnage occurred in the basement of his manor, a three-year project.[22]

When Kelvin learned that "Ciel"—who was actually his twin, Ciel—had survived the sacrifice and slaughtered the cultists, he had the Noah's Ark Circus kidnap children in an attempt to lure out Ciel.[23]


Circus Arc

The Noah's Ark Circus first-tier members refer to Kelvin as Father, as he is the one that finances their circus. Ciel Phantomhive orders Sebastian Michaelis to find out his real name, and after seducing Beast, he learns that Father is actually Baron Kelvin.[24]

Kelvin is surrounded by lifeless children, when Joker arrives at his manor. He is excited by Joker's appearance and inquires if "he" is with him, referring to Ciel. Joker says that he is not and that he believes the circus may have been marked by Scotland Yard. Kelvin is convinced that the newcomers who invaded their tents must have been Ciel and his butler, and orders Joker to prepare a feast for their arrival. When Joker hesitates, Kelvin gets angry and reminds Joker that he is in control of the fate of Joker's brothers and sisters back at Renbourn Workhouse; this compels Joker into doing what Kelvin wishes. Satisfied, Kelvin asks Joker to take a picture with him, declaring that he wants a new picture of a "devoted son and happy father."[25]

Ciel pulls a gun on Kelvin after witnessing the circus performance.

Subsequently, Ciel and Sebastian enter the mansion of Kelvin, who they learn has been waiting for them. After witnessing a grisly and horrific circus performance, put on by untrained, brainwashed children, which Kelvin finds hilarious,[26] Ciel pulls a gun on Kelvin; Joker rushes to his rescue, but Kelvin refuses his aid as it may harm Ciel. Ciel then requests to see the other kidnapped children. Kelvin eagerly complies, leading Ciel to his basement, and states that he has something he would like to show Ciel anyway.[27]

Ciel shoots Kelvin.

Kelvin has remade the basement into the room "Ciel" was sacrificed in, and even has children locked in cages. Unaware that Ciel is posing as his dead twin, he discloses that he has been obsessed with "him" for five years, and states his wish to reenact the day "Ciel" was sacrificed.[28] An appalled Ciel shoots him,[29] and Kelvin cries out of pain and because of the fact that he is unable to experience the "beautiful" death that the ones who sacrificed "Ciel" experienced. When Joker rushes to kill Ciel, Sebastian severs his right hand. Ciel tells Kelvin if he wishes to die like the people who witnessed his sacrifice, he should beg his demon (i.e. Sebastian) to do it.[30]

After Doctor goes in the room and reveals that he is just as sadistic and twisted as Kelvin is, Ciel orders Sebastian to kill them both, which Sebastian does by dealing Doctor a fatal blow and stomping on Kelvin's head. Sebastian then sets the estate on fire, and they leave the bodies there to burn.[31]


  • (To Joker) "No, of course not. You grew up to be a very good lad. You want the siblings you left behind at the workhouse to grow into fine adults as well, don't you? My good little Joker... will listen to his Father, won't he?"[32]
  • (Referring to Ciel, Vincent, and "Ciel" Phantomhive) "I could not avert my eyes from those three. They were serene and beautiful like the moon rising silently in the blackest night sky— In an instant, I realised... that they were 'special.' I tried frantically to glean all I could about the Phantomhives. I wanted to know what made them so special. And then I came to learn the truth about them. And their true identity as the 'Aristocrats of Evil.' Even the loveliest flowers have their thorns... and I could not help but yearn for that darkness behind the rose."[33]
  • (Referring to the Phantomhive family) "Only the equally 'special' can have contact with those who are 'special.' For one as hideous as I, even touching them is unforgivable. My desire to be enveloped in their world of night, beautiful as velvet, shall never be granted."[34]
  • (Referring to "Ciel Phantomhive") "Will he too someday become a beautiful flower of darkness, wrapped in thorns? Will he become the lone, cold moon that shines in that world of night? Someone I can never reach... Noooo—!!! I want... to touch him... I want... to become someone special."[35]


  • Kelvin is frequently associated with the nursery rhyme Tom, Tom, the Piper's Son, as he signs his name in a letter to Joker as "Tom the Piper's Son" and has the lyrics to the rhyme relayed in several scenes relating to him.[36]

Out of Universe

  • Kelvin's birth date was never disclosed in the manga; it is, instead, revealed in the third season when his Grim Reaper file briefly appears.[3]

  • He is portrayed by Shinya Kote in Noah's Ark Circus.

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